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    Integrated Shelf Grab Bar

    • Offers stability and safety in the bath
    • Dual function design keeps bath necessities close by
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    $129.90 $89.00

    Integrated Towel Grab Bar

    • Offers stability and safety in the bath
    • Dual-function design reduces need for multiple fixtures
    • Ideal for safe transition in and out of the tub/shower
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    Safety Handle Bar for Toilet & Bathroom

    • Grip design on the bar, easy to grab
    • Placed in bathroom as a fall prevention measure
    • Screws and screw cover are provided
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    SENI Care Activating Body Gel With Guarana – 250ml

    • Everyday activation of sensitive skin at risk of chafes and bedsores
    • Natural guarana extract the gel improves blood microcirculation in the skin
    • Invigorating and refreshing effect
    • Moisturises the skin, relaxes and relieves tensed muscles
    • Natural components of antiseptic action supports the protective effect of the gel
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    $14.60 $8.20

    SENI Care Body Care Cream With Zinc Oxide – 200ml

    prevents from inflammations, chafes and bedsores development

    leaves a white protective layer when applied on the skin

    nurtures and deeply moisturises the skin

    speeds up skin regeneration in cases of skin irritation

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    $35.00 $13.85

    SENI Care Conditioning and Washing Body Foam – 500ml

    • For washing and conditioning the skin prone to irritation especially in incontinence while changing an absorbent product.
    • Delicate yet effective.
    • Enriched with natural soothing, moisturising and oiling active ingredients, relieving irritation of sensitive skin.
    • Contains SINODOR® – urine odour absorbent.
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    $19.70 $6.70

    SENI Care Cream For Dry Skin And Calloused Skin 10% UREA – 100ml

    • For everyday care for dehydrated, sensitive skin prone to irritation
    • Consistent light emulsion, spreads easily and absorbs quickly
    • Perfectly moisturizes
    • Soothes the skin irritation, improves condition of the skin
    • Protects the skin against harmful external factors
    • Effectively softens dry epidermis, smooths and improves the texture of the skin
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    $14.00 $6.50

    SENI Care Creamy Gel – 300ml

    • For very dry, dehydrated skin lacking its natural lipid mantle
    • Special composition with natural oils and triglycerides
    • Deeply moisturises and oils the skin
    • Contains softening and moisturising urea with anti-itching effect
    • Carefully chosen active ingredients gives the gel anti-irritant action
    • Ensures healthy-looking skin
    • Reduces the tightness of the skin without disturbing its pH
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    SENI Care Laminated Wash Gloves – 50’S

    Disposable wash gloves of soft and absorbent material designed to protect the carer’s hand skin.

    Everyday care over people with urinary incontinence requires much attention. People who are exposed to skin irritation and bedsores require all the nursing to be carried out with special attention and care, with the use of specialist products and delicate supplementary products.

    single use wash gloves made of soft and absorbent material
    designed to protect the skin of the caregiver

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