Best Blood Pressure Monitors Omron Reviews in Singapore

Blood Pressure Monitors Reviews Omron in Singapore

In Singapore, the most popular and best brand of blood pressure monitors is Omron. There are other less popular blood pressure monitoring device brands, such as Yuwell, Panasonic, RossMax, Xiaomi, and Tensoval Mobil but these are not as established and reputable as Omron healthcare. There are also in-house brands by Guardian or Watson, but customer reviews have not been stellar compared to Omron.

Chances are, if you are having high blood pressure (hypertension), are senior, or are worried enough to want to monitor your blood pressure at home, you would want to buy a reputable brand. Even the cheap, budget model of a reputable Omron brand will give you peace of mind.

There are also many non-recognized brands, usually parallel imported into Singapore without HSA (Health Science Authority)’s approval. We are the authorized dealers for all Omron consumer health products in Singapore so you can be assured of a high-quality product. Omron blood pressure monitors come with a direct 5 years warranty from Omron Asia Pacific in Singapore.

UPDATE March 2023- All Omron Blood Pressure Monitors (JPN, 7121, etc) come with FREE DELIVERY in Singapore!

Omron Blood Pressure Monitors- From Medical Grade to portable model

Omron blood pressure monitors are used in many Singapore private and public hospitals, and many GP clinics and family doctors are using Omron too. As there are so many different needs in society, Omron has produced many different models of blood pressure monitors that you can buy that suit your needs.

If you are overwhelmed with the variety of choices, just take note that the HEM 7121 is the most popular choice among Japanese and Singaporeans. It is designed for the mass at a great friendly price.

The 7130L blood pressure monitor (Upgraded 7130) is the second favorite in Singapore, it loses out because of its hefty market price of $179. This is one of the best blood pressure monitor devices you can buy in Singapore because it is a premium model at a reduced price.

The latest premium version is HEM 7361T and HEM 7600T, great models to have, just that it is high end unit and only recommended if you only want the best blood pressure monitors Omron for home use in Singapore.

Omron’s core computer chips are all made in Japan but most models are assembled in Vietnam. The JPN500 is 100% made and assembled in Japan for the strictest highest quality assurance.

Omron Blood Pressure Monitors Best models reviews

  1. Omron HEM 6121 – Small, light, and portable
  2. Omron HEM 7120 – Designed for the general public, accurate and affordable
  3. Omron HEM 7121 – Designed for the general public, accurate and affordable, and with more storage and memory of previous readings.
  4. Omron HEM 7130 and 7130L – Accuracy is like 7121 but with more memories for the whole household
  5. Omron HEM 7322 – High premium grade with great accuracy
  6. Omron HEM 7320 – Hospital-grade, 360 degrees, able to have great accuracy in any position.
  7. Omron JPN500- (Upgraded JPN2) Designed to be like 7120 and 7121, except the entire model is fully made in Japan. For most Omron models, only the computer core and chips are made in Japan and the products are assembled in Vietnam.
  8. OMRON Smart Elite+ HEM-7600T – Tubeless & Wireless Design to capture accurate readings for users especially the pregnant or elderly with limited mobility and bed riddance.
  9. Omron HEM-7361T – (Upgraded version of HEM-7320) Dual Check for Dual Users which allows users to have a comprehensive check for their risk of stroke.

In Singapore, the HEM 7121 and the 7130L are the 2 most popular bought models among all the blood pressure monitors (such as Yuwell, RossMax, Tensil Mobil, Watson, and Guardian generic brands).

The best blood pressure monitors in Singapore are the 7130L and 7121 models in the charts below.

Which best blood pressure monitor I should buy?

  • If you are using it at home, you may prefer the HEM 7121, it is affordable and accurate enough for daily monitoring of your blood pressure.
  • If more than 1 person is using it, and you prefer to have a long record of daily blood pressure, do go for HEM 7130 (the latest version is 7130L), it has more memory.
  • If you want a BPM to carry around, from home to work, or when traveling overseas for business or leisure, go for the HEM 6121
  • If you want a better accurate graded blood pressure monitor, go for HEM 7322
  • If you want a hospital-grade blood pressure monitor that the patient can use in all positions, even in non-sitting-taking-reading positions, go for HEM 7320
  • Go for
  • these Omron blood pressure monitoring devices are all using computer cores made in Japan.

Here is a detailed overview of the features of each blood pressure device.


  You can check the features above and choose the model with the functions that you like. Everyone has their own preferences, for example, I bought the highest grade version for my parents, and I am using the normal HEM 7121 for myself.

We bought a HEM 6121 so that when we travel aboard, we can monitor too. Choose one that suits your lifestyle, be it for the office or home.  

Customer Reviews of Omron Blood Pressure Monitors for Singapore

You may be interested to know that Omron is a great brand with tons of 5 stars reviews in Singapore and Japan. These are some of our customer reviews that bought Omron blood pressure monitors and gave their feedback and reviews of their Omron monitors.

We have been reviewing different brands of blood pressure monitors for the past few years and so far, we have to say Omron gives the greatest customer satisfaction and brand loyalty among all the different medical-grade instruments. We love them for their consistency and reliability, especially among senior citizens and caretakers.

Omron HEM 7121 for home use, and HEM 7130L if you want the best value for money (promotion for 2023).

Seniorcare, an authorized Omron blood pressure monitors dealer, comes with free shipping and the best pricing than Guardian or Watson Pharmacy and is way cheaper than supermarkets, pharmacies, or grocery stores.

Click here for the full range of blood pressure monitors and accessories.

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