Axe Brand Universal oil is a famous medicated oil by Leung Kai Fook Medical Company Pte Ltd, found and manufactured in Singapore.

Axe Brand Universal Oil (also known as Axe Brand Medicated Oil) is made from a unique formula (recipe from Germany) and has been loved for fast relief throughout the world for over 80 years. It is transparent in colour, pleasant in odour. Many Singaporean and Malaysian households have a bottle of it at home. It is mild yet suitable for use by both adults and children for relief of giddiness, headaches, travel sickness, stomach-ache, insect bites, rheumatic pain, muscular pain, blocked nose and cold. It is one of the top-selling brands of medicated oils in Singapore and is exported worldwide.

Axe Brand oil Universal Oil Since 1928

Mr. Leung Yun Chee emigrated from China to Singapore during the early days of British colonial days. In a chance meeting, he met a German physician called Dr. Schmeidler, who gave him a recipe for a medicated oil, said to cure all manner of ailments. Leung Yun Chee was impressed by its wide range of applications and was inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit that was sweeping Singapore, marketed and sold his newly discovered cure-all remedy. He named it Axe Brand Universal Oil

Today, Axe Brand Universal Oil is one of the leading brands of medicated oil in Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Middle East, and China. The company has successfully expanded the market for its medicated oil into the US, Australia and European countries such as Romania and Greece. The universality of the product has seen its packaging translated into various languages such as Arabic, Cambodian, French, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Spanish, Sri Lankan, Swahili, Thai and Vietnamese. The LKF Medicated company was also one of the first medical oil producers in the world to obtain ISO-9002 certification.

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