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electric wheelchair safety tips

Electric Wheelchair – Safety Tips and Frequently Asked Questions!

Electric Wheelchair Safety Tips In this article, we will be looking at the basic safety tips that come with operating the electric wheelchair and some of the frequently asked questions people have. It is important for you to have your queries answered to use the device properly and maximize your independence in an enjoyable manner. These are the three aspects of handling and maintaining your mobility device:Importance of user manual Using your device safely Maintaining your power wheelchair  1. Importance of User Manual It is important Read More...
electric wheelchair mobility safety and handling

Guide to owning a Power Electric Wheelchair in Singapore

Mobility is an important aspect of independence and Personal Mobility Devices such as the Power Electric Wheelchair offers users the freedom and independence they need to move about and carry out day to day tasks efficiently and effectively. In this guide, we will look at the few things you need to know before purchasing your personal mobility device:The rules and regulations for the different mobility devices Deciding which mobility device to get. The available assistance schemes to subsidize the cost of your Read More...

Wheelchair Safety Tips and Guide You Should Know

wheelchair safety tips and guide As society ages and people live longer, people use wheelchairs for a variety of reasons. This popular and safe mobility device is meant to provide the user with independence, comfort and the capability to enjoy life to the fullest. Using a wheelchair is indeed easy most of the time, but there would be certain tricky scenario that you need to be careful for wheelchair safety. However, there are a variety of wheelchair safety measures you will want Read More...

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