In this section, you will find different bedpads that can easily suit your lifestyle.

What are the advantages of using bedpads?

There are many reasons to use bed pads for your aging loved one.

  • Often used together with an adult diaper or an undergarment.  Disposable bedpads are highly useful for managing urinary incontinence by acting as a barrier. It absorbs urine and prevents it from penetrating through the mattress or foam.
  • Bed pads are very easy and quick solution to address a rather embarrassing condition. It can help avoid accidents that is beyond the person’s control, particularly when living or sleeping in another house.
  • Bedpads can be used in various locations – sofa, chair and sometimes, as a substitute for adult diapers because of its non-woven, lightweight material.
  • Bedpads don’t need any prescriptions or recommendations from your physician. A person who need a bulk of bed pads can have it fast and quietly, without the hassle compared to treatments or procedures.

Today, there are a number of treatments and methods that can completely stop incontinence. However, there are many methods that are as effective, easy, convenient, straightforward and simple as the use of a bedpad. Being discreet is a big concern among people with incontinence.

Surgery on the urinary tract and anti-incontinence medications cannot guarantee their effectiveness, but a simple bed pad will always do the job.


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