Blood Glucose Monitor

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    CareSens Blood Sampling Lancet 50pcs

    • Sampling for blood glucose monitoring
    • Ultra fine design for less painful testing
    • Sterilized
    • Single use per lancet
    • Compatible with CareSens 2 Blood Glucometer

    Supplied in boxes of 50.

    It is recommended that a new lancet is used each time you test.

    Compatible with CareSens 2 Blood Glucometer

  • CareSens Carelance Blood Lancing DeviceCareSens Carelance Blood Lancing Device
    $12.10 $9.90

    CareSens Carelance Blood Lancing Device

    • 5 Depth Settings to match your skin Type
    • Ergonomic Design for Comfortable Testing
    • Sterilized
    • Adjustable Depth Setting
    • Single use per lancet Constant Length of needle
    • Compatible with CareSens N or CareSens N POP meters
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    CareSens N Blood Glucose Monitor

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    • No coding required
    • 1, 7, 14, 30, 90-day test averages [total, pre-meal and post-meal]
    • Post-meal flagging
    • 4 alarms [PP2* and 3-time set alarms]
    • *2 hours after meal
    • Data Port
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    CareSens N Blood Glucose Monitor System Test Strips 50pcs

    Use with CareSens N meters. These strips require coding to match the meter with the batch of test strips.

    CareSens N Test Strips are for use only with CareSens N meters.

    These strips require coding. Coding is required for each new bottle of test strips.

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    Omron HGM-STP1A Blood Glucose Monitor Test Strip 25pcs Compatible HGM-112

    • COMPATIBLE FOR HGM-111&112
    • Monitoring of blood sugar levels and helps in controlling the sugar levels against the effects of diabetes and glaucoma
    • Gives test results within 5 seconds and does not cause any weakness
    • Has a smart error indicator whenever a strip that has exceeded its expiry date, reused ones or damaged strip is inserted into the glucometer.
    • Has an audible beeper with meal flags backed by auto-coding indicator
    • Comes with mega memory chip that helps in easy management of the tested samples and results
    • Large LCD screen has a backlight for easy readability in dim as well as dark environment

Monitor your blood glucose levels using blood glucose monitor from trusted brand such as CareSens.

Blood glucose monitor is developed to be convenient, fast and easy to use. You only need a very small sample of blood, a test strip and a digital display screen.

Why you should take blood glucose monitoring test?

This test is important for people with diabetes who need to monitor their sugar level. You and your healthcare provider can:

  • use the readings to find out your daily response to treatment
  • learn if you have critically high or low blood glucose level
  • learn how your current diet and workout routine affect your glucose levels

Experts agree that the use of a reliable home glucose monitors results in fewer disease complications.

What results should I aim when using blood sugar monitor?

Your goal is to achieve a number as near to normal values if possible, with numbers from 4 to 6 mmol/L before meals and below 8 mmol/L after meals.

How often should I take this test?

There’s no solid rule on how often you get your blood glucose as every person has different regimes. You can test as many times whenever you feel you want to know your blood sugar. It is best to test before and after meals to know how food affects your sugar level.

It is also a good idea to take before sleeping and after waking up to measure whether your glucose level rise or fall over night.

How do you take this test?

Before taking the test, always read the instructions for the meter. Generally, you prick your finger using a lancet to obtain a blood sample. Next, collect the blood with the test strip and insert it inside the meter. The test strip has chemicals that responds with sugar. Don’t forget to wash and dry your hands before taking the test.

How do test strips work?

To find out your blood glucose level, you need to place the test strip on the blood sample. The test strip contains a chemical known as glucose oxidase. This chemical reacts to glucose and is converted into an acid called gluconic acid.

Are there any factors that could affect the result of this test?

There are several factors that could affect the accuracy of the test.

  • The quality of the test strips
  • The quality of the meter
  • How the test is done. Wash and dry the hands before the procedure and instruction should be followed on how to operate the meter.
  • Your haematocrit or the amount of red blood cells in the blood. Severe anemia or dehydration can affect test results. If your haematocrit is either low or high, you can talk to your doctor how it can influence your glucose monitoring.
  • Some substances can interfere with your test results such as certain medications and Vitamin C. Check the device manual to know the substances that may affect your device’s accuracy.
  • High altitude, high humidity and low/high temperature can affect glucose results. Once again, check your device and the test strip manual for more information.
  • Store test strips in dry, closed vials.

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