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  • Glucerna Plus 1.6kcal AvatarGlucerna Plus 1.6kcal

    [Carton of 30] GLUCERNA ADVANCE 1.6KCAL 220ml Specialized for People with Diabetes

    $111.00 inc. GST
    • Calorically dense (333kcal/ 220ml)
    • High protein (16.5g/ 220ml)
    • Low glycemic index (GI) with slow-release carbohydrate blend
    • Unique lipid blend with MUFA (68% of fats), Omega 3, Omega 6. Also low in saturated fat, trans-fat free and cholesterol-free.
    • Complete and balanced with 28 vitamins and minerals
    • Sucrose-free and fructose-free
    • Lactose-free and gluten-free
  • EnsureOriginal-20220614_PlainBG-Website

    Abbott Ensure Original Liquid Milk Vanilla Strawberry Carton of 24

    $54.95 inc. GST
    • Ensure Original Provides 1 Cal/ml ensure meal replacement
    • Abbott Ensure Shake Provides high-quality protein to support tissue building and maintenance
    • Low in saturated fats
    • Lactose-free and Gluten-free
    • Available in Vanilla, Strawberry flavour
    • Ready-to-Drink Ensure shake
  • Sale! ensure plus milk liquid 200mlAbbott Ensure Plus Milk Liquid Vanilla Strawberry Coffee Chocolate 200ml Carton of 24 27 - Product Specification

    Abbott Ensure Plus Milk Liquid Daily Nutrition 200ml

    $72.95$74.95 inc. GST
    • 1.5 Cal/ml, providing more nutrition in less volume
    • Provides high-quality protein to support tissue building and maintenance
    • Lactose-free and Gluten-free
    • Available in 5 great-tasting flavours (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Raspberry and Coffee)
    • Ready-to-use
    • Ensure Plus milkshake drink
  • Sale! Nepro HP LP AvatarNepro LP HP Comparison Chart

    Abbott Nepro HP High Protein Nepro LP Low Protein 220ml

    $152.00 inc. GST
    • Rich in calories (401kcal per bottle)
    • Reduced water content (162ml per 220ml bottle)
    • Contains monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) and omega-3 fatty acids
    • With CarbSteady (advanced, slow-digesting, low GI carbohydrate complex)
    • Nutritionally complete with 28 vitamins and minerals including vitamin B3 and B6 to help produce energy and reduce tiredness
    • Low in sodium and lower^ in potassium & phosphorus to meet current expert recommendations**
  • Product-Ensure GOLD Liquid_EnsureGOLD-Carton Box WHITE BGProduct-Ensure GOLD Liquid-03

    Ensure GOLD Vanilla HMB Liquid Milk 220ml

    $69.90 inc. GST
    • 11g of Protein + HMB
    • Strength-On-The-Go 1.1kcal/ml 0.75g CaHMB
    • 28 Essential Vitamins and Minerals including Vitamin D and Calcium
    • 270 Nutritious Calories
    • Lactose free & Gluten free
    • Ensure Gold Vanilla is Ready to Drink
  • Sale! Ensure Life-Main 20230904 WhiteBGEnsure Life HMB Description

    Ensure Life HMB Strength PRO Milk Powder 800g 850g – Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Coffee, Wheat

    $41.95$237.95 inc. GST
    • Right balance of nutrients: Carbohydrates, protein, good fats, dietary fibre, 28 vitamins and minerals.
    • Anti-oxidant benefits: Vitamins (A, C, E), Zinc and Selenium
    • For strong bones: Calcium and Vitamins (D, K)
    • Overall digestive health: Prebiotic fibre blend (FOS and Inulin) to support growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut.
    • Lactose-Free: Suitable for people who are unable to tolerate cow’s milk
    • Abbott Ensure Life Promotion
    • Ensure Life Singapore series
  • Sale! Abbott Ensure Nutrivigor - nutritional Milk Powder 850gEnsure Nutrivigor Description

    Ensure NutriVigor Milk Powder 850g – Vanilla

    $47.90$288.00 inc. GST
    • Build

    – Enhanced with Acti-HMB*, and contains Protein to
    help in muscle tissue-building and growth
    – High in Vitamin D

    • Strengthen

    – Contains Calcium to support strong bones.

    • Support Daily Nutrition

    – Complete & Balanced nutrition with 25 vitamins & minerals
    – Suitable as a meal replacement or dietary supplement

    • Healthy Digestive System

    – With FOS and inulin, to promote the growth of good bacteria and
    help maintain a healthy digestive system.

  • Ensure Plus Advance Carton of 30Ensure Plus Advance Avatar

    Ensure Plus Advance Milk Liquid Nutrition 220ml

    $105.00 inc. GST
    • A metabolite of essential amino acid leucine.
    • Helps muscle tissue building and growth
    • Helps support calcium absorption and improves bone strength
    • Promote the growth of good bacteria and help maintain a healthy digestive system.
    • Available in Vanilla flavour
    • Lactose free & Gluten free
    • Ready-to-Drink
  • Sale! Ensure Original Powder-Overview_EO850g-WhiteBG

    Ensure Regular Original Milk Powder 850g – Vanilla

    $31.25$172.50 inc. GST
    • For daily drinking at home, office as a milk supplement, snack during tea time, breakfast, supper etc.
    • For elderly, adults for stronger bones and body.
    • For oral use.
    • For interim sole-source nutrition.

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