Nestle BOOST Isocal 200ML: Your Complete Guide to Boosting Your Energy

Nestle Boost Isocal 200mL

Sports drinks today support athletes’ needs in replenishing lost energy during vigorous and intense exercise. With so many sports drinks out there, isotonic drinks are most preferred by many amateurs and professionals alike.

The secret behind such a choice is very straightforward: isotonic beverages’ salt and sugar concentrations are similar to those in human blood.

During physical exertion, the body expends a significant amount of water, minerals, and nutrients, and an isotonic drink is designed to help replenish those resources.

Hydration and the proper absorption of the nutrients needed to sustain effort are supported by this supplement (glucose, sodium, etc.)

Drinking an isotonic beverage ensures optimal efficiency and comfortable digestion because it is easily absorbed and leaves the stomach quickly.

Using the same principle, Nestle came up with a liquid isotonic drink to solve malnutrition and other health issues that we face today.

What Is Nestle Boost Isocal Liquid Milk?

NESTLE BOOST Isocal Liquid Milk 200ml is a complete liquid diet that provides well-balanced nutrition as a sole source of nutrition or as an oral supplement.

This is a ready-to-drink isotonic beverage containing a protein blend of whey, casein, and soy to aid in developing and growing lean muscle tissue.

By maintaining a low osmolality, the product maintains its primary advantage of being a formula developed for tolerance.

In simpler words, BOOST Isocal keeps everything in your blood balanced – this includes oxygen, proteins, minerals, hormones, and a long list of chemicals.

Who Should Take Boost Isocal?

To satisfy the unique dietary requirements of medically fragile individuals, BOOST Isocal is a nutritionally complete meal that can be administered via tube feeding or as an oral supplement.

It is lactose-free, high in vitamins C and B, contains MCT oils, and is a vitamin-rich form of isotonic nutrition.

With its lower sodium, potassium, and phosphorus content and 22% less sugar, this drink is highly recommended for diabetic patients.

BOOST Isocal Liquid Drink vs Ensure Plus vs Abbott Glucerna Liquid Drink

Nutritional ContentBOOST Isocal (200 ml)Glucerna Liquid (250 ml)Ensure Plus (200ml)
Protein 9g10g12.5g
Fat (MCT)7.2g7g9.84
Carbohydrates (Sugar)27g23g40.2g
Isotonic Formula (Osmolality)330mOsm/kg300mOsm/kg633mOsm/kg
Vitamins and Minerals3428 28

Despite being down by 50ml, BOOST Isocal is better in terms of lower sodium and potassium content which is good for people who need to control their blood sugar levels.

Isocal’s protein content is also noteworthy, as it is much higher than Glucerna’s.

Although Ensure Plus is better than Isocal and Glucerna, its sugar level is too much higher to be recommended for a diabetic. It is also outlasted by Isocal’s vitamin and mineral content.

Key Features And Benefits Of Boost Isocal

Nestle did a great job of reinventing BOOST Isocal. While maintaining its unsweetened, pleasant vanilla taste, it is lactose and fibre-free.

MCT (Medium-chain Triglycerides) oil has grown increasingly popular with athletes and bodybuilders.

MCT oil includes fats known as triglycerides, which are medium-length chains of fats. It is easier to digest MCTs, which have a shorter chain length than many other dietary fats.

As an isotonic drink, BOOST Isocal’s sodium and potassium contents are just the right amount to replenish it through sweating after a rigorous activity. Its water content ensures hydration during effort.

Important Reminders for Using BOOST Isocal

BOOST Isocal is suitable for malnutrition and oral and tube feeding patients. However, always consult your healthcare provider before consuming the product.

Although generally safe, only four years old and above can consume it.


For tube feeding: Make sure you adhere to your doctor’s advice. Tube feeding can be done continuously or at regular intervals using isocal. However, patients’ needs should be considered when determining the appropriate rate.

For malnourished patients: Those who are malnourished or who have not eaten for several days should begin the regimen slowly; feed less than the daily calorie needed on the first day.

For oral nutrition: When it comes to oral nutrition, BOOST Isocal Liquid can be consumed as part of a meal or as a snack.


Chilled is best. Keep unopened. Keep cool and dry. Use within 24 hours after opening. Pour out of the pack and use it within 6 hours.

Where to Buy Nestle Boost Isocal in Singapore?

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