Fortisip Liquid Milk: Stronger Within Every Sip

Fortisip liquid Milk

Everyone wants a healthy and strong body as we age. It is possible with the right nutrition, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle.

However, when it comes to nutrition, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. As we grow old, we lose appetite, strength, and energy to burn in our daily activities over time.
Getting the right nutrients to recover from sudden health changes is crucial – and most of the time, getting it through our diet is, and daily food is not enough due to a gradual loss of digestive ability.

Why Do We Need Oral Nutrition?

Sterile liquids, semisolids, or powders are used in oral nutritional supplements (ONS) to provide macro-and micronutrients. Patients who cannot achieve their nutritional needs via oral food alone often use them in acute and community health settings.

The Advisory Committee on Borderline Substances (ACBS) must authorize ONS usage. Included in the list of uses are:

  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Dysphagia
  • Difficulties in absorption
  • Patients who are undernourished before surgery
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • When complete gastrectomy is required.
  • Bowel fistulae of the bowel

What is Nutricia Fortisip Milk Liquid?

Nutricia Fortisip Milk Liquid is a high-calorie nutritional supplement shake that can be used as a meal replacement to boost nutrition and overall health.

What Is Fortisip Good For?

It provides extra medical nutrition for anyone who needs a little extra dietary intake.

Fortisip is made for malnourished people because of medical conditions or post-surgery and can be used as the main source of nutrition and a supplement.

What Are the Ingredients and Nutritional Content in Nutricia Fortisip?

Fortisip contains 300 kcal, 12 grams of protein, and 28 vitamins and minerals.

These alone can help you meet your energy requirements daily, especially when your diet is insufficient. These calories are crucial in maintaining your desired weight and recovering from illness.

FORTISIP -Features

The protein content helps you build muscle and maintain it as you age. Fortisip is available in 3 delicious flavors: vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry for the picky eaters.

How Can Drinking Fortisip Benefit Me?

Every bottle of Fortisip gives you all the energy you need. Plus, you don’t have to worry about fibre intake issues because it has zero fibre content.

Who Needs to Drink Fortisip Liquid Milk?

If you have any of these health issues, we highly recommend trying this trusted and complete oral nutrition supplement:

  • Disease-related Malnutrition

Malnutrition caused by illness occurs when patients do not consume an appropriate quantity or food quality. It can also happen when they do not attain the required nutrient levels to compensate for the disease’s unique nutritional requirements.

If a patient’s regular diet isn’t sufficient to meet their nutritional requirements, they may benefit from taking medical nutrition products as a substitute for or in addition to their regular diet.

Medical nutrition is safe and effective to assist patients in meeting their nutritional objectives and enhancing outcomes like easing disease symptoms, helping the recovery, recovering strength, and enhancing the quality of life.
Medical nutrition also reduces patient care costs due to fewer complications, fewer hospitalizations, and a shorter hospitalization time for patients receiving medical nutrition.

  • People With High Energy Requirements

Energy requirements refer to the amount of food needed to maintain body size, composition, and a level of physical activity consistent with long-term health.

This includes the energy required for proper child growth and development, prenatal tissue deposition, and lactation milk production for both mother and children’s health.

The daily calorie limit for men and women of the same weight (77kg) is 2,300 kcal and 1,900 kcal, respectively.

For younger individuals, a typical fluctuation of 20% is considered acceptable. People over 75 have smaller bodies, lower resting metabolic rate (REE), and less activity. Hence their nutritional needs are likely to be lower.

  • People Requiring a Residue-restricted Diet

A residue-restricted diet limits dietary fiber consumption by restricting high-fiber foods. The term “residue” refers to undigested food.

Eating low-fiber foods is likely to result in reduced bowel movements.

This is prescribed before gastrointestinal surgery and used after gastrointestinal surgery as well.

Short-term consumption of a clear liquid diet can reduce the amount of residue in the body. Restricted fibre includes hemicellulose, pectin substances, mucilage, lignin, and cellulose.

How Should I Drink Fortisip Liquid Milk?

You can take 2 bottles of Fortisip (125ml each) bottles a day or as recommended by your health care provider in this manner:

  • Shake well
  • Best consumed when chilled
  • Open only when ready to consume
  • Discard any unconsumed content after 24 hours

How Should I Store Fortisip Properly?

Fortisip doesn’t have to be refrigerated unless it is open. However, it is best served when it is chilled. Always look for a dry with a cool place to store it.

What Is the Difference Between Fortisip and Ensure Plus?

Fortisip and Ensure Plus are two oral nutrition supplements that are nearly identical. Here is the comparison in terms of their content:

Energy distributionFortisip 200 mlEnsure Plus 200ml
Calories300 kcal3000 kcal
Vitamins and Minerals2827

Fortisip has more vitamins and minerals compared to Ensure Plus. However, its higher sugar content (13.4g per 200ml vs. 11.2g per 200ml, respectively) means it might not be ideal for diabetic patients.

Things to Remember Before Drinking Fortisip:

Fortisip is not a substitute for infant milk. It is not also suitable for people with galactosemia and cow’s milk allergy. Additionally, it is not recommended for children under six years old.

  • Can I Take Fortisip With Other Medications?

Most drugs should be compatible with Fortisip. However, always be mindful of this: do not combine Fortisip with any medicine that needs to be taken on an empty stomach.
Medication and food and drink interactions are possible.

  • Is Fortisip a Weight Loss Solution?

Fortisip is made to combat malnutrition. In other words, users usually seek to gain weight.

However, if you wish to use it for weight loss, Fortisip may, with a catch: like any other nutritious supplement, when you are expecting to lose weight, you should also add exercise, a restrictive diet, and a healthy lifestyle to achieve it.

Don’t expect to lose weight just by adding Fortisip. Remember that it is an “‘alternative”’ to your diet.

Where Are the Recommended Places to Buy Fortisip in Singapore?

Buy Fortisip at your trusted elderly care provider, Senior Care -Singapore.
It prioritizes customer service care to attend to and deliver your orders to your door. Senior Care is the number one source of health care for elderly people regarding equipment, medicine, and supplements.

We are all aiming for that healthy body as we grow old. And if you’re looking for specialist liquid supplements with extra protein and ones with an extra-high calorie count – Fortisip is the highly recommended drink that the market has to offer.

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