Adult Diapers – TENA Pants, Plus, Slip and Nateen

Many of us are confused over the options available for adult incontinence. What types of adult diapers are there, and what are the differences between brands, and the range of products? TENA is the most well known established brands of diapers and are widely popular in Europe and Asia. There are other big brands too like Certainty, Nateen, Lille etc. They are sturdy brands and are popular in certain home countries too. Let us go through the range of adult diapers available:-  


TENA Value

TENA Value is an open diaper format, for moderate and heavy urine and suitable for faecal incontinence. As an extra health benefit to the user, there are 4 botanical extracts Aloe Vera, Olive Oil, Chamomile and Vitamin E on the diaper. This helps  to create a skin soothing layer that is gentler and more comfortable on the skin. TENA brand is reputable and many users choose TENA Value as it is the most affordable brand among the full range of TENA products.



Unbeatable all-in-one protection with maximum absorption and security against leakage and suitable for faecal incontinence. The Superfit™ fixing tape and generous tape landing zone ensure a secure, comfortable fit around the body and can be continually readjusted without tearing the product. TENA Slip also benefits  from FeelDry™ technology for outstanding dryness and a dual core to rapidly absorbs urine and retains it away from the body; the 100% breathable Air-Dry Layer™ backsheet lets the air circulate preventing dampness on the skin and improving user comfort.

Adult Diapers (Pull-Up Pants Style)

TENA – Normal Pull-Up Pants

 The most popular product in the TENA range, this TENA Normal Pants, accounts for the bulk purchase of most caretakers and users.
TENA Pants Normal, looks and feels just like underwear that the user can just pull up and wear. It is designed for moderate to heavy urine loss, these pants are extra secure and worn like normal underwear. The exceptional security is due to TENA FeelDry™ technology which rapidly absorbs even large quantities of urine into the core and away from the skin so that, even when seated or lying down for long periods of time. The wearer would be able to continue his daily normal activities while still being dry and comfortable.

TENA – Plus Pull-Up Pants

TENA Pants Plus provides a comfortable, flexible, safely hugging fit for adults who are able-bodied. They can change themselves as they are worn like normal underwear and are noiseless. The wearer can participate in normal daily activities with confidence. And these pants can also be removed by tearing the sides which make for easier, cleaner changing if soiled.  FeelDry™ technology is the feature in TENA Pants Plus, which rapidly absorbs even large quantities of urine into the core and away from the skin so that, even when seated or lying down for long periods of time, the wearer will stay dry and comfortable. The risk of skin rashes and infections is significantly reduced. For those who compare this to TENA Pants Normal, Tena Pants Plus has higher absorbency and is a more thin, more comfortable fit thanks to ConfioFit design.  

Japan Premium Grade Nippon Paper Brand Hada ACTY

Japanese products are renowned for high quality and high technology research and design. Nippon brand Hada ACTY uses deodorizing technology for its material to make it’s adult diapers odorless and easier for the users as well as for the caretakers for the whole day or whole night usage.

The insert pads are so popular that we have seen declining sales for other brands and we have since focused our adult diapers line to Japanese sourced products. Do check out the full pull up pants and adult diapers on the unique strength of Japanese made adult diapers.

Adult Diapers (Pads style)

Nippon brand ACTY Soft Fit Unisex Insert Pads

Nippon brand diapers and insert pads are fast growing in popularity in Singapore and Asia due to its better comfort and odorless absorption material. They are made in Japan with deodorizing technology that eliminates bad smells. ACTY Soft Fit Unisex Insert Pad is designed as a ‘liner’ to be used together with the adult diaper. Magic tapes on the reverse side of the pad are to secure it on the adult diaper. The Insert Pad is secured by the magic tapes on the reverse side to the adult diaper. The V-shaped, two-fold shape and easy mounting tape make it perfect for paper pants. The odor is safe with the super-strong deodorizing sheet. Comfortable wearing comfortable with three-dimensional puff sheet. Horizontal leakage prevention solid gathers. Fully breathable. W14.5 x L43.5 cm (34pcs)

Nateen EASY-8 SOFT / MAXI Insert-Pads

We have discontinued both Nateen Insert Pads due to higher demands for Nippon brand ACTY Soft Fit Insert Pads (Nippon Pads are above, please scroll up to read more).

Nateen pads (aka Insert Pads) are recommended for adults with light incontinence issues. It is a pad that can be inserted into normal everyday pants that we wear for daily normal activities. It can be inserted in pants or shorts during sleep time at night too, to act in case of light leakage. For those users wearing cloth diapers or Panti (Mesh Pants), the Nateen pads can be inserted in the Mesh Pants or cloth diapers to act as a simple layer to absorb light urine or to be thrown away when soiled. Nateen Easy 8 Maxi is wider and has higher absorbency than Nateen Easy 8 Soft.

      Soft, breathable and convenient to use the EASY-8 MAXI insert pads from Nateen incorporate a super absorbent powder (SAP) designed for fast absorption and dryness, offering a high-quality pad with a multi-layer absorption core. Technically advanced, the shaped pads feature a polyethylene (PE) back sheet with a double wetness indicator to show when the pad is ready to change. Easy-8 are ideal for use with other fixation panti products such as Flexi adult pull up’s from Nateen. Anti-leak cuffs ensure all liquid is absorbed directly into the pad, minimizing the risk of side leakage allowing the product to be worn with real confidence, helping to maintain an independent lifestyle. Suitable for people suffering from a moderate to heavy level of incontinence and universal in size, Easy-8 Maxi offers protection up to absorbency level >2450ml

    • 1x Pack Nateen Premium Easy-8 inner pad – MAXI
    • Pack size: One pack containing 10 pads
    • Carton Size: One carton containing 8 packets.
    • Incontinence level: MODERATE/HEAVY
    • Absorbency level: >2450ml
    • Back sheet: Polyethylene (PE)

    We have discontinued both Nateen Insert Pads due to higher demands for Nippon brand ACTY Soft Fit Insert Pads.


     TENA Underpads

    TENA Underpad is not a diaper, nor any type of wearing-alike wearing materials. It is meant to cover mattresses in order to absorb leakages, reduce odors and maintain dryness. Users can lie on top while changing of diapers, or while resting on bed/sofa etc. The products consist of an absorbent layer on the top and a PE barrier layer at the bottom. Consists of 100% virgin fluff pulp, which provides far greater levels of absorption and retention, than draw-sheets or wadding filled pads. You can see the full range of Adult Diapers, Pants, Underpads TENA and etc here is an online healthcare and medical supplies provider in Singapore, similar to pharmacy online like Guardian, Watson, DNR Wheels Yeap Medical, RehabMart, Unity online store etc

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