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    Carnation Footcare Podiatrist Powerstep Pinnacle Insoles

    • Prescription-like orthotic supports
    • Stabilizing heel cradles
    • Hypurcel inner foam for lifelong cushioning
    • Soft outer EVA foam for added comfort
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    EBENE Bio-Ray Knee Guard

    • People with arthritis and rheumatism pain, especially the elderlyPeople without knee problems but who wish to maintain
    • Improve the bone and soft tissues of the knee to prevent osteoporosis and arthritis that arrive with old age
    • For soccer players and athletes to relax the leg muscle for greater comfort and better running speed
    • Housewives, or anyone whose occupation requires them to stand for long hours
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    EBENE Bio-Ray Metal Support Knee Guard

    • Highly recommended for sports-active individuals and elderly
    • People who experience pain problems
    • People who want to prevent pain
    • Eldery who require stronger support for knee joints
    • Sports-active individuals who engage in running or play sports like basketball, soccer, skate etc
    • People who stand or sit for long hours
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    FUTURO Spiral Lift Comfort Ankle Support

    • Soft binding around heel opening for additional comfort, discreet
    • Sleek sleeve design follows the natural shape of ankle for optimal fit and joint protection
    • Breathable, dual-stretch power knit materials for comfort
    • Comfort panel reduces bunching
    • Fits easily and discreetly inside your shoe
    • Use on right or left ankle

    Product Measurement
    For left or right foot, measure around the heel and the instep

    Small  25.4cm – 31.8cm
    Medium 31.8cm – 38cm
    Large 38cm – 44.5cm

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    FUTURO Stabilizing Knee Support

    Designed to bring you stabilizing comfort, the FUTURO™ Stabilizing Knee Support is your go-to solution for all-day wear. This elastic knit knee brace can be worn under clothing while providing comfortable support to muscles around your knee. Side stabilizers help reduce lateral motion to keep aches at bay, and the open kneecap for added comfort. Give your injured knee the TLC it deserves and with the FUTURO™ Stabilizing Knee Support.

    Product Measurement
    For left or right knee, measure around kneecap while in a standing position.

    Small  30.5cm – 36.8cm
    Medium  36.8cm – 43.2cm
    Large  43.2cm – 49.5cm

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    FUTURO Wrist Thumb Stabilizer

    • Patented thumb stabilizer, open design allows for hand movement and natural hand alignment
    • Allows free movement of other fingers
    • Patented design and adjustable fasteners for custom fit
    • Adjustable wrist strap for added support
    • Two stabilizers for stability of lower thumb joints
    • Soft, breathable, durable, latex-free materials for comfort
    • Easy to put on and take off
    • Use on right or left hand

    Product Measurement
    For left or right hand, measure around the thumb knuckle, and then the wrist

    Around the thumb : 5.0cm – 6.3cm
    Around the wrist: 12.6cm – 17.7cm

    Large-Extra Large
    Around the thumb: 6.3cm – 7.6cm
    Around the wrist: 17.7cm – 23.0cm

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    Walking Sports Shoes for Elderly

    • Light
    • Made from breathable mesh fabric
    • Soft inner padded cushion and insoles
    • Reduces shock impact taken for the foot
    • Durable Non-slip friction soles
    • Protects the wearer from falls and reduces ankle and knee injuries from impact such as prolong walking down from stairs
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    ZENSAH Arch Support Sleeves

    • Sold as a pair – two sleeves.
    • Product is unisex.
    • Unisex
    • Anti-Microbial
    • Moisture Wicking
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    ZENSAH Arch Support Sleeves

    • Supports weak & flat arches
    • Targeted compression soothes heel & arch pain
    • Ultra-thin, can be worn under or over socks
    • Breathable, anti-odor, and moisture wicking Zensah fabric

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