• Super Grade A (Bai Yan) Dried Whole Bird's Nest - Abundance Health Gift Basket
    $229.00$318.00 inc. GST

    King Of Nests 100% Made In Indonesia Super Grade A Dried Whole Bird Nest (Bai Yan) Gift Baskets

    • improve blood pressure
    • aid in muscle / tissue repair in the healing / recovering process
    • improve metabolism
    • improve human immunity
    • nourishes the lungs
    • stops colds as it clears up the chest
    • increasing energy
    • postpone aging and prolong life.
    • prevent tumors
    • reduce chemotherapy side effects
  • Rear Basket Scooter Accessory
    $80.00 inc. GST

    Rear Basket

    The rear scooter basket by Drive Medical is easy to install and convenient to use. This basket allows individuals to transport their personal items and can be attached to the back of the scooter.

    Do note however this accessory will increase the total length of the scooter by about 55 cm. Users are advised to ensure their lift is deep enough to accommodate this extra length before purchasing.


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