Heart Rate Monitors

  • Sweetproof Smart Bracelet Heart Rate Monitor -ID115 BannerSweetproof Smart Bracelet Heart Rate Monitor -ID115
    $24.90 $19.90

    Bluetooth Smart Bracelet Sweat-proof Heart Rate Monitor

    • Good helper for doing sport, and health monitoring assistant
    • Fashion appearance, compact and convenient, easy to carry
    • USB charging, it will be more convenient for you
    • Built-in alarm Bluetooth calling, health tracker and other functions
    • Life-level waterproof, sweat-proof, rain-proof, but do not wear it when you are showering and swimming.
  • -54%
    $129.00 $59.90

    Omron HR-210 Strap Free Heart Rate Monitor Wrist Watch

    • Indicates stopwatch mode or stopwatch is running
    • Indicates alarm is on
    • Display stopwatch, date, or mode banners
    • Indicates a heart rate reading is detected
    • 12 hour clock
    • Calorie unit
    • Weight unit
    • Indicates beep tone in on
    • Indicates keypad is locked
    • Indicates battery life
    • Display time or calorie reading
  • -26%
    $135.00 $99.80

    Omron HR-310 Heart Rate Monitor with Strap Wrist Watch with Chest Transmitter

    • Chest strap provides continuous heart rate monitoring
    • Programmable to warn if heart rate is too high or too low
    • Access the data by taping on the lens of the unit rather than pressing a button
    • Display is backlit for high visibility
    • Water resistant up to 164 feet
  • Omron Pedometer Step Counter Walking Style HJ-005
    $23.50 $9.90

    Omron Pedometer Step Counter Walking Style HJ-005

    • Provides motivation for exercise
    • Instant feedback on your exercise
    • Step counter
    • Modern blue colour
    • Slim line design
    • Extra large screen size
    • Solid belt clip

In this section, you will find different types of heart rate monitors that come in various functions and features.

The heart rate is still considered as one of the most vital and accurate measurements of your workout intensity. In fact, you can utilize this information to know if your body is working on its peak level or not. Tracking your heart rate becomes valuable over time when evaluating your fitness level and general physical condition.

What are the advantages of using a heart rate monitor?

  • A heart rate monitor provides a definitive data for any given activity. It shows you the amount of effort it requires to accomplish a task.
  • It can be a handy tool to give you information about the current condition of your cardiovascular system when working out.
  • You can use your heart rate monitor as your personal fitness coach. The reading can tell you if you need to increase your intensity or reduce your pace.
  • Shows the ability of your heart to recover from an exercise. Faster recovery rate means improved heart capacity.

How should I clean my heart rate monitor?

Wipe any dirt using a soft, dry cloth. Do not submerge the transmitter or watch in water. Simply clean the wrist or chest strap with warm water and a neutral detergent. Rinse it thoroughly with water and air dry over direct sunlight.

Do I have to replace the battery in my heart rate monitor?

Yes. You need to replace it throughout the product’s lifespan. The watch and the chest transmitter belt for HR-210 and HR-310 use Lithium CR2032, 3V batteries.

Is the device water resistant?

The HR-210 and HR-310 models can be worn during light swimming in low water and in the shower. However, the chest transmitter should not be submerged in water.

I think I’m getting a disrupted signal from the chest transmitter.

In case of disrupted or weak signal, check the conductive pads and make sure there’s solid contact. Adjust the position of the chest belt and the watch and shorten the distance of the two device with no more than 25 inches.



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