• Cantley Wet Wipes Alcohol Free Large Wipes for Elderly SKin CareCantley Wet Wipes Carton On Sale!
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    Cantley Wet Wipes 40s For Adult Elderly Incontinence

    • 3-in-1 pre-moistened extra soft and strong wipe
    • gently cleanses, restores and protects even the most delicate and fragile skin
    • A gentle, quick and convenient alternative to soap and water.
  • Tena Normal M

    TENA Normal Pull Up Pants

    • Does Not Leak
    • Covers your groin area completely to prevent spill
    • Tabs are easy to reposition and do not loosen over time
    • Does not tear easily
    • Comfortable to wear
  • TENA Value M & L

    TENA Value Adult Diapers

    • Super Absorbent Dry Core the core will lock urine and ensure excellent surface dryness.
    • Aloe Vera gentle to the skin
    • Body Shape Design follows the body’s contours for a snug fit and provides greater user comfort and also leakage protection.
    • Wetness indicator to show when the product needs to be changed.
    • Easy Re-fastening tips

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