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Ensure Acti M2 Powder Benefits

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Who should eat Ensure Acti M2 Powder for Benefits?

Did you know that senior citizens can start losing their mental capacity?

Are you getting forgetful? Gone into a room and suddenly forget what you went in for?

Find it hard to communicate with your family?

Many senior citizens start to lose their mental capacity as they grow old. Retiring will also deteriorate their thinking mind as they have less tasks to think and work on everyday and they start using less and less of their brain cells. Eventually their minds will be reduced in capabilities

Experts have revealed basic daily healthy living can help to prevent cognitive decline and reduce the risks of dementia. You can stay active physically, cut down on smoking and alcohol, and eating a balanced diet with plenty of vegetables, as well as getting enough sleep everyday.

Active Living Active Brain

Active Living Active Brain

Do note that certain health conditions can have devastating impacts on cognitive skills: – sleep apnea, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, hypothyroidism, and high bad cholesterol etc. Do seek medical advice for these conditions to protect your active mind.

We can try these 6 steps to improve our memory and lead an active mind:-

1. Keep learning even as you mature

You can stay active by challenging your brain with mental exercise. Crossword puzzles, sudoku, reading newspapers etc can help activate processes that help maintain individual brain cells and stimulate communication among them. Even if the person is retired, he can do simple jobs that helps to be mentally active. Or he can try acquiring a new hobby, or learning a new skills to use his mental mind. Volunteer for projects around to do new tasks, new roles can be very useful to challenge one’s mindset and help keeps the mental capability sharpen.

2. Use all your senses as much as possible

Your brain actively uses your senses, the more you try to uses your senses in learning new things (skills, knowledge etc), the more your brain can retain memory. Brain imaging indicated that we uses our brains more when we uses more than one sense together. So challenge as much of your senses as you venture into the unfamiliar. Smell the garden, listen out for sounds in the streets, take note of the colours in your new cooking.

3. Self Belief – Old does not mean losing memory

You will lose more memory if you believe that you would.  People who believe that they are losing their brain functions are less likely to work at maintaining or improving their memory skills, hence reinforcing the downward cycle. If you believe you can improve and you practice that in your life, you have a better chance of having a good active mind.

4. Prioritize your brain use, do not waste energy on everyday memory

Do not waste time and energy on remembering things that you can easily set tools for. If you do not need to waste energy in trying to remember where is your mobile phone or spectacles, or when is your grandson’s birthday, then you would have more resources to focus on learning and remember new things. Write it down. Use a calendar, a planner. Use maps, lists, folders and booklets to keep routine information. Choose places around your home to keep all the items you use daily, such as your wallets, mobile phones etc.

5. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat

Rpeating something out loud, or write it down numerous times. You tend to remember things bette when you do stuff repetitively. You are able to remember it by reinforcing the connect, for example when you are introduced to someone, “Adam Lee”, you can repeat it, “Hi Adam Lee, nice to meet you” etc.

6. Space it out- Give yourself time to learn.

Sometimes you may be tired and do not absorb well. Give yourself some rest and no need to repeat something many times in a short period, as it may make matter worse. You may take time to look at the essentials after increasingly longer periods of time — for example, once an hour, then once every few hours, then every day. Spacing out helps when you are learning and mastering complicated and difficult tasks

Ensure Life – Ensure Acti M2 Powder

You may also take supplements to improve you or your relative’s mental capacitiy. Ensure Acti M2 is scientifically designed to provide complete and balanced nutrition, with essential nutrients for an active mind and body. It contains Acti-SPS (50 mg of Soy-phosphatidylserine*) and choline. Phosphatidylserine is a part of normal neuron structure in the brain and choline is a nutrient found in the brain.

Ensure Acti M2 Powder 850g

Ensure Acti M2 Powder 850g

You can take Ensure Acti M2  as a supplement with meals or between meals. It is full of nutrients and calories as a meal replacement too.

You can buy it online – Ensure Acti M2 850g

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