• Bedpan with Lid Cover Gilac

    Gilac Professionnel 2.5 Litre Capacity Plastic Medical Bedpan With Lid Cover and Handle Mobile Toilet Home Use – Convenience Urinal

    • Made of Highest Quality Material Available
    • Designed for general use and including a handle for easy transportation.
    • Cover and handle
  • $9.80

    Portable Plastic Urinal Bottle with Cap 1000ml

    • Lightweight, durable and easy to clean and disinfect
    • Sturdy grips for easy handling
    • Secure lid
    • Translucent bottle with gradual measurement markings for ease of measuring liquid volume
    • Volume capacity:  1000ml

What is a bedpan?

Bedpans are handy tools that can help accomplish bowel movement or urination without the need to get up and walk to the bathroom. They are ideal for patients recovering on bed from a surgery or an injury or for seniors who have dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, incontinence and other illnesses.

They are small convenient ‘toilets’ that you can place while on the bed or on a chair.

How to Choose a Bedpan

Bedpans often come in two types – the standard contour bedpan and the fracture bedpan.

  • Contour bedpans has a rounded triangular shape with a flat seat and rolled edges. It also features a shallow bowl for waste collection. A caregiver can easily slide this bedpan beneath the patient with limited mobility.
  • Fracture bedpan has a unique wedge shape with one end flattened to easily slide beneath the patient with very limited to no mobility. Fracture bedpan is best for patients with missing limbs or fractures, paralysis and other conditions that restrict movement.

When choosing a bedpan, you will encounter a wide array of options made from stainless steel, plastic and pulp-paper. You can reuse both plastic and metal-made bedpans. However, the pulp paper should be disposed after use.

Stainless steel pans are heavy to handle, cold to use, noisy and quite expensive. On the other hand, disposable ones are more suitable for single use or if you don’t want to worry of washing, disinfecting and drying.

Many hospitals today prefer using durable plastic bedpans. They are easy to handle, warm to use, lightweight, convenient, durable and low cost. The most preferred material is PP (polypropylene). This material can withstand high temperatures during sterilization, which most hospitals require.

How to Use a Bedpan for a Sitz Bath

Issues on mobility can be challenging to deal with.

For patients with bedsores, pain from hemorrhoids, bladder infection and other ailments, a sitz bath provides relief from pain or discomfort. You can have a sitz bath by pouring warm water or adding salt as directed by your healthcare provider and place it underneath the patient.

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