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    FoodCare Neo-High Toromeal III 100g Food Thickener 100g

    • Thickens with just small amounts. Only 1/3 of the amount is needed to reach the same viscosity.
    • Thickens very fast
    • Disperse well with high solubility
  • Propass Protein Powder - Supplement factsPropass Protein Powder - Front
    $19.90 $13.50

    Hormel Healthlabs Propass Protein Supplement Powder 213g

    • Provides 6g of protein per scoop of high quality protein with minimal calories for improved nutrition
    • Disperses easily
    • Enhances the protein content of the beverage of food without changing the taste
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    Nestle Resource Thicken Up Food Thickener 125g

    • Remains clear so does not change the look or smell of your food and drinks
    • Mixes quickly and easily into foods and drinks so that desired consistency can be easily obtained
    • ACBS approved for the management of dysphagia
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    Valens Myotein Whey Protein Concentrate 300g

    • 5g Protein Per Serving
    • Instantised Protein
    • Neutral
    • Flavour
    • Mixes Instantly into Foods & Beverages
  • Valen Thixer Food Thickener - BannerValen Thixer Food Thickener
    $19.90 $12.40

    Valens Nutrition Thixer Food Thickener 300g

    • An instant food and drink thickener suitable for increasing the consistency of foods and liquid.
    • Can be used as a vehicle in commonly accepted approach to decrease dysphagic difficulties and to increase bolus consistency which leads to positive changes in oral transit time, pharyngeal responsiveness, and pharyngeal pressure.
    • Instantised with excellent dispersibility and solubility througout pH range
    • Mixes readily with hot, cold, dry and wet food with no undersired lumps
    • Microwave stable, steam-table stable and freeze-thaw stable
    • Gluten and Lactose free
    • Low in sodium
    • No Maltodextrin or sugar added

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