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    Omron Adapter-S HEM-ACW5-E 6V DC 500mA Power Adapter for HEM Series

    • Positive main adaptor for Omron blood pressure monitors
    • Not compatible for Omron 907
    • Not compatible for Omron MIT Elite range
    • Not compatible for i-Q132 and i-Q142
    • Capacity of 6 volts
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    Omron HEM-7211 Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm

    • Dual Check System informs users whether the device is working well. It uses 2 pressure sensors to check on each sensor’s accuracy
    • Blood pressure level indicator provides a guide to user on blood pressure
    • Cuff wrapping guide checks if the cuff is applied correctly during inflation
    • Detects irregular heartbeat automatically detects if the measurement is usable or needs to be repeated
    • Detects movement error
    • Average for last 3 readings taken within 10 minutes
    • 90 memory with date and time
    • Intellisense Technology automatically applies the right amount of pressure for fast, accurate and more comfortable measurements.
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    Omron HEM-7320 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

    • Easy Fit Cuff
    • Easy Positioning Wrap
    • Cuff Wrapping Guide Lamp
    • Blood Pressure Colour Indicator
    • Blood Pressure Level Indicator
    • Body Movement Detection
    • Irregular Heartbeat Detection
    • Average of last 3 readings within 10 minutes
    • 90 memory storage with date and time
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    Omron HEM-7322 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

    • Fully automatic
    • Personalised inflation level, no pain and discomfort
    • Quick deflation release valve for speedy measurement
    • Clear & large LCD display for easy reading
    • User friendly operation with large button

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