• CommodeChair-AdjHeight_MeasurementCommode Chair Adjustable Height
    $155.00 $135.00

    Adjustable Height Aluminium Alloy Commode Chair

    • Made of high-quality aluminium alloy and environmentally friendly ABS, strong and durable
    • Convenient sitting position for all users – no need to bend, lean or squat
    • Special reinforcement accessories, safe and secure more stable, long service life
    • Foldable design is very easy to use, small footprint
    • Maximum load bearing of 120kg (you can rest assured to use it)
    • this commode chair is adjustable height,  81.5cm – 91.5cm
  • $49.00$67.00

    Adjustable Height Shower Chair

    • Offers super comfort and reliable support
    • Superb anti-sliding design and comfortable gripping
    • Designed for the old for bathing
    • Adjustable seat height
  • Sale

    Anti-Slip Handle Bar with Nylon Coating

    • Textured surface for better grip
    • Durable nylon and stainless steel construction
  • squatty potty how affect youSquatty Potty Toilet Stool

    Anti-Slip Squatty Potty Toilet Stool

    For Elderly Children Patient Poop Better Ergonomically And Anatomically The Proper Posture.

    • Economical
    • Durable, built to last
    • Easy to clean
  • -26%
    $390.00 $288.00

    Bathroom Shower Toilet Nylon Wall Mounted Foldable Shower Seat with Backrest

    • Wall mounted installation
    • Nylon coated stainless steel framework
    • Textured seat for anti-slip and better drainage
    • Foldable seat for ease storage
  • $188.00

    Commode Chair with Wheels

    • Mobile with wheels and each wheels come with brakes attached
    • Comes with push handle
    • With removable armrest and footrest
    • Removable commode pan allows for easy cleaning
  • Product - Wooden Handle Toilet Frame

    Detachable Durable Ergonomics Toilet Frame

    • Easy to install & set-up
    • Solid wooden hand grip
    • Safe & sturdy
    • Perfect for those who are a fall risk and need handles at the bathroom or those who need a handicap compatible toilet
    • Provides users with sturdy support for seniors disabled people & pregnant women to safely sit or stand alone at the toilet
  • $125.90

    Dikalan Handicap Up-Folding Anti-Slip Grab Bar With Pole

    Recommendable bathroom/ toilet use
    High strength antibacterial material
    Anti-slip surface
    Scientific & humanized design

  • $135.00

    Foldable Commode Chair

    • Removable center cushion
    • Removable commode pan allows for easy cleaning
    • Anti slip cushion, back rest and arm rest
    • Thick cushion for high level of comfort
  • Bedpan with Lid Cover Gilac

    Gilac Professionnel 2.5 Litre Capacity Plastic Medical Bedpan With Lid Cover and Handle Mobile Toilet Home Use – Convenience Urinal

    • Made of Highest Quality Material Available
    • Designed for general use and including a handle for easy transportation.
    • Cover and handle
  • $25.00

    GLACIER Designer Hand Grip Handle Bar

    • Glacier finish for a bright, clean, white look
    • Corrosion-resistant construction
    • Rubber grip for extra security
  • bath-safety-matt-black-happybath-deluxe-wall-mounted-shower-seat

    HappyBath Deluxe Wall Mounted Shower Chair

    • Innovative foldable design to save space
    • Non-slip PU seat surface and polished stainless steel finish
    • Available in two different colors: Matt Black and Glacier White
  • $65.00$83.00

    HappyBath Shower Chair with Backrest

    • Height adjustable, anti-slip rubber tips
    • Ergonomic hand grips at the sides of the seat for maximum comfort
    • Innovative legs design for superior stability
    • Non-slip seat surface
    • Sturdy and lightweight aluminium frame
  • $178.00

    HappyBath Stainless Steel Folding Grab Bar

    • 30-inch bathroom grab bar supports up to 300 lbs.
    • Flip up design is ideal for smaller spaces
    • Durable stainless steel construction
    • Complies with ADA specifications
  • $138.00$148.00

    HappyBath Stainless Steel Nylon Folding Grab Bar

    • A sturdy folding rail, projecting at right angles to the wall
    • Large baseplate to be mounted on a sound solid wall
    • The rail is held in the upright position by a spring loaded cam, and is easily folded down
    • Rail is 1″ (25 mm) diameter
    • Made of Stainless Steel with ABS Nylon cover for better grip
    • Available sizes: 24″ and 30″ (Choose size when ordering)
  • Sale

    HappyBath Stainless Steel Nylon Grab Bar

    • Available in 5 different lengths
    • Textured surface for better grip
    • Durable nylon and stainless steel construction
  • Helping Handle Bathroom Bar

    Helping Handle Bathroom Bar Shower Grip Support Elderly Care

    • Assists Elderly and Toddlers with Safety in Wet Area and Slippery Tub.
    • Press the tab levers to securely install
    • Easy to relocate and remove
    • Flip the tab levers to remove it
    • Can place to smooth non-porous surfaces w/ two suction cups.
    • Can place into shower walls.
  • -13%
    $97.50 $85.00

    Integrated Paper Holder Grab Bar

    • Offers stability and safety in the bath
    • Dual-function design reduces need for multiple fixture
  • -13%
    $97.50 $85.00

    Integrated Shelf Grab Bar

    • Offers stability and safety in the bath
    • Dual function design keeps bath necessities close by
  • -31%
    $129.90 $89.00

    Integrated Towel Grab Bar

    • Offers stability and safety in the bath
    • Dual-function design reduces need for multiple fixtures
    • Ideal for safe transition in and out of the tub/shower
  • $9.80

    Portable Plastic Urinal Bottle with Cap 1000ml

    • Lightweight, durable and easy to clean and disinfect
    • Sturdy grips for easy handling
    • Secure lid
    • Translucent bottle with gradual measurement markings for ease of measuring liquid volume
    • Volume capacity:  1000ml
  • Product- PVC Toilet Bathroom Mat

    PVC Anti-Slip Suction Cup Toilet Bathroom Mat

    > Vacuum Suction
    Product production leveling, safeguard with vacuum suction technology, stick to the ground effective

    > Secure & Anti-Slip
    Quality bathroom mat with pretty outlook, perform anti-slip effectively

    > Drainage
    Concentrated and enlarged drainage hole, smooth drainage, extra hygienic

  • Sale

    Safety Handle Bar for Toilet & Bathroom

    • Grip design on the bar, easy to grab
    • Placed in bathroom as a fall prevention measure
    • Screws and screw cover are provided
  • bath-safety-security-pole-curve-grab-barbath-safety-security-pole-curve-grab-bar

    Security Pole & Curve Grab Bar

    The Security Pole makes it easy to stand from a couch, bed, or toilet. It’s tension mounted, so you can place it anywhere in the home without any screws or bolts.

  • Replacement Tips for Shower Chair

    Shower Chair with Handles

    • Height adjustable, anti-slip rubber tips
    • Ergonomic hand grips at the sides of the seat for maximum comfort
    • Innovative legs design for stability
    • Non-slip seat surface
    • Sturdy plastic seat and lightweight aluminum frame
  • -11%
    $100.00 $89.00

    Stainless Steel Designer Angled Grab Bar


    • Brushed nickel finish provides a lightly brushed warm grey metallic look
    • ADA compliant
    • Limited lifetime warranty
    • Concealed screw mounting
    • Simple, sleek style
  • Safety Grab Bar

    Stainless Steel Designer Safety Grab Bar


    • Brushed nickel finish provides a lightly brushed warm grey metallic look
    • ADA compliant
    • Concealed screw mounting
    • Simple, sleek style
  • Swivel Seat Adjustable Height Shower Stool

    Swivel Seat Adjustable Height Shower Stool

    • 360-degree swivel seat
    • Tarnish resistant legs are height adjustable in 1″ increments
    • Durable and corrosion proof
    • Anti-slip rubber feet provide extra stability
    • New pinch-free cover allows for push pins to be depressed without pinching fingers; an audible “click” will be heard when secure
  • bath-safety-anti-slip-bath-adhesivesbath-safety-anti-slip-bath-adhesives
    $25.95 $22.00

    TENURA Anti-Slip Sticker for Bathroom & Toilet

    • Self-adhesive shaped strips/circles with unique non-slip surface
    • Can be used as soon as they are applied to surface
    • Does not harbor bacteria like regular bath mats; more hygienic and easy to clean
    • Suitable for use on baths, shower trays, frequently wet floor and any areas that need a non-slip solution
  • -24%
    From: $289.00 $220.00

    Tool-Free Shower Chair Adjustable Height

    • Easy tool-free assembly
    • Complies with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifications
    • Height adjustable
    • Non-slip seat surface
    • Glacier finish for a bright, clean white look
    • Built-in handles and shower head holder
    $249.85 $199.90

    Up-Folding Grab Bar Handle Support Elderly Care

    • Grip design on the bar, easy to grab
    • Placed in bathroom as a fall prevention measure
    • Screws and screw cover are provided

Bathroom Elderly Safety (Toilet Safety)

Bathroom accidents do not just occur among the elderly. Able, young adults do fall too, so please ensure safety in the bathroom!

  1. If you are renovating from scratch, do use non-slip tiles with grip friction.
  2. Install shower curtains or shower screen (if possible) to reduce water spilling to toilet bowl area. This will keep the bathroom as dry as possible.
  3. Install bathroom grab bars or grab railings. Proper grab bars has friction grip handles that are non-smooth for the users to grip properly even with wet hands. This is most important as users can then move with stability when they move around, sit or stand up.
  4. Place non-slip rubber mats, anti-slip strips in your bathroom. Make sure the corners of these mats or strips are stuck tightly to the ground.
  5. Do not have non-slippery mats, rugs, clothes on the bathroom floor. A user can step on it and the mat may give way leading to a fall. This is the number 1 cause of injuries in bathroom accident.
  6. Clean the bathroom, toilet area often to reduce mold, soap residue, dirty patches that cause slips and falls.
  7. Use a shower seat designed with rough grip surface to prevent buttocks from slipping off, this allows users to sit down during shower.
  8. Have bright and proper lighting. Use a motion sensor light near the switch so that user can find the switch at night.
  9. Have a long, adjustable shower head so that the user can use with flexibility while showering seated down. More flexibility and allowances are safer!
  10. Get a toilet seat extension to help elderly or other users to get up or down easier.
  11. All users should not rush in the toilet. Take your time to prevent hasty accidents.

Bathroom and toilet accidents are one of the main reasons why elderly or children are admitted to hospital A&E (Accident & Emergency) departments.

If you are starting from scratch, do consult your renovation designer to have safety features in the bathroom. If you are unable to renovate, simple measures like installing grab bars, grab railings, putting shower seats etc will improve the safety aspects a lot.

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