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How to Choose the Best Wet Wipes for Your Loved Ones

In our previous post, we talked about why toilet paper may be causing infections to your elderly loved ones. While toilet paper has always been the go-to option for cleansing your private part, more and more people are switching to adult wet wipes because of how it reduces the risk of causing harmful infections. Important factors when choosing wet wipes Have a good packaging design that prevents the used wipes from contaminating the clean ones A good packaging for wet wipes should Read More...

Benefits of Using Wet Wipes when Cleaning for Your Loved Ones

Are you unintentionally causing infections to your elderly loved one? Caring an elderly loved one or an aging parent is never easy. One of the most challenging parts of elderly care is maintaining proper hygiene by keeping their genital and anal areas dry, clean and free from irritation, itching and infection. Like babies, our disadvantaged elder-lies may also develop diaper rash from frequent exposure to poop, urine and wetness. Hence, it is very important to properly clean the diaper area and Read More...

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