• bundle deal bed protector with pillow

    [30% OFF Bundle Deal] Waterproof Bed Protector + Memory Foam Pillow

    • Keeps The Mattress Clean
    • Keeps The Mattress Feeling In “Like New” Condition For Longer
    • Helps Prevent Dust Mile Allergies From Acting Up
  • $4.95

    7 Day Medication Tablet Pill and Planner Box

    • 21 compartments in 3 colours, which represent morning, noon, and evening respectively
    • Enable one prepare 1 week medications in advance
    • Compact in size, portable, can bring for travel
  • CommodeChair-AdjHeight_MeasurementCommode Chair Adjustable Height
    $155.00 $135.00

    Adjustable Height Aluminium Alloy Commode Chair

    • Made of high-quality aluminium alloy and environmentally friendly ABS, strong and durable
    • Convenient sitting position for all users – no need to bend, lean or squat
    • Special reinforcement accessories, safe and secure more stable, long service life
    • Foldable design is very easy to use, small footprint
    • Maximum load bearing of 120kg (you can rest assured to use it)
    • this commode chair is adjustable height,  81.5cm – 91.5cm
  • Adjustable Height Bicycle Wheelchair Baby Stroller Mount Umbrella Holder - product - adj heightAdjustable Height Bicycle Wheelchair Baby Stroller Mount Umbrella Holder - product

    Adjustable Height Bicycle Wheelchair Baby Stroller Mount Umbrella Holder

    • Simple design, very easy to mount on the handlebar of the bicycle
    • Made of aluminum and ABS, very steady and durable
    • Ideal for riding in raining or sunny day, free your hand to add safety

  • $49.00$67.00

    Adjustable Height Shower Chair

    • Offers super comfort and reliable support
    • Superb anti-sliding design and comfortable gripping
    • Designed for the old for bathing
    • Adjustable seat height
  • bedroom-stable-rail


    • Extendable Legs provides added stability when standing
    • Allows for easy transfer in and out of bed
    • Pocket organizer provides storage space for handy items
    • Height adjustable to fit different beds
    • Installs in seconds with no tools required
  • $49.90

    Adjustable Velcro Casual Cotton Shoes for Elderly – Black

    • Light
    • Made from breathable mesh fabric
    • Soft inner padded cushion and insoles
    • Reduces shock impact taken for the foot
    • Durable Non-slip friction soles
    • Protects the wearer from falls and reduces ankle and knee injuries from impact such as prolong walking down from stairs
  • Sale

    Anti-Slip Handle Bar with Nylon Coating

    • Textured surface for better grip
    • Durable nylon and stainless steel construction
  • squatty potty how affect youSquatty Potty Toilet Stool

    Anti-Slip Squatty Potty Toilet Stool

    For Elderly Children Patient Poop Better Ergonomically And Anatomically The Proper Posture.

    • Economical
    • Durable, built to last
    • Easy to clean
  • -26%
    $390.00 $288.00

    Bathroom Shower Toilet Nylon Wall Mounted Foldable Shower Seat with Backrest

    • Wall mounted installation
    • Nylon coated stainless steel framework
    • Textured seat for anti-slip and better drainage
    • Foldable seat for ease storage
  • Sweetproof Smart Bracelet Heart Rate Monitor -ID115 BannerSweetproof Smart Bracelet Heart Rate Monitor -ID115
    $24.90 $19.90

    Bluetooth Smart Bracelet Sweat-proof Heart Rate Monitor

    • Good helper for doing sport, and health monitoring assistant
    • Fashion appearance, compact and convenient, easy to carry
    • USB charging, it will be more convenient for you
    • Built-in alarm Bluetooth calling, health tracker and other functions
    • Life-level waterproof, sweat-proof, rain-proof, but do not wear it when you are showering and swimming.
  • Car Portable Handle

    Car Portable Handle Support

    • Comfortable to Hold and gives you handy grip
    • Forged aluminum Material With Nonslip Grip
    • Can hold 350lbs
    • Stores away easily in your door or glove box
    • Instantly lock onto the door latches With Built-in Flash
    • Light (Guaranteed to last a lifetime)
  • -21%
    $700.00 $550.90

    Chrome Bariatic Wheelchair With Detachable Armrest Footrest and Foldable Backrest For Heavy Patients

    • Chrome Steel Frame
    • 22″ Seat Width
    • Detachable Footrest
    • Detachable Armrest
    • Pneumatic Rear Tyres
    • Foldable Back Rest
    • For Patients Up To 180kg
  • $36.90

    Chrome Lightweight Foldable Tension Adjustable Rehabilitation Arm Foot Pedal Exerciser

    • Chrome steel frame
    • Foldable for easy storage
    • Square tube main frame for extra durability
    • With a tension adjustable knob
    • Easy to use
    • Helps to improve circulation while exercising the upper and lower body
    • Easy to clean and maintain
  • mobility-clip-cane-holder
    $19.90 $9.00

    Clip Cane Holder

    • Black plastic construction holds the cane in the upright position
    • Easily attaches to the cane shaft
    • Non-slip foam discs prevent surface marring
  • $188.00

    Commode Chair with Wheels

    • Mobile with wheels and each wheels come with brakes attached
    • Comes with push handle
    • With removable armrest and footrest
    • Removable commode pan allows for easy cleaning
  • $9.50

    Compact Foot Reflexology Massage Roller

    • increased immunity
    • improved energy
    • eased stress and anxiety
    • pain relief
    • circulation stimulation
    • reduced blood pressure
    • congestion relief
    • internal organ stimulation
  • $4.95

    Compact Medical Professional Large DIY Tablet Medication Pill Cutter and Planner Organiser Case Box

    • Stainless steel blade cuts pills in half for easier swallowing or smaller doses
    • Casing includes a small container to store pills for later consumption
    • Transparent casing allows precise cutting
  • Cushion Swivel

    CUSHION Anti-Slip Swivel Grey Round Padded 360 Degree

    • Easy to get in & out of seated positions
    • Comfortable form cushion helps prevent hip & back strain
    • Portable & lightweight design
    • Solid base with non-slip surface
  • Product - Wooden Handle Toilet Frame

    Detachable Durable Ergonomics Toilet Frame

    • Easy to install & set-up
    • Solid wooden hand grip
    • Safe & sturdy
    • Perfect for those who are a fall risk and need handles at the bathroom or those who need a handicap compatible toilet
    • Provides users with sturdy support for seniors disabled people & pregnant women to safely sit or stand alone at the toilet
  • Digital Pill Box CompactDigital Pill Box Compact

    Digital Pill Box Compact Medication Box with Daily Reminder Alarm

    • Helps to remind you when it’s time to take your medicine.
    • With 3 Compartments to hold pills, tablets and capsules.
  • $125.90

    Dikalan Handicap Up-Folding Anti-Slip Grab Bar With Pole

    Recommendable bathroom/ toilet use
    High strength antibacterial material
    Anti-slip surface
    Scientific & humanized design

  • Emergency Mobile Toilet Vomit Bag

    Emergency Mobile Toilet Vomit Bag Pack of 4

    • Each pack contains 4 packets
    • Absorbs up to 600cc of liquid each
    • Has a large opening
    • Padded side
    • Disposable bags to wrap and dispose the mini-toilet
  • $135.00

    Foldable Commode Chair

    • Removable center cushion
    • Removable commode pan allows for easy cleaning
    • Anti slip cushion, back rest and arm rest
    • Thick cushion for high level of comfort
  • $205.00

    Foldable Pushchair with Handbrakes

    • Extra Sturdy
    • High Weight Capacity
    • Foldable Design
    • Adjustable Footrest
    • Dual Wheel Brakes
  • Bedpan with Lid Cover Gilac

    Gilac Professionnel 2.5 Litre Capacity Plastic Medical Bedpan With Lid Cover and Handle Mobile Toilet Home Use – Convenience Urinal

    • Made of Highest Quality Material Available
    • Designed for general use and including a handle for easy transportation.
    • Cover and handle
  • Sale

    HappyBath Stainless Steel Nylon Grab Bar

    • Available in 5 different lengths
    • Textured surface for better grip
    • Durable nylon and stainless steel construction
  • -10%
    $577.80 $519.90

    Height Adjustable Geriatric Chair

    • Unique flip-up lap tray that stow away on the side when not in use
    • Non-slip lap tray surface
    • PVC upholstery for easy cleaning
    • High contoured, thick padded back rest and seat
    • Long padded arm rests
    • Height adjustable legs
  • $19.90$21.90

    Helping Hand Pick Up Reacher Grabber

    • High Quality ABS handle and holder clamp
    • Plastic rod
    • Great for reaching items for those with mobility disadvantage
  • Helping Handle Bathroom Bar

    Helping Handle Bathroom Bar Shower Grip Support Elderly Care

    • Assists Elderly and Toddlers with Safety in Wet Area and Slippery Tub.
    • Press the tab levers to securely install
    • Easy to relocate and remove
    • Flip the tab levers to remove it
    • Can place to smooth non-porous surfaces w/ two suction cups.
    • Can place into shower walls.
  • Foldable Walking Stick with Build In LED - MeasurementHigh Rise Walking Stick LED

    High Rise Walking Stick with Build-in LED

    • 360-degree Anti Slip pivoting base provides an easy walk on all terrain.
    • The handle is contoured to fit the shape of your palm and relieve wrist pressure as well as a rubber tip for extra grip.
    • 6 built-in LEDs.
    • The non-slip resilient sponge handle: reduce the damage to hands caused by vibration, strong moisture-wicking ability
    • 5 different height: ranging from 80cm-102cm which can be adjusted easily to fit your height.
    • Foldable, Ultra-light and Portable: folds up in seconds, lightweight, easy to carry.
  • $2.93$112.10

    Hoe Hin Pak Fah Yeow (Bai Hua You) White Flower Embrocation Medicated Oil

    – Provide relief from the stuffed-up feeling associated with catarrh, cold or influenza
    – Relieve dizziness and headache
    – Temporarily relieve muscular pain
    – Good for travel and motion sickness
    – Antiseptic
    – Stop itching resulted from insect and mosquito bite
    – Refreshing

  • -13%
    $97.50 $85.00

    Integrated Shelf Grab Bar

    • Offers stability and safety in the bath
    • Dual function design keeps bath necessities close by
  • $11.90

    Lightweight Compact Adjustable Height Walking Stick

    • Made of Highest Quality Material Available
    • Flat top ergonomic anti-slip handle
    • Wear and tear resistant rubber feet
    • Adjustable Height
    • Lock and tighten knob
  • $43.90

    Lightweight Electronic Pedal Exerciser

    • Can be used when sitting, lying or placed on the table
    • Resistance can be adjusted
    • Great for arms and legs recovery
    • Can cycle in reverse direction to engage much less used muscles
    • Can be used by everyone
    • Lightweight, small, portable and can be used during travels
  • $18.90

    LightWeight Stainless Steel Foldable Adjustable Height Walking Stick

    • Made of Highest Quality Available
    • Anti slip handle and rubber feet
    • Lightweight
    • Foldable
    • Adjustable Height
  • $19.90

    Lightweight Walking Stick Cane Umbrella with UV Shade Protection

    • Made of High Quality Material
    • T Handle Cane for Easy Support
    • Keeps you prepared for any sudden change in weather
    • UV protection
    • Lightweight
  • $7.45

    Magnifying Glass Fingernail Toe Nail Grooming Clippers

    • Special design Nail Clippers with magnifying glass.
    • Magnifying glass can be removed or installed easily.
    • Adjustable angle magnifying glass.
    • Always manicure your nails healthy and safety!
    • Especially suitable for old people and kids.
  • -10%
    $831.60 $749.00

    Manual Reclining Geriatric Chair

    • Comfortable, yet sturdy
    • Allows for a partial or full reclining position
    • 3 manual reclining positions: manual reclining backrest and automatic elevating footrest
    • The adjustable height of the armrest also allows for easy transfer of patients
    • High contoured and thick padded backrest
    • Castors/wheels for easy transportation of patients
    • Wheels brake for safety
    • Unique detachable tray that can be hang on the tray holder at right side
    • Non-slip surface on lap tray
    • PVC upholstery for easy cleaning
  • $9.00

    Memory Foam Breathable Travel Pillow Neck Cushion

  • lumbar cushion GreyBACK LUMBAR CUSHION BLACK

    Memory Foam Lumbar Back Seat Cushion

    • Ergonomically design
    • Provide all day support
    • Help relieve lower back pain from sitting and promote good posture
    • Helps align your neck, back and hips and improve posture by helping you sit upright
    • Helps alleviate and prevent lower back pain
  • $9.90

    Memory Foam Slow Rebound Pillow Orthopedic Neck Support

    • Support: pillow prop up the head, neck and shoulder to help maintain the alignment.
    • Comfort: Feeling of comfort is more of subjective phenomena, pillows gives a type of comfortable feeling and helps in getting a good night sleep; appropriate rest to mind and body.
  • $17.90$19.00

    Memory Foam U Shape Cushion

    • U shaped cushion design that suit well for buttocks
    • Helps Alleviate sciatica nerve pain
    • Relieve pressure on hips and muscle tension
    • Excellent quality memory foam
    • Ideal for office, home use or car seat
  • Product_Shopping Cart Trolley

    Multi-Function Foldable Groceries Shopping Cart

    • Height Adjustable Handle
    • 35L Large Capacity
    • Twin Shaft more stable bearing
    • Endurance is always the best for a shopping cart
  • -19%
    $185.88 $149.90

    Overbed Table Wooden Height Adjustable

    • Height adjustable to fit over chair or bed
    • With wheel casters for easy and smooth positioning
    • Top made of wood with aluminum frame
  • -35%
    $85.00 $55.00

    Patient Foldable Wheelchair Transfer Transport Board

    • Light‐Weight foldable polymer transfer board
    • Transfer capacity up to 130kg
    • Anti‐slip on one side of the top surface for more handling options
    • Built‐in hand slot for ease of placement and removal
    • Ideal for bed, car, wheelchair, and toileting transfers
  • $9.80

    Portable Plastic Urinal Bottle with Cap 1000ml

    • Lightweight, durable and easy to clean and disinfect
    • Sturdy grips for easy handling
    • Secure lid
    • Translucent bottle with gradual measurement markings for ease of measuring liquid volume
    • Volume capacity:  1000ml
  • Product-YangMei-HerbalFootBath

    Premium Chinese Herbal Detox Foot Spa




  • Product- PVC Toilet Bathroom Mat

    PVC Anti-Slip Suction Cup Toilet Bathroom Mat

    > Vacuum Suction
    Product production leveling, safeguard with vacuum suction technology, stick to the ground effective

    > Secure & Anti-Slip
    Quality bathroom mat with pretty outlook, perform anti-slip effectively

    > Drainage
    Concentrated and enlarged drainage hole, smooth drainage, extra hygienic

  • Product - Reflexology Mat Pad

    Reflexology Massage Acupressure Foot Mat

    This acupressure foot mat is great for traveling, home use and it costs less than one acupressure massage session. It can also be used at work since its portable and will give the relaxation on a pressurized working day.

    • Environmentally friendly
    • Non-toxic

    • Healthy and safe

    • Durable and not easy to deform

    • Loop-style seamless stitching
    • Lightweight and can be used anywhere, standing for 10 minutes every day, it is good to relax body is like going to a massage shop
    • Each cushion has more than 3,000 protruding stimulation points.
    • Simulated finger massage stimulates the soles of the feet and presses the acupuncture points in all directions. It takes only a few minutes on the mat to help promote blood circulation, relaxes the whole body

    Product measurement: 39 cm x 29 cm

  • -60%
    $49.90 $19.90

    Reinforced Light Weight Stainless Steel Adjustable 4 Legged Walking Stick


  • $24.90$39.60

    Reinforced Light Weight Stainless Steel Foldable Walking Cane Stick with Seat

    • Made of Highest Quality Available
    • Anti slip handle and rubber feet
    • Big seat for comfort
    • Lightweight
    • Foldable
  • Resting Chair

    • 5 level adjustment available for the back rest.
    • it can adjust the slope according to user’s preference
  • Sale

    Safety Handle Bar for Toilet & Bathroom

    • Grip design on the bar, easy to grab
    • Placed in bathroom as a fall prevention measure
    • Screws and screw cover are provided
  • $70.00

    Scooter Cape

  • $50.00$60.00

    Scooter Cover

  • $3.50$4.50

    SENIORCARE Yoga Massage Spiky Ball


    • Excellent tool for plantar fasciitis
    • Excellent tool for foot massages
    • Spiky outer layer offers stimulating effect, increasing circulation


  • Replacement Tips for Shower Chair

    Shower Chair with Handles

    • Height adjustable, anti-slip rubber tips
    • Ergonomic hand grips at the sides of the seat for maximum comfort
    • Innovative legs design for stability
    • Non-slip seat surface
    • Sturdy plastic seat and lightweight aluminum frame
  • Product- Foldable Backrest Resting Chair Sofa

    Space Saving Foldable Backrest Seat Chair Sofa

  • Safety Grab Bar

    Stainless Steel Designer Safety Grab Bar


    • Brushed nickel finish provides a lightly brushed warm grey metallic look
    • ADA compliant
    • Concealed screw mounting
    • Simple, sleek style
  • -24%
    $190.00 $144.00

    Standard Chrome Wheelchair

    • Made of chrome material
    • Weight of wheelchair: 19kg
    • Foldable
    • Wheel Brake to ensure safety
    • Maximum weight capacity: 120kg
  • Swivel Seat Adjustable Height Shower Stool

    Swivel Seat Adjustable Height Shower Stool

    • 360-degree swivel seat
    • Tarnish resistant legs are height adjustable in 1″ increments
    • Durable and corrosion proof
    • Anti-slip rubber feet provide extra stability
    • New pinch-free cover allows for push pins to be depressed without pinching fingers; an audible “click” will be heard when secure
  • $180.00

    TRAVEL BAG for Scooters

    It will wrap the wheelchair or scooter almost completely, leaving only the wheels on the ground so that you can still drag it along at the airport.

    $249.85 $199.90

    Up-Folding Grab Bar Handle Support Elderly Care

    • Grip design on the bar, easy to grab
    • Placed in bathroom as a fall prevention measure
    • Screws and screw cover are provided
  • Wireless Smart IP Net Camera
    $30.00 $27.00

    V380 Wireless Smart IP Net Camera For Safety Easy to Use Plug and Play

    • Easy to access in real-time remote viewing
    • Speed-up video connecting (<1 sec)
    • HD 720P OV9712 with ICR
    • Easy Plug and play
    • TF Storage
    • Two-way intercom
    • Support for multiple platforms (iPhone, Adroid, iPad, Computer)
    • Pan/tilt with 6pc presets
    • Smallest Memory Storage (16GB – 8D*24H*30FPS)
    • Multi-User View
  • Walking Casual Shoes -BlackWalking Casual Shoes -Black -1

    Walking Casual Shoes for Elderly

    • Light
    • Made from breathable mesh fabric
    • Soft inner padded cushion and insoles
    • Reduces shock impact taken for the foot
    • Durable Non-slip friction soles
    • Protects the wearer from falls and reduces ankle and knee injuries from impact such as prolong walking down from stairs
  • $39.90

    Walking Sports Shoes for Elderly

    • Light
    • Made from breathable mesh fabric
    • Soft inner padded cushion and insoles
    • Reduces shock impact taken for the foot
    • Durable Non-slip friction soles
    • Protects the wearer from falls and reduces ankle and knee injuries from impact such as prolong walking down from stairs
  • $12.90

    Washable Memory Foam Back Support Bed Cushion

    • Ergonomically design
    • Extra-long design
    • Fill-in waist gap
    • Washable velvet cover
    • Memory foam insert
    • Size Available: 24cm x 60cm x 4.5cm
  • Washable Adult Bibs - DemoWashable Adult Bibs - Product

    Waterproof Adult Bibs – Washable & Reusable

    • Get a comfortable dining experience
    • Easy to fit
    • Feel confident
    • Stay clean & reduce cleaning time
    • Reusable, machine wash & dry
  • $13.50$18.50

    Waterproof Mattress Washable Bed Protector Pad

    • Keeps The Mattress Clean
    • Keeps The Mattress Feeling In “Like New” Condition For Longer
    • Helps Prevent Dust Mile Allergies From Acting Up
  • $60.00

    Wheelchair Poncho

    • One Wheelchair Poncho – Lined
    • High quality, waterproof and easy to put on
    • Lined for maximum user comfort and warmth
    • Lining provides additional protection from wind
    • Cut longer at the front for knee protection
    • Sealed seams for total waterproofing
    • Ideal for colder winter months
    • Folds into compact size for easy storage
  • $120.00$200.00

    Wooden Wheelchair Ramp with Anti Slip Surface Mat

    • Wooden Ramp, coated with rubber material
    • Aid wheelchairs/commodes in moving over curbs in the house
    • Product Information
    • Made of wood covered with a layer of slip-resistant vinyl.
  • $5.00

    Yoga & Pilates Elastic Band Pull Rope For Strength Training In Multi Colour

    • Get a cost-effective workout
    • Adapt easily to multi fitness level
    • Modify familiar exercise
    • Exercise your whole body
    • Save on storage space
    • Add variety to your workout
    • Combine with other exercise equipment
    • Get an effective workout

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