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    Omron CompAir NE-801 Compressor Nebulizer

    • With Omron V.V.T (Virtual Valve Technology) nebulizer kit:
      • Highly efficient nebulization with reduced in medication wastage
      • Safe and easy to clean
    • Compact
    • Lightweight
    • Low noise
    • Efficient nebulization rate at 0.3ml / min
    • Small particle size of 3um for effective treatment
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    Omron CompAir NE-801KD Compressor Nebulizer

    • Nebulization treatment made easy for young children with specially designed small facemasks and colorful kids accessories.
    • Omron V.V.T (Virtual Valve Technology) Nebulizer Kit
    • Low noise – offers little disturbance to children
    • Compact & Lightweight
    • Infant & Child Masks – suitable facemasks which fits well on children’s faces
    • Efficient nebulization rate at 0.3ml / min
    • Small particle size of 3um for effective treatment

Due to the large amount of questions we receive daily, we put up this informative FAQ pertaining to nebulizers to help you make an informed decision in choosing the best product for you or for your loved one.

What is a Nebulizer?

Nebulizer refers to a device that turns medication from liquid to mist so the patient can directly breathe it into the lungs via mouthpiece or face mask. People diagnosed with respiratory conditions such as asthma, cystic fibrosis, bronchitis, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) may use nebulizer to administer their medication. Generally, nebulizer is highly effective for infants, young children and elderly in delivering medication.

What are the parts of a nebulizer system?

A nebulizer is made up of:
• A nebulizer handset – the part filled with liquid medication
• A compressor – could be powered by battery or electricity. Most compressors come with an air filter that should be replaced periodically based on the manufacturer instruction.
• Compressor tubing – a tube connecting the nebulizer handset and compressor

I have two kids with asthma, can they both share one handset?

Nebulizer handset is only for single person use to prevent the spread of infection. Please don’t share it with others.

How long does the nebulizer system last?

To determine how long a nebulizer should last, please see the manufacturer’s instruction inside the packaging. However, there are several factors that can determine how long nebulizer parts could last. Also, check the filter every month and replace discolored or dirty filter.

How often should a nebulizer be washed?

Wash nebulizer handset after every treatment. Please see the manufacturer’s instructions for details about proper cleaning of nebulizer handset.

Are nebulizers sterile?

No. They’re not sterile. Thus, make sure that before using, the handset is disinfected. It is essential that the handset be disinfected, as it is in contact with sputum and mucous membrane to prevent infection. Please follow the instructions on how to use for more details.

How should I clean the nebulizer tubing?

Do not rinse with water or clean the tubing connecting the handset and compressor with chemicals. Instead, you can wipe the exterior of the tubing with paper towel or damp cloth. If you think the tubing needs more cleaning, there may be a need to replace it.

How do I use a nebulizer system?

Here’s the basic steps to use a nebulizer:
1. Wash your hands thoroughly.
2. Attach the tubing to the air compressor
3. Place the liquid medication to the medicine cup.
4. Connect the tubing and the face mask or mouthpiece to the medicine cup.
5. Place the face mask or mouthpiece properly. For mouthpiece, hold the mouthpiece tightly in your lips so ensure the medicine goes inside your lungs.
6. Take slow, deep breaths through your mouth. This may take 10 to 15 minutes.
7. When done, turn the machine off and wash the mouthpiece and medicine cup properly.

How do I store my nebulizer?

After using, cover it with a clean cloth. Furthermore, do not place the compressor on the floor, whether for storage or in use.

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