• $18.90

    Carnation Footcare Advanced Pressure Relief Heel Pads

    • Long life heel pads.
    • One size fits all – cut to size.
    • Reduce fatigue, aches and pains to feet, legs and back.
    • Relieve pain due to heel spurs.
    • Absorb the shock of heel strike.
    • Chamfered edge for extra comfort.
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    $32.50 $26.00

    Carnation Footcare Advanced Pressure Relief Insoles

    • APR material rebounds to its original thickness in a fraction of a second after every step, maximising comfort
    • Dual protection antimicrobial agent combats the fungi that cause Athlete’s Foot and destroys the bacteria that cause foot odour
  • Carnation Footcare Anti Blistering Sticks
    $19.00 $15.10

    Carnation Footcare Anti Blister Stick

    • Instantly stops shoes rubbing
    • Quick and easy to use
    • Non-greasy, invisible, long lasting (Ranging form 4 to 5 hours)
    • Leaves a long lasting invisible nongreasy layer.
    • Usable for over 100 applications
    • Option to Tip Toes Series Invisible Gel
    • Heel Shields’ (For anti blisters effect)
  • Carnation Cracked Heel Cream
    $16.00 $13.10

    Carnation Footcare Cracked Heel Cream – 50ml

    • Revives rough, dry & cracked heels
    • Formulated with 20% urea to rehydrate the skin
    • Contains peppermint for a fresh smell and feel
    • Available in 50ml packs
  • Intensive Moisturizing Foot Cream
    $15.00 $12.10

    Carnation Footcare Intensive Moisturizing Foot Cream – 100ml

    • Formulated to nourish and relieve dry or rough feet
    • Leaves feet feeling smooth and supple
    • Urea to moisturize and soften the skin
    • Peppermint oil to leave feet smelling fresh
    • Non-greasy and easily absorbed
    • Available in 100ml tube
  • -14%
    $290.00 $250.00

    Carnation Footcare Podiatrist Orthotics Support Powerstep PRO Insoles

    • Stabilising heel cradle provides support.
    • Extra heel cushioning is sited directly underneath the area of pain during heel strike.
    • Its full length is cushioned with shock absorbing Poron for comfort.
    • Strong prescription-like shell reduces excessive pronation easing strain on the plantar fascia.
    • Antibacterial fabric top cover.
  • -38%
    $290.00 $180.00

    Carnation Footcare Podiatrist Powerstep Pinnacle Insoles

    • Prescription-like orthotic supports
    • Stabilizing heel cradles
    • Hypurcel inner foam for lifelong cushioning
    • Soft outer EVA foam for added comfort

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