Power Electric Wheelchairs

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    Drive Medical Cirrus Plus EC Electric Power Wheelchair

    • Foldable, lightweight frame makes transportation easy and convenient.
    • Integrated, programmable PG controller.
    • Adjustable height flip back and detachable arms.
    • Attractive carbon steel frame.
    • Flat-free, 12.5” black, flat-free drive wheels.
    • Front 8” flat-free black casters.
    • Anti-tippers standard.
    • Comes with seat belt, seat cushion with pouch, swing-away footrest with calf straps and heel loops.
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    From: $4,500.00 $3,510.00

    Drive Medical PW-1000XL Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair

    • Total weight of the wheelchair is only 25 kgs (55 lbs).
    • Can be easily collapsed and opened in just a few seconds.
    • Able to stand upright after being folded.
    • Uses Lithium Polymer batteries which are lightweight and longer lasting.
    • FoldaWheel can travel approximately 10 km (6.25 miles) on a single battery with full charge.
    • There is option for a up to 2 additional batteries which increases total range to up to 30 km (18.75 miles)
    • Equipped with a unique brushless motor that is extremely durable, energy saving and powerful.
    • Made of high grade aircraft aluminium alloy that is strong but lightweight.
    • Flip-up armrests allow for easy transfer and lets you get closer to tables.
    • Footrest can be folded inwards, making it easier to stand up safely.
    • Anti-tippers included.
    • Detachable seat cushion and backrest for washing purposes.
    • Convenient storage bag underneath the chair.
    • Universal charger (110V – 230V) allows you to use it anywhere in the world.
  • $3,300.00$4,520.00

    Drive Medical PW-800AX Electric Power Wheelchair

    • Dual Functionality allows the wheelchair to operate as an electric wheelchair or as a manual wheelchair.
    • Magnesium alloy large rear wheels allow you to reverse safely across larger gaps (i.e. MRT platform gaps).
    • High grade aircraft aluminum alloy frame makes it very strong, yet lightweight with the wheelchair weighing only 33 kg.
    • High weight capacity of 150 kg due to its strong structure and powerful (200W) motor
    • Uses Polymer Li-ion batteries which are lightweight and longer lasting.
    • Raising the armrests allows you to get closer to tables and makes it easier to transfer.
    • Compact design with foldable seat and backrest, detachable and height-adjustable footrests, allows for easy folding and storage such as the trunk of a car.
  • $2,600.00$3,500.00

    KD Portable Electric Wheelchair


    • More compact in size than conventional wheelchairs
    • Dual wheel brushless motors that are more efficient than brushed motors
    • Joystick can be mounted on right or left side arm rest
    • Need almost no maintenance and can be easily serviced
    • More stable and durable than the wobbly 3 wheel scooter
  • Ultra-Lite C Motorised Wheelchair 14KGUltra-Lite C Motorised Wheelchair 14KG

    Ultra-Lite “C” Motorised Wheelchair 14KG

    • Lightweight, only 14.5 kg without battery, with battery only 16.4 kg.
    • Easy to fold and unfold.
    • 24V, 10AH lithium battery that travels up to 20 km.
    • Top speed of 6 km/h
    • Battery rating of 240WH is acceptable by most major airlines for carriage of mobility aids.

An electric wheelchair, aka power wheelchair or motorised wheelchair, are wheelchairs that are powered by electric motor (battery operated) rather than being pushed by the user himself or by an attendant. These are used by people with restricted mobility, typically those who are sick, elderly or disabled.


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