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  • Valens Carborie single avatarValens Carborie Features

    Valens Carborie Powder 350g – Readily Absorbed Glucose

    $15.95 inc. GST
    • High degree of glucose polymerization
    • Lower osmolality – minimizing potential osmotic diarrhea
    • Mixes readily with most formula, food & beverages
    • Low mineral & electrolyte
    • Lactose & gluten-free
    • Fat & Protein-free clear fluid
  • Valens Myotein_avatarValens Myotein_nutrition02

    Valens Myotein Whey Protein Concentrate 215g

    $20.95$122.95 inc. GST
    • 5g Protein Per Serving
    • Instantised Protein
    • Neutral
    • Flavour
    • Mixes Instantly into Foods & Beverages
  • WorkingFile-Thixer20210617-04

    Valens Nutrition Thixer Food Thickener 300g

    $14.95 inc. GST
    • An instant food and drink thickener suitable for increasing the consistency of foods and liquid.
    • Can be used as a vehicle in commonly accepted approach to decrease dysphagic difficulties and to increase bolus consistency which leads to positive changes in oral transit time, pharyngeal responsiveness, and pharyngeal pressure.
    • Instantised with excellent dispersibility and solubility througout pH range
    • Mixes readily with hot, cold, dry and wet food with no undersired lumps
    • Microwave stable, steam-table stable and freeze-thaw stable
    • Gluten and Lactose free
    • Low in sodium
    • No Maltodextrin or sugar added


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