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6 Helpful Bathroom Aids to Improve Safety for Elderly

6 Helpful Bathroom Aids to Improve Safety for Elderly


Do you know that the bathroom is one of the most dangerous places inside our house- especially for children and the elderly? Do you know what is one of the leading cause of accidental deaths in many countries?

This small room has many sharp and hard surfaces when the place is wet from using, it can make a dangerous condition.

Every day. the hospital receives patients from slipping and falling in the bathroom.

The bathroom is especially more dangerous to older adults and children, as, in fact, most cases happened to these two groups. It can be very serious if they hit their head when they fall. However, the risk of getting contusion, abrasion, strain or fracture by falling or slipping at the bathroom can be reduced rather easily.

In this article, we will explain how to prevent falls in the shower.


How Do You Prevent Falls In The Shower?

A bathroom is a dangerous place because the floor is often wet and slippery, making it easier to fall. There are many things you can do to prevent falls in the shower, that’s why I listed down all possible bathroom aids you can use to help your loved ones prevent the fall:

Non-Slip Mats or Strips

Use non-slip mats or strips in the bathtub or shower. If you are using ordinary rugs, remove it or use double-sided tape or a non-slip backing so the rugs won’t slip.

For anti-slip bathroom mat, use the product that has vacuum suction technology to make sure it secured and stick to the ground so you don’t have to worry them slipping. To make it easier to clean, look for the bathroom mat that has holes for a hygienic drainage system.


PVC Non-slip Bathroom Mat -Demo


Safety Grab Bar

Put safety grab inside the bathroom. Put grab bars inside and outside of the tub or shower and near the toilet to help them sit and stand. There’s an Anti-Slip Grab Bar With Pole that can be folded wherever it’s needed.

Upfolding grab bar

Grab bars can help our elder to push or pull against when standing up, provide steadying support while sitting down, provide a firm grip when transferring from one position to another, and for balance when standing, walking or dressing.

Pick for the nylon-coated stainless steel grab bars to prevent them from getting slippery when wet and to ensure maximum friction when in use.

Shower Seat

Shower seat provides necessary assistance and support to elderly people who can’t stand safely. You can install it for your parents or grandparents, do a modification for the entire bathroom, or just buy the anti-slip seat.

There are several types of shower seat:

Anti-slip seat with backrest.


Choose safe bath experience with a textured anti-slip seat, and ergonomic hand grips at the sides of the seat, and backrest for greater comfort.

Adjustable Height Shower Chair

There’s also an adjustable shower chair where you can adjust the height to be tall or short. Always look for anti-sliding design and comfortable gripping to prevent the elder from falling.

4. Wall mounted chair

mounted wall shower chair

If you choose the permanent one, pick the wall mounted chair. This type of chair has to be installed inside your bathroom wall. Choose a textured seat to prevent slip and the one that has a better drainage system. If you want to choose the foldable one for easy storage, the bathroom shower wall mounted shower seat with backrest is good for you.

5. Toilet Frame

Product - Wooden Handle Toilet Frame

Installing a toilet frame is a great idea for those who are a fall risk and need handles at the bathroom, people who need a handicap compatible toilet, seniors disabled people, and pregnant women to safely sit or stand alone at the toilet. Toilet frame is a handicap grab bar for toilets that allow you to sit safely or stand at the toilet.

6. Aluminum Toilet Commode Chair

Commode Chair Adjustable Height


If you are traveling with your elder and you’re worried that they might have difficulties in another toilet, consider getting yourself a foldable commode chair. This chair has a convenient sitting position for all users – no need to bend, lean or squat.

Here are some reminders that you have to put in mind when using this bathroom aid;

  1. For older adults users, encourage them to do exercise to improve their balance and make their legs stronger.
  2. Clean up wet areas and spills as quickly as possible to prevent it the user of slipping.
  3. If you are on medication, have your doctor to look over your medication as some drugs can make you sleepy or dizzy.


What to Do If You Fall

We now know that we can prevent falling with the use of the helpful bathroom safety aids that I shared with you. However, even the most cautious person can experience an incident that’s why I’m going to share with you what’s the best step to do when you fall or if an elder falls.

Assess the situation and keep calm.

If you are to assist the elder and you’re more anxious than he/she then you will make the elder nervous and worried. First, calm yourself and properly assess the situation. If you are a not trained person to do this, avoid unnecessary actions and call someone who knows what to do.

Reach stable furniture for support.

If you can get up, reach out for an item of stable furniture for support. But don’t get up too quickly, roll onto your hands and knees and look for stable support.

Sit down and rest for a while before carrying on with your daily activities. However, if you can’t get up, try to crawl or slide to seek help. This is the importance of assistive devices like grab bar because they allow you to grip for support at the wall and reduce fall incidents.


Check for head injury

If you fall or an elderly fell, make sure to check for any head injury. Don’t get up; don’t move. Since head injuries can be life-threatening. For a minor head injury, you can use some first aid at home. An ice pack wrapped in a towel for about 30 minutes works for pain but a serious head injury like bleeding or you blackout, make sure to call medical personnel to assess the situation and make an appointment to visit the doctor.


Go to the nearest Hospital

If you fell and you are injured, make sure to visit a doctor or hospital if you can or call someone to take you there.

Even a simple fall can be life-threatening so you have to be mindful and visit the hospital even if you are not bleeding. It is important to be assessed in the right way and see if there are other medical issues to be concerned about.

Falls are often due to hazards that are easy to overlook but easy to fix. With a simple step like adding anti slip bathroom mat, adding safety grab bars at the bathroom, adding shower seat, inserting a toilet frame, even leaving a light on bathroom at night so your loved ones wouldn’t have difficulties when entering it can make a difference.

These are Singapore’s emergency police, SCDF, hospital number.

In conclusion, it’s better to be safe than sorry. At first, making your home more secure and safe may be time-consuming, but in the end, the benefits are worth it because you can make your home safer for your parents, your grandparents, your kids, and even your grandchildren.

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