• $38.00

    Bio-Heat Pain Relief/Extra Strength Cream 50g

    Effective for

    • backache
    • knee pain
    • neck & shoulder pain
    • muscle aches & cramps
    • pains & headaches
  • Ebene Bio-Heat Pain Relief Cream

    Ebene Bio-Heat + Glucosamine Pain Relief Cream 50g

    • Bio-Heat ingredients penetrate deeply into pain areas to ‘create energy’ in affected areas
    • Affected areas feel relaxed after use
    • Non-greasy and non-sticky
  • $53.00

    EBENE Bio-Ray Knee Guard

    • People with arthritis and rheumatism pain, especially the elderlyPeople without knee problems but who wish to maintain
    • Improve the bone and soft tissues of the knee to prevent osteoporosis and arthritis that arrive with old age
    • For soccer players and athletes to relax the leg muscle for greater comfort and better running speed
    • Housewives, or anyone whose occupation requires them to stand for long hours
  • $38.00

    EBENE Bio-Ray Metal Support Knee Guard

    • Highly recommended for sports-active individuals and elderly
    • People who experience pain problems
    • People who want to prevent pain
    • Eldery who require stronger support for knee joints
    • Sports-active individuals who engage in running or play sports like basketball, soccer, skate etc
    • People who stand or sit for long hours

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