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  • Sale!

    Omron Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-7120

    $69.90 inc. GST
    • SeniorCare is Omron’s AUTHORISED DISTRIBUTOR
    • 5 YEARS warranty by Omron Singapore
    • HSA Approved. High Accuracy
    • 7120 – No frills Popular Model
  • Sale!

    Omron CompAir NE-801KD Compressor Nebulizer

    $125.50 inc. GST
    • Nebulization treatment made easy for young children with specially designed small facemasks and colorful kids accessories.
    • Omron V.V.T (Virtual Valve Technology) Nebulizer Kit
    • Low noise – offers little disturbance to children
    • Compact & Lightweight
    • Infant & Child Masks – suitable facemasks which fits well on children’s faces
    • Efficient nebulization rate at 0.3ml / min
    • Small particle size of 3um for effective treatment
  • Sale! Omron HEM-7322 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

    Omron HEM-7322 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

    $139.90 inc. GST
    • Fully automatic
    • Personalised inflation level, no pain and discomfort
    • Quick deflation release valve for speedy measurement
    • Clear & large LCD display for easy reading
    • User friendly operation with large button
  • Sale!

    Omron HN-283 Digital Weighing Scale Machine

    $41.90 inc. GST
    • Easy operation, just tap to power on
    • Trendy, sleek design
    • Silver coated advanced tempered glass
    • 4 sensors for greater precision
    • Large LCD panel
    • Measures body weight, in 100g increment. Even a slight weight change can be detected.
    • Measures weight up to 150kg
  • Sale! Omron Thermometer MC-341

    OMRON MC-341 Digital Pencil Thermometer for body temperature

    $12.90 inc. GST

    • Digital thermometer for fast and accurate body temperature
    • Measures actual temperature in °C and °F
    • Water resistant and easy cleaning
    • Recalls last temperature
    • Battery can be replaced
    • Buzzer beeps when measurement completes

  • Sale! Omron MC343 Pencil Oral Digital Thermometer Flexible Tip

    OMRON MC-343F Digital Pencil Thermometer for body temperature

    $16.90 inc. GST
    • MC343F pencil thermometer- Flexible soft tip
    • Water-resistant
    • Display in 0.1 Degree Increment
    • Selectable °C / °F
    • Recall last memory
    • For Oral, Rectal and Underarm Temperature Measurement
  • HEM Large Cuff HEM CL24Omron Upper Arm Large Cuff HEM-CL24

    Omron Upper Arm Large Cuff HEM-CL24

    $35.90 inc. GST
    • 32 centimeters to 42 centimeters
    • Compatible to Omron HEM Series -7121, 7120, 7130, 7130, 7320
    • 1 year warranty, register on OMRON official website
  • Oxygen Cylinder Holder Installed

    Oxygen Cylinder Holder

    $180.00 inc. GST

    Adding an oxygen cylinder holder is useful for patients with respiratory problems as it allows an oxygen cylinder to be carried behind the seat of the scooter.

    Compatible with the Spitfire, Phoenix HD and Ventura scooters.

  • Tiger Balm Mosquito Repellent Patch – 10’s

    $10.60 inc. GST
    • Long lasting, natural mosquito repellent formulation
    • Chemical DEET free
    • 10 individually-sealed patches in a box

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