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Crocodile Oil Reviews of Health Benefit & Skin Care

What is crocodile oil? What are the health benefits?

Crocodile oil is derived from the fatty tissues of the reptile. Crocodile oil has many great health benefits because it contains lots of naturally occurring ingredients which are beneficial to skin and our health:- Omega 3, 6 and 9, Vitamins A and E, linoleic acid and oleic acid etc. These reptiles have one of nature’s most powerful immune system.

Many users swear by crocodile oils’ healing powers and treatment benefits, as you can see from the numerous reviews from users in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Mexico, Madagascar and parts of Africa. This traditional remedy is fast becoming recognized and sought after in other parts of the world.

You may be surprised there is actually an old traditional crocodile farm in Singapore supplying medicated oils locally and exporting this high-quality medication worldwide.

Crocodile oil benefits are:-

  1. moisture and nourish, soften skin
  2. lighten wrinkles, facial imperfection
  3. protects and renew skin firmness
  4. strengthen and nourish your hair
  5. Pets and animals remedy

Let us review this old age secret healing crocodile balm that is a traditional medicine of Mexico, Africa, Madagascar, and south-east Asia.

1. Moisturize and Soften Dry Skin

Crocodile oil ingredients are rich in anti-oxidants and have great skin care benefits that treat or manage eczema, irritation, psoriasis, and skin inflammation. These rich antioxidants help in moisturizing and cleansing our skin and have anti-aging benefits.

The oil heals, nourish, and softens dry, chapped or cracked skin. Crocodile balm or oil also moisturizes dry, crackly lips so use it on those precious lips of yours.

2. Lighten Wrinkles, Sunspots, Freckles, Eyebags etc

Skin effects before and after applying oil

Skin pots and wrinkles before and after applying crocodile oil

There are various users reviews on how crocodile oil has helped lighten and reduce the impact of facial problems. It helps to reduce wrinkles, sun spots, dark spots, freckles, eye bags, dark eye circles or acne scars. Regular users have pointed out that their skin is more youthful and elastic after prolong using a few drops of oil daily.

Many middle-aged people and elderly in Asia also use crocodile oil to lighten their skin tones and reduce visible marks on their faces.


3. Skin renewal and rejuvenation- adding firmness, elasticity

The natural ingredients help in skin rejuvenation and renewal and add elasticity and firmness, radiance and smoothness, and whitening effect to your skin. These have been particularly potent for middle-aged users in tightening their facial skin.

Many senior citizens in Singapore and South East Asia swears by crocodile oil, using it on their skin for anti-aging renewal of their skin.

Sun Protection and Therapeutic oil

Crocodile oil works well as a natural sunblock as it helps to diffuse UV ultraviolet rays and protects the skin against sun damage., it removes yellow freckles damaged from the sun.

It works well as a therapeutic massage and carminative oil. The smell also has the added bonus of being a mosquito repellent.

Reduce skin redness, heals wounds and irritation

The Omega 3, 6 and 9 and fatty acids found in crocodile oil are key in reducing redness in sensitive and damaged skins. The oil has strong anti-inflammatory properties and a high content of oleic acid. Oleic acid is a key component in cell regeneration. Studies have shown that it improves and accelerate the wound-healing process, as well as lessen the appearance of scars.

Crocodile oil before and after

Crocodile oil on scars before and after

Patients who are bedridden may develop bed sores and skin lesions. Caretakers can apply some crocodile oils to assist in healing the wounds.

It has been found that crocodile oil helps to heal burns, scalds, sunburn, cuts, abrasions, frostbite, cold sores, insect bites, stings, beriberi, irritated and injured skin. An additional benefit is that it helps to reduce itching symptoms.

4. Moisturizes and nourish your hair

Some users have drip a few drops of oil into their hair to moisture as part of their hair treatment, to enhance the hair health. The richness of crocodile oil helps improve the textile and strengthen weak hair follicles.

A few drops daily to rub into your hair will strengthen and improve your hair!

5. Pets and animals remedy

There are a few devoted animal lovers who do use crocodile oil for a remedy for their pet cats, dogs, horses, and other animals. They apply them to their pets’ fur, as we apply on our own hair to strengthen and give them a glow.

Beyond medicated oils, some pet owners have turned to crocodile meat as it is lean and full of nourishing minerals and nutrients for their animals.

Why does pure crocodile oil smells?

You may hate the strong musk smell of crocodile oil and reluctant to apply on your skin and hair!

Pure crocodile oil has a distinct strong musk smell that may smell foul to many. This is natural and due to the organic smell of the crocodile. As these are natural products and differ from batch to batch due to different diet and season, each batch of crocodile oil may smell differently.

Please ensure you get only from trusted sources and renowned brands so that you only get pure, authentic crocodile oil.

Crocodile Oil in Singapore is Sourced Ethically

Crocodiles in Farm

Crocodiles in Singapore Farm

Crocodiles are not hunted or killed just for their oils. Crocodile farms have to adhere to CITES international convention to protect wildlife. They breed these reptiles for their meat and skin, while fats are discarded as a waste product.

The farm takes the unwanted, discarded fats and refines them into medicated oils. It bottles them and retails them to distributors globally.

There are reviews on Chop Wah On crocodile oils and Long Kwan Hung oil, two of the most famous medicated brands in Singapore. We have only visited Long Kwan Hung farm in Singapore to check that the oil is pure and ethically sourced. The fats are used for refining into a pure product for medication oil.

Crocodile Oil Reviews

If you have used crocodile oil or planning to use, please do take photos and send them to us! Let us know your experience and review for crocodile oil health benefits for skin, hair and/or your pets. We have various reviews from traditional medical halls and would love to increase our photos and testimonies.

Where to buy crocodile oil?

In Singapore, we have a modern crocodile farm where they are recovering the fats, refining it and bottling it directly in Singapore, with modern and hygiene facilities. As each crocodile only provides 600g of fat ( 21 ounces) because they are lean and fit, a bottle of oil is difficult to come by.

Crocodile oil is harvested and freshly packaged in Singapore.

Crocodile Farm in Singapore

Crocodile Farm in Singapore

Most mass-market brands are not pure or from the best parts of the crocodile. Long Kwan Hung is considered a premium brand because they use premium ingredients.

If you are concerned about aging looks and facial skin care, there is also a premium version with Ginseng added. The Ginseng cream crocodile oil moisturizes aging skin and lightens and reduce wrinkles with ginseng essence.

For those youth with acne problems, you can get specially formulated Acne Gel crocodile oil.

We have used these products ourselves and we love how effective they are in lightening our skin and wrinkles =)

Fortunately, you can click online where the costs are so much cheaper than from the retail shop, just click the product below for more details and promotion price.


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