Here’s How Diben Drink Can Help Diabetics

Diabetes is a serious health condition that occurs when your blood glucose, also called blood sugar, is too high. The World Health Organization (WHO) noted that a blood glucose rise could cause significant damage to the body. 

The good news is that a proper management plan can help you avoid illnesses by eating nutritious food and drinking diabetic drinks. Throughout this article, we will cover Diben drink benefits and the right diet that can help people with diabetes.

What Makes Diben Drink a Top Choice For Diabetes Management

Aside from managing your food intake, exercising, and taking your medication, adding Fresenius Kabi Diben drink to your diabetes management is also a great choice. The makers of this nutritious drink ensure that it is beneficial to people with diabetes. Clinical evidence shows that it 

1.      Minimizes blood glucose fluctuations

2.      Lessens insulin requirement

3.      Improves glycaemic control

4.      Good Source of Energy

5.      Supports Gut Health

6.      Low in Sodium

7.      Complete Nutrition That Promotes Better Health

8.      Ready-to-drink and Delicious!

Minimizes Blood Glucose Fluctuations

Glucose is the primary energy source for our body cells. In particular, the brain uses about half of the glucose in our blood. The brain has no storage capacity for glucose, so it must maintain a constant supply. Fluctuations in blood glucose are associated with severe health problems like diabetes. Diben Drink may help lower blood glucose fluctuations by reducing the rate of glucose absorption into the bloodstream.

Lessens Insulin Requirements

Diben Drink may support insulin function by diabetics with “cardio-healthy” fat blends. This drink is high in monounsaturated fatty acid (MUFA), with medium-chain triglyceride (MCT). Research shows that MUFA-rich diets enhance insulin sensitivity. Moreover, monounsaturated fats acids also help lower bad cholesterol in the blood.

Improves Glycaemic Control

Glycaemic control refers to a person’s blood sugar levels. An average level is essential to maintain blood sugar. Endurance and resistance exercises help to normalize it. Also, drinks like Diben drink help regularize it.

Good Source of Energy

Diben drink provides a source of easy-to-absorb energy. At the same time, it improves blood lipid control and insulin sensitivity via medium-chain triglycerides (MCT). That gives the drinker a boost of energy without the ‘bad fats.’ Since this drink also boosts calories and provides enough energy, it is also beneficial to the elderly, whose appetite is poor.

Supports Gut Health

A balanced dietary fiber is a key component of Diben drink. This helps supports good digestive function while providing a low GI index. In addition, fiber helps in blood sugar regulation, weight management, and cholesterol maintenance.

Low in Sodium

Sodium is bad for people with diabetes because it makes you retain water. Water retention increases blood pressure and puts extra strain on the heart and other organs. Diben drink is a good choice for diabetics and patients with high blood pressure who need to lower their sodium intake.

Complete Nutrition That Promotes Better Health

Diben drink is rich in vitamins, minerals, and other trace elements. Consuming all these nutrients is suitable for diabetic people. These will make them feel good and full of energy. Complete and balanced nutrition avoids the risk of diseases and keeps them healthy. Follow the link for a complete list of Diben Drink ingredients

Ready-to-drink and Delicious!

Now, people with diabetes can fulfill their sweet tooth without spiking up their blood sugar. Diben drink comes in two delicious flavors, cappuccino, and vanilla! Two tasty ways to get all the benefits of Diben Drink.

Diabetes: What to Eat and What to Avoid

High blood glucose levels characterize this disease. Over time, increased levels can damage different body parts, such as the heart, kidneys, eyes, nerves, and blood vessels. People with diabetes can manage their condition with a healthy lifestyle and good eating habits. 

Diets for diabetic patients are particular. You must avoid food that will trigger blood sugar levels. Especially foods with lots of sugar content and carbohydrates. It is also good to have a healthy diet management plan to maintain health. 

With the help of this management plan, you will be able to balance the nutrients. The following foods have minerals, vitamins, and healthy fats that are very important. It helps a diabetic person’s body be healthy and functional.

Fresh fruits

Fruits contain nutrients, minerals, and vitamins essential for a diabetic person. But, see to it that fruits contain less sugar and carb content.

Green, leafy vegetables

Vegetables that are leafy and green in color contain high antioxidants. These foods can be consumed by people with diabetes as they are high in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Examples are kale, spinach, broccoli, and bitter gourd leaves.

Lean protein

Protein helps with muscle growth. It also has moderate calories and is suitable for weight loss. Go for lean choices like tofu, tuna, and chicken breast.

Fatty fish

It contains omega-3 acids, a healthy fat that helps the heart and brain be healthy. It can also improve the control of blood sugar. Some of the fatty fish are sardines, mackerel, and salmon.


Beans contain essential nutrients such as magnesium and potassium. It lessens the carbohydrate intake of diabetic patients and meets someone’s appetite. Plus, beans also help with blood regulation, cholesterol levels, and weight loss.

Whole grains

In contrast to white grains, whole grains contain a higher level of nutrients and fiber. Fiber slows down the absorption process that keeps blood sugar levels stable. Whole-grain choices include whole-wheat bread and crackers, oats, brown rice, quinoa, barley, and bulgur.

Foods to Avoid:

A diabetic person should avoid foods containing trans fat, such as cookies, pies, and cakes. And ultra-processed foods such as hotdogs, fries, chocolates, candy, and ice cream. It will cause blood sugar to increase, weight gain, and more at risk of other health problems. Avoiding these foods will prevent complications and sudden attacks on diabetic individuals.

The Best Milk for People with Diabetes

Today, many types of diabetic milk are available in the market. Such milk promotes the health of diabetic patients by providing essential nutrients the body needs. Senior Care offers a variety of supplementary milk products appropriate to diabetes management. Here’s a list of products that we have:

Fresenius Kabi Diben® Liquid Drink

Fresenius Kabi Diben drink is for patients’ dietary management with impaired glucose tolerance. It is a complete nutritional drink, rich in fiber, high calories, and protein. MUFAs enhance insulin sensitivity and glycaemic control, and fish oil gives cardiovascular immunity. Diben is a 200 mL ready-to-drink with two delicious flavors, cappuccino, and vanilla.

Glucerna Triple Care Milk Liquid Vanilla Diabetes for Diabetic

Glucerna Triple Care Liquid is an oral supplement for diabetes and pre-diabetes patients. It is free from lactose and gluten, low in saturated fat, trans-fat-free, and contains MUFA, omega 3, and 6. Glucerna gives balanced nutrition and can be a replacement meal or snack.

Glucerna is also available in milk powder form, which has two flavors: vanilla and wheat. The diabetic benefits of both liquid and powder form are all the same.

Nestle Nutren Diabetes Liquid Milk Ideal for Diabetics 200ml-Vanilla

Nestle Nutren Diabetes is a liquid oral supplement for the dietary management of people with impaired glucose tolerance. This supplement with balanced nutrition can be part of a diabetic meal plan. One pack of this drink can give 10.7g of protein, 4.5g of fiber, and 240kcal. It also has a low glycaemic index that slowly increases glucose in the blood.

Comparison Table of Diben vs Nutren, Glucerna products

DibenNutren DiabetesGlucerna LiquidGlucerna Triple CareGlucerna 1.5kcal
ml per Serving200200250220220
Kcal per ml1.5110.961.51
Kcal per unit300200250212333
Per 100ml
Energy (kcal)15010010096152
Fat (g)72.75.443.747.5
Carbohydrate (g)
Sugars (g)
Fibre (g)221.432.051.5
Protein (g)7.574.24.627.5
Comparing Diben vs Nutren Diabetes vs Glucerna Liquid vs Glucerna Triple Care vs Glucerna 1.5kcal

Diben is one of the higher energy and protein nutrition feed for people with diabetes.

  • Low GI (Glycaemic Index)
  • High energy (300 kcal)
  • High in protein (15g)
  • Contains Omega 3

How to Incorporate Diben Drink into a Healthy Diet

Management plan of food is essential to diabetic people. Diben drink can also be part of a diabetes diet plan as it can give the right amount of nutrients their body needs. People with diabetes can also use this milk as a replacement snack. It is delicious ready-to-drink milk convenient when traveling in distant places.

Optimum dosage must always come from a doctor’s guidance. Generally, the daily dosage of Diben® DRINK for supplementary nutrition is 2 – 3 bottles (600 –900 kcal) per day. And for complete nutrition, up to 5 bottles (1500 kcal) per day. Once opened, it is stored at room temperature and stored in a refrigerator for up to 24 hours. 

Keep in mind that Diben drink is suitable as the sole source of nutrition. And must only be used with utmost medical supervision. It is not ideal for children aged under three years. If considering it to children under six years old, use it with caution. Moreover, it is not suitable for patients or individuals with galactosemia. And always ensure adequate fluid intake.


Diben Drink is a diabetic beverage with a low glycaemic index. It offers a complete nutritional supplement. And for use in the dietary management of diabetes mellitus, with the convenience of a ready-to-drink format if you are interested in buying. Visit SeniorCare, a retail store that provides elderly needs and supplements.

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