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Anti-Slip Squatty Potty Toilet Stool

For Elderly Children Patient Poop Better Ergonomically And Anatomically The Proper Posture.

  • Economical
  • Durable, built to last
  • Easy to clean

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Classic Durable Squatty Potty Anti Slip Bathroom Toilet Stool White For Elderly Children Patient 

Squatting to poop is nothing new. Well, it may seem new, but the squatted pooping posture is really just making a comeback. Humans have squatted to poop since pretty much forever, at least according to experts who know about this kind of thing.



Squatty Potty Toilet Stool

Squatty Potty Toilet Stool


relearn the first thing you learned

Your body relies on a bend in the colon (where your poop lives) and the anus (where your poop says hi) to keep everything stored until ShowTime.

Your Puborectalis Muscle helps keep your poop in place by kinking your colon (like a garden hose) while you’re standing or sitting. This is helpful when you are sitting and don’t want to poop but unhelpful when you do want to poop. If only there was a way to tell your body to unkink that hose…

Your colon’s sweet spot comes with the squat. This is the only position in which the Puborectalis Muscle fully relaxes which straightens the kink and allows for complete elimination without straining. Bombs away!


squatty potty how affect you


For Elderly Children Patient Poop Better Ergonomically And Anatomically The Proper Posture.

>>  Economical  <<

>>  Durable, built to last  <<

>>  Easy to clean  <<


MEASUREMENT: (W) 44.5cm x (D) 28cm x (H) 21cm


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Weight1.5 kg
Dimensions44.5 x 28 x 21 cm


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