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    CareSens Blood Sampling Lancet 50pcs

    • Sampling for blood glucose monitoring
    • Ultra fine design for less painful testing
    • Sterilized
    • Single use per lancet
    • Compatible with CareSens 2 Blood Glucometer

    Supplied in boxes of 50.

    It is recommended that a new lancet is used each time you test.

    Compatible with CareSens 2 Blood Glucometer

  • CareSens Carelance Blood Lancing DeviceCareSens Carelance Blood Lancing Device
    $12.10 $9.90

    CareSens Carelance Blood Lancing Device

    • 5 Depth Settings to match your skin Type
    • Ergonomic Design for Comfortable Testing
    • Sterilized
    • Adjustable Depth Setting
    • Single use per lancet Constant Length of needle
    • Compatible with CareSens N or CareSens N POP meters
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    CareSens N Blood Glucose Monitor

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    • No coding required
    • 1, 7, 14, 30, 90-day test averages [total, pre-meal and post-meal]
    • Post-meal flagging
    • 4 alarms [PP2* and 3-time set alarms]
    • *2 hours after meal
    • Data Port
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    CareSens N Blood Glucose Monitor System Test Strips 50pcs

    Use with CareSens N meters. These strips require coding to match the meter with the batch of test strips.

    CareSens N Test Strips are for use only with CareSens N meters.

    These strips require coding. Coding is required for each new bottle of test strips.

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