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Providing the Discreet You Need

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Whether it is your loved ones or yourself, we understand the need to be discreet.

Have you ever experienced situations where going to the washroom is not a solution?

Or that your loved ones who are physically unable to control their bowel movement or go to the washroom?


Enjoy the comfortness without the awkward feeling of sitting on a diaper pad without any worries…

  • Does Not Leak
  • Covers Your Groin Area Completely
  • Comfortable to Wear
  • Highly Absorbent

Testimonials From Users

Tried the diaper pad and works just fine.

Joyce Hor

Very comfortable n large, n just like the usual adult diapers just without tape. Good ?


Absorption and quality on par with diapers, just without the adhesives, to use with underwear as support.

Ong W T

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