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Our Mission

At SeniorCare, we all come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problem in elderly care. Inconvenience. Children don’t know what to buy, where to buy them, or even how to get them delivered when they’re out at work, while their parents are home with their caregiver. Caregivers want to buy them at the best price without the hassle.

Throughout the history of elderly care, people purchase their products through word of mouth and recommendation. Our mission at SeniorCare is to make elderly care more convenient. Today we provide the most convenient home delivery in the industry.

We are an online eldercare and medical supplies provider in Singapore. We hope to provide high quality service and lower cost pricing of goods to be better than other retailer and pharmacy online like Yeap Medical, Watson, DNR Wheels, RehabMart, Guardian, Unity online store etc

The SeniorCare Experience

Meet Our Team

Henry Hoe


Cedric Soh


Candy Lim

Business Development Manager

Peizhen Tan

Marketing Manager

Natalie Toh

Customer Service Manager

Guo Wei

Logistics and Warehouse Assistant


Customer Service Officer

Junica Solano

Customer Service Officer

Yumi Kamir

Personal Assistant

Hazel Olayres

Graphic Designer

Mitzie Salvador

Graphic Designer

Paramveer Singh

Web Developer


Web Developer

Caius Teoh

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