Benefits of Using Wet Wipes when Cleaning for Your Loved Ones

Updates Oct 2019- Comparison chart of Tena Wet Wipes, Cantley Wet Wipes, HospiCare, and Jeju Wet wipes are made for easy reference. The chart is shown at the bottom of this blog article.

Wet wipes vs Toilet Papers for babies and elderly.

Wet wipes are more gentle, more hygiene for babies as well as elderly. Baby skin is soft and fragile and care should be taken to nurture and moisture the skin. Similarly, the elderly has fragile skin that should be taken care of.

Are you unintentionally causing infections to your baby or elderly?

Caring an elderly loved one or an aging parent is never easy. One of the most challenging parts of elderly care is maintaining proper hygiene by keeping their genital and anal areas dry, clean and free from irritation, itching, and infection. Like babies, our disadvantaged elder-lies may also develop diaper rash from frequent exposure to poop, urine, and wetness. Hence, it is very important to properly clean the diaper area and use the right products such as wet wipes. Babies have soft skin and will need gentle care too. As parents, we understood that babies need delicate cares and not rough treatment some toilet papers with rough surface.

Toilet Paper Leads to Higher Risk of Infection

Despite its thin, smooth and soft texture, the use of toilet paper may seem harmless for many people.  However, experts don’t agree. This soft paper can actually ‘cut’ their perineal area. This may sound implausible but toilet paper, especially the cheaper, coarse ones, can cause micro-cuts that can disrupt the skin barrier enough to cause discomfort and irritation. Coarse toilet papers are very common in public places, such as restaurants, malls, public restrooms and offices where they may be cutting cost in bathroom supplies and convenient to access. Wiping the perineal area repeatedly creates tiny microscopic cuts and since toilet papers are not efficient in removing fecal matters, this can cause bacterial growth. Women who frequently use toilet paper are susceptible to urinary tract infection and yeast infection from bacterial overgrowth. The harsh chemicals, dyes and perfumes added in toilet paper may cause puffiness or irritation on our female needy elder-lies’ sensitive area.

Wet Wipes vs. Toilet Paper

Cleaning diapered skin regularly without causing irritations or abrasions is important to maintain skin health. The use of toilet paper still remains popular, seemingly because of its cheap price and availability. However, the problem with using dry paper for cleaning private areas is that it’s often uncomfortable to use. It often leaves a stinging sensation down below due to its rough, abrasive texture against your delicate areas, particularly with too much rubbing. If the patient is suffering from anal fissures or haemorrhoids, it can worsen the condition and may even lead to rash, irritation or infection. Irritation may occur when the toilet paper hasn’t thoroughly cleaned the area. This leads to bacterial growth resulting to infection. Using dry toilet paper when there’s existing infection can lead to itching and even bleeding when irritation becomes severe. Another problem is that many toilet paper brands contain harsh chemicals such as bleach that can aggravate irritation. Unlike toilet paper, wet wipes are gentle and smooth and contain natural cleansing agents that won’t irritate your skin. In fact, based on a series of clinical studies, experts concluded that disposable wet wipes were milder to the skin than the use of cloth, water, cotton or toilet paper. The study verified that wet wipes were minimally disruptive to the skin barrier and hence, are suitable for use on both intact and irritated skin. Furthermore, wet wipes are designed to maximize the cleaning process, so you can do the task efficiently at a shorter period of time. You’ll also less likely to use too many wipes unlike with toilet paper.

What are Wet Wipes Made Of?

Wet wipes are disposable cloths often used to clean the diaper area of the skin. They are made from non-woven fabrics and are soaked in a solution with gentle cleansing ingredients. They are designed to be durable for all kinds of demanding cleaning tasks yet durable enough.

Why Use Wet Wipes for your babies or elderly?

Proper care of your elderly’s diapered skin requires frequent change of their diaper to prevent longer exposure to fecal enzymes and urine on their skin. Using wet wipes helps protect your patient’s skin from having rashes, itchiness and skin irritations. There are several reasons why experts recommend the use of wet wipes.

  • Balanced skin pH. Most wet wipes contain 90% water and are formulated to have pH of 4.5 to 5.5 to keep the skin pH healthy. Our skin is naturally mildly acidic, ranging from 4 to 5.5 to help protect against the advances of harmful fungi and bacteria. Distilled water usually have a pH range of 6.5 to 7 while tap water can reach a pH of 8.5. This may disrupt the skin’s natural pH.
  • Enhanced glide. Compared to toilet paper, emollient are added on wet wipes to reduce friction between the skin and the wipe, which leads to less skin irritation.
  • Efficient removal of stool. Mild surfactants are added to wet wipes, which do better work in removing fecal residues. This substance can eliminate both fat- and water-soluble matters unlike cloth, cotton and water.

Indeed, wet wipes efficiently remove fecal residues and other harmful soil while keeping skin health. It is safe, gentle and effective, with the additional benefits of moisturizing and hydrating the skin with its added vitamins and moisturizers.

Comparisons of Tena, Cantley, Hospicare, Jeju Wet Wipes from Customers Reviews

Our top seller wet wipes was TENA wet wipes, so over the years, after hearing feedbacks from our customers for TENA as well as other established brands like HospiCare, Jeju brands etc, we have worked with a renowned Singapore manufacturer to produce Cantley Wet Wipes. Cantley Wet Wipes are a great alternative that is great on the skin as well as great on our pockets. Here is a chart with more information on all these different wet wipes.  

You can check out Cantley Wet Wipes page for more information or you can check Tena Wet wipes for more information too. Check out our article on how to choose the best wet wipes for your loved ones or view our selection of wet wipes.

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