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Crocodiles in Farm

Crocodile Oil Reviews of health benefit & skin care

What is crocodile oil? Crocodile oil is a derived from the fatty tissues of the reptile. Crocodile oil contains lots of naturally occurring ingredients that are beneficial to skin and our health:- Omega 3, 6 and 9, Vitamins A and E, linoleic acid and oleic acid etc. Crocodile oils have lots of health benefits and skin care benefits. Many users swear by its healing powers and treatment benefits, as you can see from the numerous crocodile oil reviews from users in Read More...
Peptamen Powder- Peptide Diet 400g

Peptamen Powder – who should take it?

Peptamen Powder – Who should take it? Peptamen powder is designed for people who are unable to digest normal foods and yet unable to tolerate a standard tube feeding formula. These users may suffer from malabsorption issues, impaired gastro-intestinal function, impaired recovery and feeding intolerance. Where normal nutrient formula is not readily absorbed, Peptamen powder can be an alternate source. Peptamen powder has unique ingredients such as enzymatically hydrolyzed whey protein and low fat as it contains 70% of fat that is medium Read More...
Nutren regulate GI

Nutren Diabetes Review

Nutren Diabetes Review – Is it good for diabetes patients? Nutren Diabetes is a vanilla flavoured, nutritionally-balanced drink that Nestle designed to help people with diabetes manage their blood sugar levels.  Nutren Diabetes can be used as a meal supplement or replacement to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. It comes in Ready To Drink Packs or powder form. The RTD packs can be drank immediately from pack and the powder form is easy to prepare and can also supplement or Read More...
Nestle Isocal Liquid carton of 24 - Group

Isocal Reviews – Nutrient Information – Liquid or Powder?

Isocal Reviews of Nutrient Information Some elderly or patients suffering from disease, trauma or premature birth may be unable to consume food orally. Some examples may be burn victims, cancer patients or other chronic illness victims. In such cases, they have to depends on tube feeding (also known as enternal nutrition) to deliver adequate calories and nutrients. Isocal is a specially formulated nutrient solution to use in either tube-feeding or oral consumption to meet a person’s nutrient and energy’s needs. Isocal Read More...
Differences between Glucerna Triple Care and Glucerna Liquid

Glucerna vs Triple Care- Differences and which is for me?

Key difference between Glucerna Liquid vs Glucerna Triple Care Powder/ RTD packs Nutrition for People with Diabetes Glucerna range of products are all designed to provide complete and balanced nutrients to meet the needs of diabetes patients. Glucerna can be used as a meal replacement or in between meals as supplements. Glucerna Triple Care Glucerna contains slow digesting carbohydrates which is slowly digested by the body. This will prevent undesirable rise in blood sugar level after consumption. Glucerna has a heart-healthy fat blend consisting of mono-saturated Read More...

Adult Diapers- Save Money using insert pads

Adult diapers – Saving money We all want to save money on adult diapers. One simple way is to buy less well known brands that are less costly. This usually means lower quality adult diapers that may not be welcome by the caretakers. Or you can buy the lower series of a premium brand, that may be cheaper because of less frills and comfort, for example, the TENA Value series of TENA adult diapers. Another way is to shop online Read More...
Ensure Acti M2 Powder 850g

Ensure Acti M2 Powder Benefits

Who should eat Ensure Acti M2 Powder for Benefits? Did you know that senior citizens can start losing their mental capacity? Are you getting forgetful? Gone into a room and suddenly forget what you went in for? Find it hard to communicate with your family? Many senior citizens start to lose their mental capacity as they grow old. Retiring will also deteriorate their thinking mind as they have less tasks to think and work on everyday and they start using less and less of Read More...
Ensure NutriVigor

Ensure Nutrivigor Benefits Reviews -Losing Muscle mass?

Who should eat Ensure NutriVigor for Benefits? Reviews. Did you know that middle aged adults will start losing their muscle mass? Are you losing your strength? Finding it hard to lead an active lifestyles? Most adults start losing their muscle masses when they aged from 35 s onwards. On average, adults tend to lose 24% of their muscle mass by the time they reach 70 years old. Losing Muscle Mass The deterioration of muscle masses can lead to a dormant lifestyle, further degrading Read More...
Hot and Cold Packs - Forehead Pack

Hot and Cold Gel Packs- When to use?

Heat and cold gel packs are commonly recommended to provide relief to joints and muscle pains. Using them, temperature related therapy are non-invasive and there is no risk of addiction to pain-killers. You may choose to use hot or cold therapy depending on the types of aches and pains. Cold / hot treatment are used extensively by sportsmen, physical manual labourers, elderlys and commonly kept in households. Any new and recent injury will cause inflammation and possibly swelling. Using cold gel packs, Read More...
Blood Glucose Monitor Table Conversion

Blood Glucose Monitoring Conversion Table

Blood Glucose Monitoring – mmol/L to mg/dL Different regions and monitors may use mmol/L or mg/dL.   An easy way to make the conversion from mg/dl to mmol/L is to divide by 18. To convert mmol/L to mg/dl, multiply by 18. The table below may also help. Pre-meal Glucose Blood Glucose Monitor Table Conversion   For blood glucose monitors, we have a variety such as Omron from Japan or Caresens from Korea. For more information, please visit Blood Glucose Monitors Read More...

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