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  • Memory Foam U Shape Cushion

    $18.90 inc. GST
    • U shaped cushion design that suit well for buttocks
    • Helps Alleviate sciatica nerve pain
    • Relieve pressure on hips and muscle tension
    • Excellent quality memory foam
    • Ideal for office, home use or car seat
  • Mobility Bed Rail

    $200.00 inc. GST
    • Swing out mobility arm provides improved stability
    • Allows for easy transfer in and out of bed
    • Pocket organizer provides storage space for handy items
    • Height-adjustable to fit different beds
    • Installs in seconds with no tools required
  • Motion Sensor LED Bedroom Safety Light in Dark Tool Free MagnetMotion Sensor LED Light Infrared Induction Suitable For Wardrobe Corridor Cabinet Closet Bedroom Product Overview

    Motion Sensor LED Light Infrared Induction

    $12.90 inc. GST
    • Ready-to-install
    • Operate with 4units of AAA battery
    • Automatic motion detection
    • Suitable for wardrobes, drawer, bedroom, and etc.
  • Sale! Adjustable Height Overbed Side Table Product View

    Multipurpose Adjustable Height Bed Side Table

    $28.95 inc. GST
    • Table with rounded edges
    • Adjustable height from 60cm to 80cm
    • Lockable & removable wheels
    • Large working surface suitable for any purpose
  • Multipurpose Bed Table Overbed Laptop Study Desk

    $46.95 inc. GST
    • allows users to carry out their daily activities while sitting up in a bed.
    • With an adjustable arm, it is easy to find an ideal height to cater to various users.
    • Wood finish table top.
  • Product-Foldable-Bed-Table_Information and Measurement

    Multipurpose Space Saving Foldable Bed Table

    • Lightweight & portable space-saving solution
    • Large size with anti-slip based
    • Suitable for a different group of people
    • Adds to your comfort in many ways
    • Pleasant design with a choice of colors
  • Portable Plastic Urinal Bottle with Cap 1000ml

    $9.90 inc. GST
    • Lightweight, durable and easy to clean and disinfect
    • Sturdy grips for easy handling
    • Secure lid
    • Translucent bottle with gradual measurement markings for ease of measuring liquid volume
    • Volume capacity:  1000ml
  • Pressure Relief Mattress With Digital Pump System

    $399.00 inc. GST
    • Treats stage 1 and 2 bedsores
    • Maximum weight capacity of 140kg
    • Adjustable comfort range of 8 different levels
    • Normal and low-pressure indicator
  • PT Bedcane

    $170.00 inc. GST
    • Ergonomic Handle – Allows for two-handed grip
    • Pocket organizer prevents entrapment and provides storage space for handy items
    • Compact & portable for travel
    • Safety Strap secures rail to any home or hospital bed

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