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Crocodiles in Farm

Crocodile Oil Reviews of health benefit & skin care

What is crocodile oil? What health benefits? Crocodile oil is a derived from the fatty tissues of the reptile. Crocodile oil contains lots of naturally occurring ingredients that are beneficial to skin and our health:- Omega 3, 6 and 9, Vitamins A and E, linoleic acid and oleic acid etc. Crocodile oils have lots of health benefits and skin care benefits. Many users swear by its healing powers and treatment benefits, as you can see from the numerous crocodile oil reviews Read More...

Adult Diapers- Save Money using insert pads

Adult diapers – Saving money We all want to save money on adult diapers. One simple way is to buy less well known brands that are less costly. This usually means lower quality adult diapers that may not be welcome by the caretakers. Or you can buy the lower series of a premium brand, that may be cheaper because of less frills and comfort, for example, the TENA Value series of TENA adult diapers. Another way is to shop online Read More...
Ensure NutriVigor

Ensure Nutrivigor Benefits Reviews -Losing Muscle mass?

Who should eat Ensure NutriVigor for Benefits? Reviews. Did you know that middle aged adults will start losing their muscle mass? Are you losing your strength? Finding it hard to lead an active lifestyles? Most adults start losing their muscle masses when they aged from 35 s onwards. On average, adults tend to lose 24% of their muscle mass by the time they reach 70 years old. Losing Muscle Mass The deterioration of muscle masses can lead to a dormant lifestyle, further degrading Read More...
Hot Cold Pack on shoulder body

Hot and Cold Gel Packs- When and how to use safely?

Hot & Cold Gel Packs for muscle and pain relief Heat and cold gel packs are commonly recommended to provide relief to joints and muscle pains. Using them, temperature related therapy are non-invasive and there is no risk of addiction to pain-killers. You may choose to use hot or cold therapy depending on the types of aches and pains. Cold / hot treatment are used extensively by sportsmen, physical manual labourers, elderlys and commonly kept in households. Any new and recent injury will Read More...
Blood Glucose Monitor Table Conversion

Blood Glucose Monitoring Conversion Table

Blood Glucose Monitoring – mmol/L to mg/dL Different regions and monitors may use mmol/L or mg/dL.   An easy way to make the conversion from mg/dl to mmol/L is to divide by 18. To convert mmol/L to mg/dl, multiply by 18. The table below may also help. Pre-meal Glucose Blood Glucose Monitor Table Conversion   For blood glucose monitors, we have a variety such as Omron from Japan or Caresens from Korea. For more information, please visit Blood Glucose Monitors Read More...
Exercise Pedal SeniorCare

Exercising for Seniors, Patients or Adults- Pedal Exerciser

Pedal Exercising daily to keep your joints healthy Many Senior Centres, Homes for the Aged, Rehabilitation Centres, hospitals and clinics will advocate using Pedal Exerciser. (they can be pedalled by foot, most pedal exercisers can be dual switched to be used by hands). This is a great and simple way for us to do daily physical therapy. Pedal Exercisers are a great way for individuals to start exercising, to regain mobility and agility while staying indoor and recuperate. Most pedal exercisers are  versatile Read More...
Blood pressure chart- high, low, ideal blood pressure

Understanding Blood Pressure Readings with Blood Pressure Monitor

What is blood pressure? Blood pressure refers to the force of the body’s blood pushing against the inner walls of the blood vessels, especially the arteries. Each time the heart contracts, it pumps blood into the arteries. Blood pressure monitor measure your blood pressure. What is the ideal blood pressure? The ideal blood pressure should be below 120/80 mmHg and above 90/60 mmHg. You have high blood pressure if you are above 120/80 mmHG. You have low blood pressure if you have readings Read More...
wheelchair accidents

Wheelchair Safety Tips and Guide You Should Know

wheelchair safety tips and guide As society ages and people live longer, people use wheelchairs for a variety of reasons. This popular and safe mobility device is meant to provide the user with independence, comfort and the capability to enjoy life to the fullest. Using a wheelchair is indeed easy most of the time, but there would be certain tricky scenario that you need to be careful for wheelchair safety. However, there are a variety of wheelchair safety measures you will want Read More...

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