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  • Omron RML31 WIDE RANGE Upper Arm Large Cuff

    $35.90 inc. GST
    • 22 centimetres to 42 centimetres
    • Waterproof
    • Fire Resistant
  • Sale! OMRON Smart Elite+ HEM-7600T Blood Pressure Monitor

    OMRON Smart Elite+ HEM-7600T Blood Pressure Monitor

    $178.00 inc. GST

    Stay connected and sync your readings into your personal devices to record and monitor your progress.
    -Smart Phone Connectivity
    -Detects body movement
    -Detects irregular heartbeats

  • Sale! Omron Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-6161

    Omron Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-6161

    $99.00 inc. GST
    • IntelliWrap Cuff™ for Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
    • Cuff Wrapping Guide Loose
    • Irregular Heartbeat Detection
    • IntelliSense Technology
    • Measures Posture Guide
    • Hypertension Indicator
    • Stores 30 Measurements in Memory
    • LCD Display
    • Hard Carry Case
    • Power Source (2 x AAA Alkaline Batteries included)
  • Plug Handle (Set of 3)

    $9.00 inc. GST

    This UK patented design ensures you never have a problem with pulling out your plugs from sockets again.

  • Sale!

    REDCORAL Honey Bee Apitherapy 120ml 新加坡红珊瑚蜂疗

    $120.00$300.00 inc. GST


    • Rheumatic Pain
    • Minor Aches
    • Tired and Painful Muscles
    • Joints and Bones
    • Inflammation and Swelling (caused by bruises)
    • Lumbago and Muscular Aches
  • Sale! Reflexology Massage Acupressure Foot MatReflexology Massage Acupressure Foot Mat

    Reflexology Massage Acupressure Foot Mat

    $5.50$22.00 inc. GST

    This acupressure foot mat is great for traveling, home use and it costs less than one acupressure massage session. It can also be used at work since its portable and will give the relaxation on a pressurized working day.

    • Environmentally friendly
    • Non-toxic
    • Healthy and safe
    • Durable and not easy to deform
    • Loop-style seamless stitching
    • Lightweight and can be used anywhere, standing for 10 minutes every day, it is good to relax body is like going to a massage shop
    • Each cushion has more than 3,000 protruding stimulation points.
    • Simulated finger massage stimulates the soles of the feet and presses the acupuncture points in all directions. It takes only a few minutes on the mat to help promote blood circulation, relaxes the whole body

    Product measurement: 39 cm x 29 cm

  • Siang-Pure-Oil-Red-25mlSiang Pure Oil Red 25ml Carton

    Siang Pure Oil Medicated Ointment For Muscle Pains

    $1.55$80.90 inc. GST
    • Improve the flow of blood and energy
    • Allows the muscles to relax
    • Reducing inflammation in joints and tendons
  • Toilet Stool Detachable Avatar

    Space Saving Squatty Potty Detachable Toilet Stool

    $12.90 inc. GST
    • Detachable design for easy storage
    • Simple and compact, fit any bathroom & toilet
    • Made of durable hard Polypropylene
    • Easy to clean
    • Highly recommended to improve colon health, reduce constipation, hemorrhoids, straining and bloating
    • The anti-skid design of silicone in the bottom, makes the toilet stool a stable gravity center as well as safe and reliable
  • terumo digital thermometer - C205S Green

    Terumo Digital Clinical Thermometer Axillary – C205S Green

    $28.95 inc. GST
    • Highly precise
    • Extremely long lifespan
    • Easy to use
    • Waterproof
    • 1 Year Local Warranty

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