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  • Compact Pill CutterCompact Pill Cutter - Closed

    Compact Pill Cutter

    $4.95 inc. GST
    • Stainless steel blade cuts pills in half for easier swallowing or smaller doses
    • Casing includes a small container to store pills for later consumption
    • Transparent casing allows precise cutting
  • Cushion Anti-Slip Swivel Grey Round Padded 360 DegreeCushion Anti-Slip Swivel Grey Round Padded 360 Degree

    CUSHION Anti-Slip Swivel Grey Round Padded 360 Degree

    $26.90 inc. GST
    • Easy to get in & out of seated positions
    • Comfortable form cushion helps prevent hip & back strain
    • Portable & lightweight design
    • Solid base with non-slip surface
  • Product - Toilet Frame-Aluminium -Toilet -Frame-800x800ToiletFrame-Alluminium_Featured

    Detachable Space Saving Aluminium Toilet Frame Adjustable Height

    $78.00 inc. GST
    • Fit most of the toilet, adjustable height from 63cm~76cm(+/-)
    • Anti-slip PVC holder -Provide necessary holder support for the user
    • Suitable for Elderly, Pregnant Women, Children, After Surgery, etc.
    • Lightweight, sturdy structure, stable and durable
    • Not suction-based, the base is only wide to make it more stable.
  • Dikalan Anti-Slip Grab Bar with Leg Support

    $79.00 inc. GST
    • Nylon-coated handlebar, anti-slip, and anti-bacteria
    • Wall-to-floor mount, enhance stability
    • Suitable for bathroom and toilet as a fall prevention tool
    • Screw and wall plug included in the package


  • Product-Upfolding

    Dikalan Handicap Up-Folding Anti-Slip Grab Bar With Pole

    $89.00 inc. GST

    Recommendable bathroom/ toilet use
    High strength antibacterial material
    Anti-slip surface
    Scientific & humanized design

  • Emergency Mobile Toilet Vomit Bag Pack of 4

    $7.00$8.00 inc. GST
    • Each pack contains 4 packets
    • Absorbs up to 600cc of liquid each
    • Has a large opening
    • Padded side
    • Disposable bags to wrap and dispose the mini-toilet
  • Sale! UpFolding Grab Bar MainListingSS UpFolding 60cm Measurement

    Foldable Nylon Coated Stainless Steel Grab Bar

    $89.00$158.00 inc. GST
    • Grip design on the bar
    • Easy to grab
    • Placed in a bathroom as a fall prevention measure 
  • Foldable Underarm Crutches Walking Aids

    Foldable Underarm Crutches Walking Aids

    $39.90 inc. GST
    • Adjustable and folding axillary
    • For different height of people
    • The lightweight aluminum folding cane can support up to 136kg of weight
    • Thickened and soft TPR under-arm cushion
    • TPR material, environmental protection, no abnormal odour
    • Extra large anti-slip foot pad
    • Locker design easy to adjust and won’t drop
    • Crutch grip 8 gear adjustable 27cm axillary support 3 gear adjustable 30cm height 9 gear adjustable 31cm
    • Washable hand grips made from a natural sponge cushioning absorb impact shock and are perspiration resistant
  • High Rise Walking Stick LEDWalking Stick - high Rise LED with Mid Handle - Description

    Foldable Walking Stick with Build-in LED

    $20.90 inc. GST
    • 360-degree Anti Slip pivoting base provides an easy walk on all terrain.
    • The handle is contoured to fit the shape of your palm and relieve wrist pressure as well as a rubber tip for extra grip.
    • 6 built-in LEDs.
    • The non-slip resilient sponge handle: reduce the damage to hands caused by vibration, strong moisture-wicking ability
    • 5 different height: ranging from 80cm-102cm which can be adjusted easily to fit your height.
    • Foldable, Ultra-light and Portable: folds up in seconds, lightweight, easy to carry.

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