What is Resource Fruit used for? Comparing Resource Fruit vs Fortijuce vs Fresubin Jucy

Nestle Resource Fruit_ A Fruity Favorite Supplement in a Bottle

Some people can get along with their creamy oral nutritional supplements (ONS).

Others find it hard to take them as an alternative to conventional food due to lactose, gluten, and fibre issues.

Research has shown that using ONS to treat patients with disease-related malnutrition provides advantages for patients and healthcare providers alike.

Malnutrition accounts for roughly 4.5% of the illness among Singaporeans under the age of 20. Research conducted by the National University of Singapore in 2017 found that 2.8% of Singaporeans aged 55 and older were undernourished.

But, with such a challenge even in taking nutritional drinks, is there anything left for healthcare providers?

Definitely! This is thanks to Nestle Resource Fruit. 

A Bottle of Refreshing Oral Nutritional Supplement

Fruit-based beverages alone reached 105 billion liters in 2020.

Considering that number, making a refreshing fruit-based ONS can help patients with special needs in their diet. In fact, this is what Nestle Resource Fruit is all about! 

You Know It’s Fresh and Healthy When It’s Nestle

Nestle has been providing nutrition and healthy diet supplements for 150 years now. One of their innovative products is Resource Fruit. 

Approximately 10% of the world’s soft drink consumption was made up of fruit juices and beverages in 2015.

Refreshing and fat-free, ONS RESOURCE® Fruit has been created for the dietary treatment of malnutrition or other medical diseases with elevated nutritional requirements that cannot be satisfied via diet adjustment alone. 

RESOURCE® Fruit is a medicinal food that should only be consumed under the guidance of a physician.

Nestle Resource Fruit contains important vitamins and minerals. Each serving provides 300 calories and 8g of high-quality hydrolyzed whey protein. 

What makes it preferable to other ONS is it is free from gluten, lactose, and fibre, making it easier to take for people with such tolerance issues. Plus, it is fat-free and has a 31% lower sugar content.

Who Needs Nestle Resource Fruits?

Nestle Resource Fruit is a juice-based nutritional supplement that provides liquid nutrition for people like:

  • Cancer patients
  • Stroke patients
  • Anorexics
  • Fat-malabsorption
  • Malnutrition

Nestle Resource Fruit increases vitamins and minerals typically taken from solid foods and fruits via oral nutrition. 

Patients who have the abovementioned health problems and lactose intolerance at the same time can take full advantage of this drink because it is lactose-free, gluten-free, and fibre-free.

The hydrolysed protein in Nestle Resource Fruit refers to the high-quality hydrolysed whey protein or protein that has been broken down into short chains of amino acids known as peptides. 

These proteins are crucial to controlling cravings and helping in weight management.

They are also easy on the stomach for those with dietary intolerance, and help patients to recover faster, especially from an illness.

Resource Fruit for Other Specific Health Concerns

Remember that this nutritional drink is not suitable to be a sole source of nutrition, but only as a supplement to an assigned diet provided by your doctors.

For Pregnant Women

Nestle Resource Fruit is safe for pregnant people unless your doctor or gynecologist says otherwise. 

It is normal to lose your appetite and be nauseous during pregnancy, so conventional food intake can slow down. That is how Resource Fruit can be used as a supplement to the diet. 

For Quick Recovery

Oral nutritional supplements are necessary for pre-and-post operative patients to hasten their recovery. 

Nestle Resource Fruit not only gives the right nutrients but also speeds up metabolism for faster absorption of vitamins and minerals.

For Weight Management

Nestle Protein Resource Fruit aids in malnutrition and helps in weight management. 

With its high protein and calorie content, it helps in gaining weight. It’s lower sugar and high-water content also means that a person can maintain or even lose weight with these complete nutritional juice drinks.

Comparing Resource Fruit vs Fortijuce vs Fresubin Jucy

We have done a comparison table of the nutrient contents for Resource Fruits vs Fresubin Jucy vs Nutricia Fortijuce.

You may use Fresubin Jucy and Resource fruit as alternative substitutes for one another, depending on your price and taste preference.

Resource FruitNutricia FortijuceFresubin Jucy
Serving size (per serving)200ml200ml200ml
FlavourOrange, apple, raspberry blackcurrantApple, blackcurrantApple, blackcurrant, cherry, orange, pineapple
Energy densitykcal/ml1.51.51.5
Proteing8 (10.7% kcal)7.8 (10.4% kcal)8 (10.7% kcal)
Carbohydrateg67 (89.3% kcal)67 (89.3% kcal)67 (89.3% kcal)
Sugarg12 (16% kcal)29 (38.7% kcal)16 (21.3% kcal)
Dietary Fibreg000
Featured ingredients100% whey protein100% whey protein100% whey protein
Comparison Resource Fruits vs Fortijuce and Fresubin Jucy

Resource Fruit has the lowest amount of sugar among all.

Where to Buy Nestle Resource Fruit Beverage in Singapore?

SeniorCare SG is the leading distributor of Nestle Resource products, including this complete nutritious-based Resource Fruit drink. 

Compared to other retail alternatives like Guardian, Watson or pharmacies in hospitals or polyclinics, and supermarkets such as NTUC FairPrice, Giant, Cold Storage, Sheng Shiong, etc, you can get your Resource Fruit beverage without the hassle of going down to the store to buy.

SeniorCare SG brings convenience to your doorstep when it comes to elderly care and people with specific management needs. 

Nestle Resource Fruit is the best alternative to milk. It’s a great drink for patients who are on a diet and are looking for something that tastes like milk but without lactose

This drink can be a great source of nutrition and it has no fat nor cholesterol. Nestle Resource Fruit has the same taste as milk but with no lactose. 

This is why we recommend this product to people with lactose intolerance and other special health issues. 

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