• 3M Futuro Energizing Support Glove Large Small3M Futuro Energizing Support Glove

    3M Futuro Energizing Support Glove

    • Adjustable wrap-around strap for customized fit and support
    • Helps relieve mild hand or wrist discomfort from repetitive tasks
    • Provides soothing warmth, support and flexibility
    • Breathable, latex-free material for comfort
    • Easy to put on and take off
    • Use on right or left hand

    Product Measurement
    For men or women, measure around palm of the hand, above the thumb.

    SMALL – 16.5cm – 19.0cm
    MEDIUM – 19.0cm – 21.5cm
    Large – 21.5cm -24.0cm

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    FUTURO Wrist Thumb Stabilizer

    • Patented thumb stabilizer, open design allows for hand movement and natural hand alignment
    • Allows free movement of other fingers
    • Patented design and adjustable fasteners for custom fit
    • Adjustable wrist strap for added support
    • Two stabilizers for stability of lower thumb joints
    • Soft, breathable, durable, latex-free materials for comfort
    • Easy to put on and take off
    • Use on right or left hand

    Product Measurement
    For left or right hand, measure around the thumb knuckle, and then the wrist

    Around the thumb : 5.0cm – 6.3cm
    Around the wrist: 12.6cm – 17.7cm

    Large-Extra Large
    Around the thumb: 6.3cm – 7.6cm
    Around the wrist: 17.7cm – 23.0cm

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    Omron HEM-6121 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

    • Cuff Wrapping Guide
    • Provides a confirmation to user that cuff is wrapped correctly
    • Hypertension Indicator
    • For easy interpretation of blood pressure readings. Heartbeat symbol will Blink when systolic/ diastolic is outside standard range
    • 30 Memory
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    Omron HR-210 Strap Free Heart Rate Monitor Wrist Watch

    • Indicates stopwatch mode or stopwatch is running
    • Indicates alarm is on
    • Display stopwatch, date, or mode banners
    • Indicates a heart rate reading is detected
    • 12 hour clock
    • Calorie unit
    • Weight unit
    • Indicates beep tone in on
    • Indicates keypad is locked
    • Indicates battery life
    • Display time or calorie reading

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