Comparing Glucerna vs Nutren vs Diben vs Insulle (for low blood sugar or Diabetes)

Nutren, Glucerna and Diben may complement diabetes management plans or healthy living 

If you suffer from or worry about your meal that raises blood sugar and find it complicated to eat, then Nutren, Glucerna and Diben may be used by your health care professional, as meal replacements or nutritional shakes. Glucerna sr is suitable for the nutritional requirements of people with diabetes patients.

These two formulations were developed for you by Abbott and Nestle Health Science respectively. People with type 2 diabetes:- Please check with your doctor and dietician for proper advice on your dosage, lactose, or potassium nutrient requirement.  

The following blog post on benefits and reviews and information for Glucerna and Nutren are gathered from Abbott and Nestle websites and also occur in some patients’ Singapore reviews.

Comparsion Table Glucerna Liquid, Triple Care, 1.5kcal vs Diben vs Nutren Diabetes VS Insulle DM

We have this comparison table for Nutren Diabetes vs Diben vs Glucerna Liquid, Triple Care and 1.5kCal. These are all ready-to-drink RTD supplementary drinks for prediabetes, diabetes, and people who wish to keep to low-sugar nutrition.

Nutren Diabetes LiquidGlucerna RTD BottleGlucerna Liquid (Tin can)Glucerna Plus 1.5kcalDiben
Serving size (per serving)200ml220ml250ml220ml200ml
FlavourVanillaVanillaVanillaVanilla, strawberry, coffeeCappucino, vanilla
GI value3327NANANA
Energy densitykcal/ml10.9611.51.5
Proteing14 (28% kcal)10.16 (19.2% kcal)10 (16% kcal)16.5 (20% kcal)15 (20% kcal)
Carbohydrateg21.8 (43.6% kcal)22.07 (41.6% kcal)20 (32% kcal)20.08 (24.3% kcal)26.2 (34.9% kcal)
Sugarg2.8 (5.6% kcal)5.28 (9.96% kcal)NA15 (18.2% kcal)NA
Fatg5.4 (24.3% kcal)8.23 (34.9% kcal)14 (50.4% kcal)16.5 (45% kcal)14 (42% kcal)
Dietary Fibreg44.513.63.34
Sole sourceYesNoYesYesNA
Featured ingredientsUnique fibre blend (PHGG, Acacia Gum, FOS, Inulin), contans MUFA, no added sucrose & fructoseUnique lipid blend with MUFA, omega-3 (301mg) and omega-6 (1.9g)Unique lipid blend with MUFA, omega-3 and 6Contains MUFA and MCT
Comparing Nutren Diabetes vs Glucerna RTD vs Glucerna Liquid vs Glucerna Triple Care vs Glucerna 1.5kcal vs Diben

Some features of these milks:-

  • Nutren diabetes has low osmolality to reduce the risk of osmotic diarrhea
  • Nutren is the highest in protein
  • Nutren is the lowest in sugar, with no added sucrose and fructose
  • Nutren is the lowest in fat
  • Nutren is the sole source and unique fiber blend to improve gastrointestinal health
  • Nutren contains MUFA

For Diben, (higher energy and protein nutrition feed for people with diabetes), you can refer to “Diben comparison with other milk“:=

  • Diben is Low GI (Glycaemic Index)
  • Diben High energy (300 kcal)
  • High in protein (15g)
  • Diben Contains MUFA, MCT
  • Glucerna contains a unique lipid blend with MUFA, Omega 3, and Omega 6.
  • Glucerna Plus has the highest protein and the lowest carbohydrates

Comparison Chart of Nutren vs Glucerna vs Insulle DM (all for diabetes patients) powder drinks

These are powders that people mix into drinks for daily supplementary drinks. They are usually more affordable and value for money as formula mix is cheaper than Ready-To-Drink bottles.

In Singapore, Glucerna is a reputable brand while Nutren Diabetes and Insulle DM are less well known. They are packed with nutrients and suitable for low-sugar diabetes or pre-diabetes patients too.

Nutren diabetes powder comes in 800g and is only in vanilla flavour.

Glucerna powder comes in 850g and is in vanilla and wheat flavour.

Nutren Diabetes PowderGlucernaInsulle DM
Serving size (per serving)55g + 210ml52.1g + 200ml54.5g + 200ml
GI value2825 (vanilla), 38 (wheat)30
(18% kcal)
10.2 (17.9% kcal)10.6
(19% kcal)
Source of Protein50% Whey; 50% CaseinMilk protein concentrate, isolated soy protein, caseinWhey, Soy
(39% kcal)
26.1 (45.8% kcal)25
(44% kcal)
Source of CarbohydrateTapioca Dextrin, IsomaltuloseMaltodectrin, Sucromalt, Isomaltulose, FructoseIsomaltulose, Fructose
8.7 (34.3% kcal)8.6
(25% kcal)
4.1 (16.2% kcal)4.1
Dietary Fibreg4.83.93.2
Source of FibreFOS, Inulin, Acacia gum, PHGGOat fibre, FOSFOS
Vitamin Dug3.46.58.3
Special featuresNilNil1. Probiotics – lactobacillus Paracasei
2. Lutein
Nutren vs Glucerna vs Insulle nutrient level and content

You can see the differences between Nutren, Glucerna, and Insulle. You may want to check with a dietician which one is most appropriate for you.

Some key benefits of nutren, glucerna or insulle:-

  • Nutren Diabetes protein is 50% high-quality whey protein (insulinotrophic), which is superior to Casey protein that may be less digestible for users.
  • Nutren is lactose, sucrose, and frutose free.
  • Nutren Diabetes has multiple sources of fiber, and also the most amount of fiber
  • Nutren Diabetes has higher MUFA
  • Low glycemic index (28 for Nutren powder, 33 for Nutren Liquid, 22 for Diben)
  • Diben contains Omega, high in protein and energy
  • Insulle has the highest Vitamin D, while Glucerna is quite high too
  • Glucerna has the highest Taurine

Glucerna vs Nutren key nutrients differences in dosage

  1. Glucerna is gluten-free and designed for gluten intolerance.
  2. Glucerna has a higher osmolarity (300mOsm/L) hence the body is able to tolerate this better.
  3. Nutren has more fibres and is 100% soluble.
  4. Nutren has 31 vitamins and minerals, Glucerna has 28 vitamins and minerals.
  5. Nutren can be used where diabetes is not established yet (pre-diabetes)
  6. Both Glucerna and Nutren are well designed with ideal carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and vitamins and minerals – which is ideal for you depends on your condition. Pls do consult your doctor.

Glucerna or Nutren usually do not need medical conditions as a source of nutrition specifically for people with diabetes.

1) Nutren Diabetes and Glucerna Osmolarity

Glucerna liquid for diabetics is an isotonic liquid scientifically formulated to cover your nutritional needs while providing balanced nutrition. Indeed, its osmolarity of 300 mOsm/L makes it well tolerated when ingested. Nutren liquid for diabetics has a lower osmolarity of 246 mOsm/L.

A lower osmolarity means higher rehydration for the body.

2) Carbohydrates- Weight and Blood Sugar Levels

For better control of your blood glucose, Glucerna and Nutren liquid are formulated to have a low glycemic index. Indeed, Glucerna as a reduced carbohydrate content that gives you 34% of your total energy needs, while Nutren has a glycaemic index of 26 and contains, in addition, isomaltulose and tapioca dextrin.

These two sugars have respectively the property to be less sweet and take more time to be digested, which makes these alternative carbs support glycaemic control for low blood sugar and sugar alcohol. There are also artificial sweeteners (acesulfame potassium) found in glucerna.

Glucerna hunger smart help manage blood glucose levels (or help minimize blood sugar spikes in your blood sugar) for weight management or weight loss goals. Ideally, your fat issues may go away during treatment as your body adjusts. Your calories may need to be adjusted by use of glucerna.

Both Nutren Diabetes and Glucerna are low GI

Low GI food is known to reduce blood glucose spikes in blood sugar while increasing insulin effectiveness, making its assimilation by muscles effectively reduce glucose in the blood. This is translated in the long run by a better prognosis for your diabetes as HBA1C tends to be improved. Low GI food also makes you feel less hungry which improves your body mass index (BMI) and stabilize it against potential weight gain.

3) Proteins

Glucerna and Nutren have similar 10 grams of protein. Basic features of glucerna may help cover part of your protein daily needs (about 20%). Glucerna is gluten-free, which makes this meal replacement product also adapted for people with gluten intolerance. 50% of the Nutren’s protein ration is whey. 

When used with the appropriate amount, whey is a protein that seems to have several health benefits, including a better glycaemic control, blood pressure reduction, rapid muscle regeneration, satiation feeling, and inflammation reduction.



4) Fats

Glucerna is not only cholesterol-free but contains monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) which are a healthy type of fat. In other words, this composition tends to reduce cardiovascular disease risk. Similarly, Nutren has more than 60% of MUFA.

5) Fibres

Glucerna contains a good amount of fibers (3.6g per 250ml). Nutren has more fibers which are 100% soluble. Fibres improve the digestive process and decrease glucose levels around the clock among other benefits. Soluble fibres seem to have benefits for heart health.

6) Vitamins and minerals content

Glucerna and Nutren have respectively 28 and 31 vitamins and minerals, of which, many are provided with amounts corresponding to your daily needs, which makes them good meal replacements. Glucerna products contain folic acid .

7) Flavor and taste

Both Glucerna and Nutren liquid for diabetics have an appealing vanilla flavour but Nutren liquid for diabetics seem to be lighter in taste.

Glucerna and Nutren Oral and Tube feeding Uses

Glucerna and Nutren are ready-to-use products, both for oral and tube feeding. Although both products are indicated for diabetes, both could also be used in cases where diabetes is not established yet, which include stress-induced hyperglycemia and impaired glucose tolerance.

Glucerna is adapted for gluten intolerance as already mentioned.

Formulation Summary table

 Glucerna liquid (/100ml)Nutren liquid (/237ml) = 1 serving
Calories (kcal)100240
Proteins (g)4.210.7 50% whey
Fat (g)5.4410.4 > 60% monounsaturated fatty acids
Carbohydrates (g)8.19 Lactose-free23.2 Sucrose free Fructose free Lactose-free
Fibres (g)1.434.5 100% soluble fibres
Number of vitamins and minerals2831
Comparing Glucerna vs Nutren Diabetes

What is Nutren Junior?

Nutren Junior is a specialized nutritional supplement designed for children. It is commonly used in clinical settings, hospitals, and at home under medical supervision. Nutren Junior is formulated to provide balanced nutrition for children who have increased nutritional needs or require additional nutritional support. Nutren Junior is not related for diabetes or low-sugar nutrition.

Nutren Junior comes in the form of a powdered or liquid supplement that can be added to food or consumed orally. It contains a mix of essential nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals, which are important for healthy growth and development in children. The specific composition and nutritional content of Nutren Junior may vary depending on the specific product variant and the intended use.

This nutritional supplement is often recommended for children who have difficulty meeting their nutritional requirements through regular meals due to conditions such as malnutrition, growth disorders, chronic illnesses, gastrointestinal disorders, or during recovery from surgery. Nutren Junior can help bridge nutritional gaps and support overall health and well-being in these cases.

As for all supplements, you should check with your nutritionist or registered dietitian to see if this is suitable for the consumer. He or she will determine the appropriate dosage and duration of use based on the child’s specific nutritional needs.

Glucerna products may complement diet of middle-aged adults or elderly Singapore

For those interested in Glucerna products in Singapore, do note that broadly speaking there are 2 types. Firstly there is the glucerna liquid vanilla, which comes in 24 cans per carton. Most outpatients and elderly likes to drink this as it is ready-to-drink and affordable. 

There is also a “Glucerna Triple Care” 850g milk powder,  as glucerna is a meal replacement. There are also Glucerna shake, glucerna snack bars and mini treats

Glcuerna Triple Care

The most commonly advertised in Singapore is the Glucerna Triple Care powder, usually in 400g or 850g tin cans. The powder can be readily mixed with warm water for a supplement drink for the elderly or patients. This is the Glucerna in Singapore that is fronted by Singapore artist Chew Chor Ming

Glucerna Triple Care also comes in Glucerna Ready-To-Drink packets form, where you just have to insert a straw and drink for convenience. Each RTD carton comes with 27 packets. You can read the differences between Glucerna Liquid,  Triple Care RTD, and  Triple Care powder.

Is Glucerna Halal?

Yes, Glucerna is halal. Glucerna for Singapore is manufactured by Abbott Laboratories is certified to be halal, by MUIS (Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura) aka Islamic Religious Council of Singapore.

Is Glucerna vegetarian?

Yes, Glucerna milk is vegetarian because there is no meat inside. Only animal milk products, soy protein content, and other minerals and vitamins are used.

Can non-diabetes people drink Glucerna?

Yes, normal people without diabetes can safely consume  Glucerna liquid and Triple care powder are specifically designed specifically for people with prediabetes, diabetes, or people trying to help manage blood sugar without unwanted side effects not listed. Gastrointestinal side effects etc may occur that usually harmless, if you do not like milk,

There are not many possible side effects for most people. Some people may be suitable for lactose intolerance, and get severe side effects consuming glucerna products may cause diarrhea. It is important to monitor effects continue or are bothersome, then do check with your dietician or used under medical supervision for your case as you may have different underlying conditions. 

Nutren Diabetes Liquid 24 packs and Powder 400g

There are two Nutren Diabetes:- Nutren Diabetes Milk Liquid is in 237ml and comes in a carton of 24 packets. The other version is Nutren Diabetes milk powdered form and comes in 400g, it can be readily mixed with warm water as a drink. We have another full Nutren Diabetes review of benefits that you can read about.

Glucerna vs Ensure Liquid / Life / Plus

Glucerna vs Ensure is a common question we get. A key difference is that Ensure series is not designed for diabetes condition users.

We have written a simple comparison of all the Ensure products vs Glucerna. Both Ensure Liquid (or Gold, Plus, Life) are designed by Abbott, but whether they are suitable for you depends on the doctor’s recommendation and dietician’s planning for your condition. Do consult your doctor.

In Singapore, if you like powder to mix drinks, go for Ensure Life 850g or Ensure Regular Powder 850g (Ensure Original). Ensure Gold in Singapore is liquid form in Ready-To-Drink packaging.

Glucerna vs Jevity

Glucerna vs Jevity is the next more common question. Jevity shake contains lots of fibers and is not designed for diabetes too. Do consult your doctor or dietician for more information. One of the substitutes for glucerna that dieticians can recommend is Nutren Diabetes. You can read more on some of the Glucerna substitute (Or Nutren, Jevity, Resources Protein, Fortijuce, Ensure milk series substitutes)

Where do I buy Nutren Diabetes, Glucerna Triple Care (or powder, liquid, Plus, 1.5kcal etc), or Diben in Singapore?

Beside major supermarkets (NTUC fairprice, Giant, Cold Storage, Sheng Shiong) and branded pharmacies like Guardian, Watson, you can easily order Nutren Diabetes or Glucerna online at SeniorCare and go for free delivery.

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