How to donate to Old Folks Home Singapore near me? What to donate to a nursing home?

Donations are always welcome for our old folks’ homes (or eldercare centres, nursing homes etc) which are usually budget-constrained and need to watch their spending.

SeniorCare website has received so many clients who donate regularly to old folks and nursing homes that we usually waive delivery fees and help in making these caretakers’ lives so much better.

Your donations, be it milk powder, nutrition liquid milk feed, adult diapers, or hardware products like acupuncture mats, physiotherapy exercise kits (finger stretchers, yoga bands etc) help not only to improve the senior citizen’s quality of life but also with the caregivers and reduce their stress in their daily work.

What can I donate to Old Folks Home?

Basic necessities donations help to ensure they do not have to worry about budget and have surplus to give their elderly more extra leisure activities. Extra hardware helps in their daily living.

Caregivers must be also monitor and take care of themselves to provide 100% care to their loved ones.
Caregivers must be also monitor and take care of themselves to provide 100% care to their loved ones.

Here is a list of items that elder care centres, nursing homes, and old folks homes love to receive:-

  • Milk powder (Ensure, Optimum, Fresubin Vanilla)
  • Liquid milk (Abbott, Nestle or Fresubin are popular choices)
  • Adult Diapers
  • Wheelchairs
  • walking sticks
  • Shower chairs, anti-slip mats
  • Bedpan, bedside urine bottles
  • Physiotherapy kits (Hand Grips, finger stretchers, spiky balls, yoga mats etc)
  • Massage guns, Acupuncture mats
  • Mitts for elderly
  • tablet pill box, pill cutters, pill grinders
  • bed transfer slides, rail guards etc
  • Other hardware that improve life of caretakers and the elderly
  • Healthy Food and drinks
  • cash donation

Where can I donate food or hardware to the elderly?

You can make your own delivery to these centres. Do call them up in advance to inform them. There is a non-exhausting list of nursing centres or hospitals that can accept donations in kind or in food, cash.

SeniorCare does try to help whenever possible to deliver donation bulky items to these nursing homes and we have been absorbing the shipping fees whenever we can. When you order on SeniorCare websites for donation, do put in remarks so we can update you and check with you on your donation requests.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of elderly care centres, and nursing old folks home in 2024.

  • Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home
  • Geylang East Home for the Aged
  • THK Nursing Home @Hougang
  • Econ Healthcare nursing homes
  • Mount Pleasant Hospital
  • Lions Home for the Elders
  • Ju Eng Home for Senior Citizens
  • St Andrew’s Nursing Home
  • Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital
  • Salvation Army
  • Methodist Welfare Services
  • Metta Welfare Association

Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home

Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home is one of the best elderly care homes in Singapore, with plenty of experience under its belt since it has been operating for more than 50 years. It provides services to seniors who don’t qualify for government-funded homes but who can’t afford expensive private homes.

Thomson: 1 Thomson Lane, Singapore 297728
Silat: 148A Silat Ave, Singapore 168871

Tel: +65 6256 8502 (Thomson) / +65 6276 2493 (Silat)

Geylang East Home For The Aged

Geylang East Home For The Aged was established in 1978 as a charitable welfare organisation to provide care for the elderly. It is a popular home for the elderly and provides your loved ones with the care that they need. It offers residential care for those with limited financial and social support.

Address: 97 Aljunied Crescent, #01-439, Singapore 380097
Tel: +65 6745 3465

THK Nursing Home @ Hougang

Address: 48 Hougang Avenue 8, S538793
Phone: +65 6812 9840
Fax: +65 6812 9869

Econ HealthCare Group Nursing homes

Econ creates caring and connected living communities where elderly residents live comfortably in an ideal home environment – all while taking an integrated approach to person-centered care. Their residents are continually empowered to explore their personal interests, and improve their social and general health under the guidance of their care staff.

Please reach out to their Corporate Office at 6447 8788 or reach us via their Contact Us form.

Corporate Office Address
160 Changi Road Hexacube, #05-13 Singapore 419728

8 branches address or email them:- Donate to an old folks home near you.

When should I donate to old folk’s nursing home, old aged centres?

You can donate anytime when you are feeling generous! Old folks appreciate donations all year around. Do note that Singaporeans are usually more generous around these period

  1. Christmas Season (gifts and donations)
  2. Year end period (Taxation and bonus payroll period)
  3. Chinese Seventh Lunar Month (Ghost month) with lots of donation from Chinese
  4. Chinese New Year
  5. Deepavali, aka Diwali
  6. Eid al-Fitr as it is known in Malay, Hari Raya Puasa

Caretakers would love if you donate before or out of these seasons as these are period where they can help to receive and maximise out the benefits of all donations for their residents.

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