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  • Clip Cane Holder 3

    Clip Cane Holder

    • Black plastic construction holds the cane in the upright position
    • Easily attaches to the cane shaft
    • Non-slip foam discs prevent surface marring
  • Collapsible Foot Spa Massage BucketCollapsible Foot Spa Massage Bucket - Easy to store

    Collapsible Foot Spa Massage Bucket

    $18.95 inc. GST
    • Collapsible design, easy to carry and store
    • Massages and targets acupressure points 
    • The bottom of the bucket is raised by 2cm to reduce heat transfer from the ground and keep warmth
  • Collapsible Travel Foot BucketCollapsible Travel Foot Bucket

    Collapsible Travel Foot Bucket

    $7.50 inc. GST

    This Multipurpose Compact Foldable Travel Foot Bucket is definitely the BEST travel accessory that you need.

    • Lightweight & space-saving -Bring you much convenient without carrying the burden
    • Reusable & washable -Fold the bag and put into the carrying pouch for the next use
    • Suitable for any occasion -Picnic, Fishing, Camping, Indoor Use and etc..
    • Pamper your tired feet, Anytime, Anywhere!
      (Normal foot spa temperature is best to keep between 38-45 degrees Celsius )
  • Commode Chair with Wheels

    $188.00 inc. GST
    • Mobile with wheels and each wheels come with brakes attached
    • Comes with push handle
    • With removable armrest and footrest
    • Removable commode pan allows for easy cleaning
  • Compact Foot Reflexology Massage Roller

    Compact Foot Reflexology Massage Roller

    $9.50 inc. GST
    • increased immunity
    • improved energy
    • eased stress and anxiety
    • pain relief
    • circulation stimulation
    • reduced blood pressure
    • congestion relief
    • internal organ stimulation
  • Compact Pill CutterCompact Pill Cutter - Closed

    Compact Pill Cutter

    $4.95 inc. GST
    • Stainless steel blade cuts pills in half for easier swallowing or smaller doses
    • Casing includes a small container to store pills for later consumption
    • Transparent casing allows precise cutting
  • Cushion Anti-Slip Swivel Grey Round Padded 360 DegreeCushion Anti-Slip Swivel Grey Round Padded 360 Degree

    CUSHION Anti-Slip Swivel Grey Round Padded 360 Degree

    $26.90 inc. GST
    • Easy to get in & out of seated positions
    • Comfortable form cushion helps prevent hip & back strain
    • Portable & lightweight design
    • Solid base with non-slip surface
  • Detachable Durable Ergonomics Toilet Frame

    $85.00 inc. GST
    • Easy to install & set-up
    • Solid wooden hand grip
    • Safe & sturdy
    • Perfect for those who are a fall risk and need handles at the bathroom or those who need a handicap compatible toilet
    • Provides users with sturdy support for seniors disabled people & pregnant women to safely sit or stand alone at the toilet
  • Product - Toilet Frame-Aluminium -Toilet -Frame-800x800ToiletFrame-Alluminium_Featured

    Detachable Space Saving Aluminium Toilet Frame Adjustable Height

    $78.00 inc. GST
    • Fit most of the toilet, adjustable height from 63cm~76cm(+/-)
    • Anti-slip PVC holder -Provide necessary holder support for the user
    • Suitable for Elderly, Pregnant Women, Children, After Surgery, etc.
    • Lightweight, sturdy structure, stable and durable
    • Not suction-based, the base is only wide to make it more stable.

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