Exercising for Seniors, Patients or Adults – Pedal Exerciser

Pedal Exercising daily to keep your joints healthy

Many Senior Centres, Homes for the Aged, Rehabilitation Centres, hospitals and clinics will advocate using Pedal Exerciser. (they can be pedaled by foot, most pedal exercisers can be dual switched to be used by hands). This is a great and simple way for us to do daily physical therapy. This is one of the most convenient way to be active exercising in modern society. Pedal Exercisers are a great way for individuals to start exercising, to regain mobility and agility while staying indoor and recuperate. Most pedal exercisers are  versatile and very simple to operate. The benefits are immense to the users.

Electronic Pedal Exerciser

Pedal exercisers can be folded to keep away when not in use, taking up little space. When in use, they are small in footprint and can fit in short workouts any time or for lengthened full periods of cardio sessions. You can use them at the work place, at home, in front of TV (or a computer) and even while travelling. Most rehabilitation centres have a few pedal exercisers lying around.

Burning Calories via Pedal Exercisers, increasing Metabolism

An ideal way to burn calories, you can pedal under your workdesk, or just in front of a TV. Before you know it, you would have pedaled 30 minutes while watching a sitcom or a variety show, burning calories without even noticing. Burning 300 calories per session allow you to be healthier sitting down for work tasks or for the TV box. Pedal Exercise allows you to do cardio session, right there. No need for gym, no need to leave the house for running or cycling. Just 20 –  40 minutes will get your heart rate up and circulate your blood and fresh oxygen throughout your body. Your House Fitness recommends at least 100 – 200 mins of cardiovascular exercise every week. All the calories burning and fresh oxygen in your body means your metabolism will start soaring. Even after you ceases pedaling, your body retains the higher metabolism rate and continues burning calories for a while as you rest.

Improved Happiness, Mood and Productivity from Exercising

Need we say more? When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called “endorphins”. Endorphins triggers a positive feeling in your body, providing happiness and you get to be in a better mood!

Save time exercising while doing other tasks

By pedaling under your desk, you take in more oxygen and set up your body for high alert. Slot in a pedal exerciser in your work desk today. You increases your awareness and productivity. With your body and mind alert and awake, your work performance will definitely soar.

Sleeping Better and Sounder

With regular exercise for a few months, you will start to sleep better. You will be able to fall asleep faster and remains in deep sleep till morning. Your body will recuperate and recover faster during your sleep session. Many people who started simple exercising have better sleep schedule after a few weeks of exercising.

Healthy Blood Pressure and reducing risks of Arthritis

Any form of cardio exercises help in working out your heart muscles, strengthening it and allowing it to pump more blood with less effort and pressure. Your blood pressure gets lower and you gets healthier within weeks of exercising.

Cycling is low impact

Arthritis risk reduction:- This is especially important for adults of a higher age. Cycling is a type of low impact exercises which helps to keep joints more fluid and healthy:- allowing reduction in joint pain and improvement in flexibility.

Pedal Exerciser

Increase Strength and Muscle Tone

We can use pedal exercisers to work on both lower body as well as upper body. Pedaling forward or backwards is possible, so you can mix and match the pedaling to strengthen and tone different muscles of your body.

1 Set of Pedal Exerciser can be used different ways

You work one set of muscles differently pedaling forward that is different from another set of muscles when you pedal backwards. You can also use the foot straps to pull instead of pushing the pedals and work on different muscle sets. Place the pedal exerciser kit on a table and you can use it to exercise your upper body, strengthening and toning your hands, arms, forearms, shoulders, upper arms, back and chest.

Travelling and Away from Home

Most pedal exerciser are small and is very portable. This pedal exercise allows you to fold up neatly to store when not in use, and is small enough to carry everywhere to exercise, fitting nicely in small bags. You can carry them everywhere! For more exercise aid to improve your active living, you can visit Pedal Exercise & Fitness, Physiotherapy Aids

Exercise Ball or Stability Ball / Yoga Ball / Gym Ball

An exercise ball or stability ball is a big inflatable ball that you can sit on as a chair, or use it as an exercise aid for your daily keep fit routine workout. You may have seen these types of exercise balls in the gym, or at a startup company where professionals use these gym balls as chairs to reduce their sitting period on their computers. These exercise balls are great for the elderly to exercise too, to vary their routines and make workouts more interesting. They are also known as Yoga balls, as it is a simple way to stretch your body and move your muscle and joints.

How regularly should an elderly exercise?

Daily exercise is the best. At least 20 – 30 minutes for each session. You do not need to exercise till you sweat or in exhaustion, just moving your arms, legs, and joints to make you stretch and relaxed is enough. Do exercise daily indoors, even if the weather is bad. If the weather is cool, do go for a walk around the neighbourhood or the parks, for at least a simple stroll after dinner. Regular walking and exercise helps you to relax, stretch and let your body keeps fit. Your mental mind benefits a lot from exercising too, as your brain releases hormones and keep you happy and cheerful!

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