• Actual Product MC246 01
    $16.00 $10.50 inc. GST

    Omron MC-246 Oral Digital Pencil Thermometer

    • Fast actual measurement 80 sec. for oral, 60 sec. for rectal and 120 sec. for underarm measurement
    • Accurate measurement
    • Measures actual temperature in °C and °F
    • Water-resistant – For easy cleaning
    • Memory – Recalls last temperature
    • Battery can be replaced
    • Buzzer – Beeps when measurement is completed
  • -26%
    $148.00 $109.00 inc. GST

    Omron MC-720 Forehead Thermometer

    • Easy-to-hold design
    • Backlight provides visibility in the dark
    • Last reading on the same display with current reading
    • °C / °F mode
    • Silent mode
    • 25 memories

In this section, we’re going to look at different kinds of digital thermometers.

Digital thermometers are used to measure body temperature. The normal oral body temperature should be near 37°C (98.6°F). You can take your body temperature in different parts of the body – armpit, anus, ears, and forehead.

What temperate is a fever?

The normal human body temperature ranges from 36° C to 37° C

You can be considered having a low-grade fever from 37.5° C to 38° C. Once above 38° C, it is considered as a medical fever.

Fever is defined as having a body temperature that is above 38° C (100° F). Although getting your temperature won’t affect the rising and falling of your body temperature, it is important as it gives you an idea about these unsafe changes.

Consider a digital thermometer as a household safety device. Seniors may find it hard to monitor their body temperatures naturally. Both very low and very high body temperatures can be a serious situation that requires immediate medical intervention.

Different types of thermometers

We can classify thermometers by how it is used

  1. Pencil thermometers (takes temperature orally, under the armpit, or in the anus)
  2. Forehead thermometer (takes temperature from forehead)
  3. Ear thermometer (takes temperature from ears)

Are digital thermometers accurate?

Digital thermometers use electronic heat sensors to measure body temperature. For seniors, the oral reading is often accurate, so long as the mouth is closed while the device is in there.

How do you use an oral thermometer?

When taking your temperature orally:

  • Wash your hands first with soap and water.
  • Clean the thermometer with rubbing alcohol and rinse it with cold water to remove the alcohol. Wipe it dry.
  • Never drink or eat anything at least 5 minutes before getting your temperature.
  • Place the metal tip under the tongue
  • Hold it in place for 40 seconds.
  • The readings will rise until it makes a beeping sound.
  • Get the final reading. Record the temperature and the time taken.
  • Rinse again the thermometer and clean it with alcohol.

How do you use an ear thermometer?

Always read the manual insert of your thermometer to learn how to turn it on and get the reading. When putting the measuring tip in the ear, you don’t need to push too far into the ear canal. Putting it at the entrance is enough.

How do you take an armpit temperature?

Using an oral thermometer, place the metal tip in the armpit. To hold the thermometer in place, tuck your arm snugly against your body. Leave the device for about one minute or until it beeps.

What are the brands of accurate and trustworthy thermometers?

Some famous and reliable brands of thermometers in Singapore are Omron, Braun, Terumo. German and Japanese expertise in healthcare and technology means their thermometers are more reliable and trusted.


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