How to choose the best at-home Blood Pressure Monitors? BP Home Use Monitor Buying Guide 2023

Your blood pressure varies throughout the day, and how you’re feeling or how you’ve exerted yourself also plays a huge part. If you are a senior citizen or caretaker, you may want to measure your blood pressure at home daily.

Given that readings fluctuate so often, you may want to check your measurements daily and at your convenience at home.

There are so many blood pressure monitors available in the market:- Omron, Yuwell, Guardian, Watson, or even a basic free device, at home could help you monitor your high blood pressure daily. Choose the best for your daily health checks.

person using a blood pressure monitor with wrist cuff
How are you selecting a Blood Pressure Monitor for home use?

Having a blood pressure monitor you choose to use at home is a good way to manual monitor your blood pressure on a regular basis. This is particularly important for those who have high or low blood pressure or other health conditions that may affect their blood pressure.

In fact, this 2010 research has shown that self-monitoring is beneficial because it resulted in lower numbers for both the systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings.

Two numbers are used to determine blood pressure: Systolic blood pressure reading, which is the first number, gauges the pressure in your arteries when your heart beats. Diastolic blood pressure, or the second number, gauges the pressure in your arteries between heartbeats. In a BP monitor, the top first number is usually systolic, while the number below is diastolic.

Studies have also suggested that home monitoring can help to control and manage blood pressure.

Some people may also be able to diagnose high blood pressure timely through a home monitoring device. For those with hypertension (high BP), and who are just beginning to take medication, using a blood pressure monitor may assist to determine if they are working and what to adjust as needed.

How Do I Choose the best home Blood Pressure Monitor?

Today, you don’t need to run down to your doctor to get your blood pressure tested. Modern technology has made it affordable for you to gain access to the same type of high-quality best blood pressure monitors that doctors use. When you have high blood pressure or hypertension, all the more you need daily measurements so that you can share your blood pressure readings with your doctor.

The American Heart Association recommends an automatic blood pressure device, around your upper arm bicep monitor is the best device for at-home use.

reading on an omron blood pressure monitor for a user
Steps to Choosing a Good Blood Pressure Machine or monitor

When you’re choosing a good device that’s suitable for your use, there are things you should consider before making a choice.

Typically, blood pressure monitors come in 2 forms: with a wrist or an upper arm cuff. What type of monitor should you get?

Wrist blood pressure machines are like wearing a watch while you measure your readings, it is light and portable and you can carry it everywhere.

Let’s find the most suitable choice for your family and you.

1. Your Lifestyle

Do you foresee yourself taking measurements at home most of the time, or are you a frequent flyer who is always on the go?

traveller looking at the board of flights at an airport
Are You at Home or Outdoors?

If your family and you going to measure their blood pressure at home, it may be a great idea to choose a device with big buttons and an easy to read display on the monitor. For travellers, you can get a lightweight upper arm model instead, or a wrist blood pressure monitor that is smaller and more convenient.

2. The Shape and Size of Your Arm

Measure the circumference of your upper arm or wrist. While every individual’s measurement may vary, modern arm cuffs are prepared for fluctuations with sizes that fit most people.

You can use a simple measuring tape to do so accurately to avoid getting the wrong size and inaccurate readings.

white measuring tape
Measure the Size of Your Arm

For example, Omron’s blood pressure monitors come with cuffs around arm sizes of 22-32cm (8.7-12.6 inches) and 22-42cm (8.7-16.5 inches). This determines the type of monitor to get – if your arm is within these sizes, it is recommended to buy an upper-arm blood pressure monitor.

If your arm is bigger than 42cm (16.5 inches), you may want to consider buying a large cuff from online or get a wrist blood pressure monitor instead.

3. Underlying Conditions

Do you have an underlying condition that requires you to monitor your blood pressure regularly?

shot of a pregnant woman clutching her belly
Do you have underlying medical conditions or concerns?

Some conditions like pregnancy, obesity, and diabetes may increase your risk of heart disease or other related health problems. Taking your blood pressure regularly can prevent unwanted situations from happening and even provide warning signs of potential problems.

Taking a blood pressure reading with a monitor that is clinically validated and tested is extremely important. This enables you to have accurate readings that you can rely on.

Are automatic blood pressure monitors accurate?

Where Can I Buy My Omron Blood Pressure Monitor in Singapore?

Make sure the blood pressure monitor you are purchasing is authorized by Health Sciences Authority (HSA) in Singapore. There are many parallel imports and imitations from overseas that are with poor quality computer chips and inconsistent readings.

For example, you can get them at your nearest Guardian, Unity, or Watsons store. You can also find them at hospital pharmacies, clinics, polyclinics, and the Omron Service Centre.

However, you will not be able to find them at supermarkets like Cold Storage, NTUC FairPrice Finest, Giant, Sheng Siong, or Market Place by Jason’s.

For convenience, you can buy an authorized Omron blood pressure monitor from the SeniorCare website, where we sell everything your elderly loved one needs.

What Are the Prices of Omron Blood Pressure Monitors in Singapore?

While you can get your Omron blood pressure devices from leading retailers, the monitors usually sell at a standard fixed price instead of a discount. Buying yours from a reputable distributor like SeniorCare can help you get the reliable monitor you need for your health at a more affordable price.

Here is a table that shows how much you can save when you buy from SeniorCare:

Comparing the Different Prices of Omron Blood Pressure Monitors

What Are the Reviews of Omron Blood Pressure Monitors in Singapore?

Reading reviews is one way to buy the best blood pressure monitors on the market that is good to use. There are many reviews in Singapore.

At SeniorCare, there are many 5 stars reviews over the past few years of selling these health monitors. Here are some examples for you to check out:

Examples of Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Reviews
Examples of Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Reviews

That’s not all – you can also find more Omron blood pressure monitor reviews in Singapore here!

Type of monitor:- Upper Arm Monitors vs Wrist Monitors

The two main types of blood pressure monitors are upper-arm and wrist. Here’s a comparison between them:

Blood Pressure MonitorUnique FeaturesIdeal For
Upper Arm MonitorMore accurate
– Bigger screen and buttons make it easier to use
– More user-friendly functions to improve reliability and accuracy
– Home use
– The elderly with limited visual capabilities
Wrist BP Monitor– More portable, comfortable, and lightweight
Simple to use because of the lack of functions
– Similar to a watch reading your blood pressure
– Less Accurate
– Travellers
– People who are always on the go
– People with upper arm circumferences that are bigger than 42cm
– Those who find upper arm cuff
to be too painful because of the tight-squeezing sensation
– Those with an inability to use their upper arms because of limited mobility
Comparing Upper Arm and Wrist Monitors

Get the right size cuff for accurate and consistent readings

Make sure you have the correct size for your manual blood pressure measurements.

If it is too small, the readings may be falsely elevated, and if it is too large, the readings may be falsely decreased. A good rule of thumb is to ensure that the blood pressure cuff covers about 80% of the upper arm’s circumference. 

It’s essential to check the manufacturer’s instructions or seek professional advice to choose the correct cuff that’s right for your arm. It’s also crucial to ensure when you inflate the cuff, it is properly tightened to avoid inaccurate readings.

Always bear in mind that precise readings are crucial for the proper diagnosis and management of blood pressure-related conditions.

Understanding Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Symbols

If you’re a first-time user, the different symbols when the reading appears may seem confusing.  Good news is some other brands actually choose similar symbols as Omron as they are easy to use and read.

What does each symbol on the screen mean?

features of omron blood pressure monitor
The Different Symbols Shown on An OMRON Blood Pressure Monitor

What Do the Heart Symbols on the Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Mean?

The heartbeat symbol, or hypertension indicator, has a few uses:

  1. During measurement: It flashes at every heartbeat, and when the measurement is taken, it flashes with your blood pressure and pulse rate if the reading goes above 135/85.
  2. Memory storage: It flashes when the blood pressure reading kept in the memory is above 135/85.

What Is the Purpose of My Blood Pressure Monitor’s Memory Feature?

Why is the memory feature an important aspect to consider when buying a blood pressure monitor?

This feature allows you to compare your current readings to previous readings so that you can gain important insights. It can help you determine if your lifestyle or diet changes, as well as the medication that you’re taking, is working.

Being able to compare also helps to identify patterns and warning signals to alert you of a possible problem. Many Omron blood pressure monitors can store at least 30 past readings.

Compare best Blood Pressure Monitors of 2023 – What Are the Most Accurate types of blood pressure monitors?

Omron products are the top choice of both health professionals’ and individuals’ blood pressure monitor buying guides as the world’s leading brand. Seniors love them.

They offer a wide range of blood pressure machines that you can pick from depending on your requirements. Let’s see what traits we should look for in a blood BP monitors on our list in Singapore:

1. HEM-7120 (#1 sold in Singapore)

The HEM-7120 blood pressure monitor is a great idea for those who just need a fuss-free and basic measuring device. This is on track to be the bestseller for 2023 due to the basic no-frills functions and great low price that is unaffected by inflation and increase in GST.

It’s recommended for those who are wondering what the easiest blood pressure monitor for home use is!

2. HEM-7121 

The HEM-7121 is largely similar to the 7120, but it takes the technology a step further with 30 measurements instead of just the last measurement. This model has been the best seller in Singapore for the past few years.

It is by far one of the most popular models because of its affordability, accuracy, and reliability.

3. HEM-7600T Smart Elite Tubeless Wireless BPM 

HEM-7600T uses the newest tubeless technology to give you an easy one-touch measurement experience. One of the best premium wireless blood pressure monitors you can buy, is recommended if you are willing to splurge for health monitoring.

This uniquely designed blood pressure monitor should be easy to use – simply snap it onto your upper arm quickly. You can also sync it to Omron Connect using the Bluetooth-enabled function to get a comprehensive view of your health!

4. HEM-7361T (Advanced)

The HEM-7361T is an advanced digital blood pressure monitor capable of measuring blood pressure and detecting atrial fibrillation (AFIB) at the same time.

Use the Dual Check feature to assess your risk of stroke in one go. Its dual-user function is made especially for families, sending measurement data of 2 different people to your smartphone conveniently.

Early detection of AFIB is very important in preventing the risk of stroke by up to 68%. This digital monitor also allows you to detect AFIB, if any, at home and at your convenience.

Sync it to Omron Connect using Bluetooth to sync your data effortlessly. If you like blood pressure monitoring that is fuss-free and of the highest standard, go for this premium model.

5. JPN500 (100% Assembled in Japan)

The JPN500 is 100% made and assembled in Japan and features a classy golden unique look.

It is a higher-end mode and has most of the other features of blood pressure monitors to give users a fuss-free and still accurate monitoring experience.

6. HEM-7130L Deluxe (Best value for money 2023!)

HEM 7130L is a deluxe model that also comes with a wide-range soft cuff that fits. This model is currently the best value for money because it is a premium model with a price reduction for 2023!

It enables users to take their blood pressure with ease. Apart from the usual outstanding features, it can also show the average of the last 3 readings within 10 minutes for a better assessment of your health.

7. HEM-6161 Wrist Blood Pressure Machine

The HEM 6161 blood pressure monitor is a wrist blood pressure monitor that is ideal for those who are constantly outdoors.

It is a basic model that is similar to the 7120 upper arm blood pressure monitor. The pre-formed cuff to the monitor makes it easy to strap on and go with accurate measurements.

How Accurate is Omron BPM?

It comes with features like the enhanced IntelliSense Technology that automatically exerts the right amount of pressure for a quick and precise result.

This makes it great for hypertensive users and people with heart rhythm problems or other heart disorders. You can only refer back to the last measurement for this!

How Do I buy the Omron best at-home Blood Pressure Monitor?

Many people, especially first-time buyers, are confused about the different devices available and not sure how to buy a home blood pressure monitor.

Summary list on choosing best accurate blood pressure monitor :-

  1. Buy 7130L if you want the best value for money right now.
  2. Buy 7121 if you just want a basic model
  3. Buy 7120 if you want the basic budget version
  4. Buy 7361T if you want the best, premium version with no budget.

It can be difficult to choose the suitable one for your personal use if you’re not familiar with the different functions offered by each model. Take a look at the comparison charts below for a better understanding!

ModelRangeTypeFeaturesCuff SizeMemoryContents in Box
HEM 7120BasicUpper Arm– Hypertension Indicator
– Enhanced IntelliSense Technology
– Irregular Heartbeat Detection
– Body Movement Detection
22 – 32CMLast Reading1x BPM
4x AA Batteries
HEM 7121Standard (Value)Upper Arm– Hypertension Indicator
– Enhanced IntelliSense Technology
– Irregular Heartbeat Detection
– Body Movement Detection
22 – 32CM30 Measurements1x BPM
4x AA Batteries
HEM 7600T

Premium Wireless Blood pressure machine

Upper Arm– Tubeless Technology
– Enhanced IntelliSense Technology
– IntelliWrap Cuff
– Irregular Heartbeat Detection
– Body Movement Detection
– Bluetooth Connectivity
22 – 32CM100 Measurements1x BPM
4x AA Batteries
HEM 7361TExtra PremiumUpper Arm– Dual Check: Detects Blood Pressure and Atrial Fibrillation (AFIB) Together
– Hypertension Indicator
– Average for Last 3 Readings in 10 Minutes

– Enhanced IntelliSense Technology
– IntelliWrap Cuff
– Irregular Heartbeat Detection
– Body Movement Detection
– Bluetooth Connectivity
22 – 32CM2 Users x 100 Measurements1x BPM
1x Storage Case
4x AA Batteries
JPN500PremiumUpper Arm– Made in Japan
– Hypertension Indicator

– Enhanced IntelliSense Technology
– IntelliWrap Cuff
– Irregular Heartbeat Detection
– Body Movement Detection
– Bluetooth Connectivity
22 – 32CM60 Measurements1x BPM
4x AA Batteries
HEM 7130LDeluxeUpper Arm– Blood Pressure Level Indicator
– Average for Last 3 Readings in 10 Minutes

– Wide Range Cuff
– Enhanced IntelliSense Technology
– IntelliWrap Cuff
– Irregular Heartbeat Detection
– Body Movement Detection
– Bluetooth Connectivity
22 – 42CM60 Measurements1x BPM
1x Storage Case
4x AA Batteries
HEM 6161BasicWrist Monitor– Pre-formed Cuff
– Hypertension Indicator
– Enhanced IntelliSense Technology
– Irregular Heartbeat Detection
13.5 – 21.5CM30 Measurements1x BPM
1x Storage Case
4x AA Batteries
Comparison Chart of Omron digital Blood Pressure Monitor for home monitoring

A Comparison Chart Between the Different Omron Blood Pressure Monitors

How Do I Know If My Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Is Accurate?

Many people wonder how accurate home BP monitors, like upper arm monitors, are. You need to trust these normal blood pressure readings that you are taking regularly.

woman using an omron blood pressure monitor outdoors
Omron Blood Pressure Monitors Are Clinically Validated for Accuracy

All blood pressure monitors are clinically proven to be accurate, and the Omron machines can be assembled, and made overseas like in Vietnam, but the computer core inside are all made in Japan.

In fact, they are clinically validated to be accurate within the following:

  • Blood pressure: within +/- 3 mgHg or 2 percent
  • Pulse: within +/- 5 percent of reading

These meet or exceed the requirements set out by the Association of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI)’s standards.

Where can I buy a Blood Pressure Monitor from Omron authorized dealer?

Ready to buy your own Omron blood pressure machine and start taking care of your health?

You can find BPM sold at local pharmacies like Watsons, Guardian, and Unity. They are sometimes sold at local supermarkets like Giant, NTUC FairPrice, Cold Storage, or even smaller supermarkets like Jason’s.

Click here for Omron blood pressure monitor in Singapore and enjoy it being delivered free straight to your doorstep for convenience. Seniors and caretakers love this marketplace for elderly care as they include free shipping for bulky items such as milk supplements (Abbott, Nestle, Fresubin, Diben etc) and diapers for orders above a certain value.

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