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Adult Diapers- Save Money using insert pads

Adult diapers – Saving money

We all want to save money on adult diapers. One simple way is to buy less well known brands that are less costly. This usually means lower quality adult diapers that may not be welcome by the caretakers. Or you can buy the lower series of a premium brand, that may be cheaper because of less frills and comfort, for example, the TENA Value series of TENA adult diapers. Another way is to shop online at websites that offer much lower prices than retail stores, for example you can buy from Adult Diapers Singapore.



Saving money on adult diapers by using insert pads

Another solution is to use insert pads instead of adult diapers. Insert pads are disposable and costs a lot cheaper than adult diapers. You can save money by trying to use insert pads at appropriate time and switching to adult diapers only on outdoors or other timing.

Insert pads are slim, full-length pads that are inserted into regular underwear, or specially designed pants, for different level of urinary leakage. You can even layer some insert pads over adult diapers to increase the absorbency level.

Insert pads can come in different styles and absorbency levels, and fits comfortably beneath brief underwear or pants.

Absorbency Level of Insert Pads

It is important and healthy that your skin stays dry throughout the day, so insert pads are manufactured with super absorbent polymers to absorb liquid away. This will keep your vital region dry, clean and healthy, preventing chafing. Nateen, a renowned Belgium brand, has Easy-8 Soft that absorbs >1100 ml (37.2 ounce) of liquid easily and a higher version of Easy-8 Maxi that can absorbs more than 2450 ml (82.8 ounce) of liquid easily, leaving the skin dry and comfortable.

Nateen insert pads tested with water

SeniorCare tested all the insert pads and find they are dry and comfortable even when we poured more than the limit stated by the Belgium brand Nateen


Why use Nateen Easy-8 Soft or Maxi instead of adult diapers?


Easy-8 Soft and Easy-8 Maxi pads are soft, breathable, disposable and convenient to use. It has a multi-layered absorption core that contains a super absorbent powder (SAP) that absorbs liquid fast. This high quality pad leaves clean, dry and healthy skin.


A technically advanced polyethylene (PE) back sheet has been designed with double wetness indicator to show when the pad is ready to change.

Anti-leak cuffs are built around the edge to ensure all liquid is absorbed directly into the pad. This minimise any risk of side leakage allowing the user to wear nateen with confidence and to lead an independent lifestyle.

Nateen insert pads can be easily used with brief-style underwear or pants.

Who should use Nateen Easy-8 SOFT to replace adult diapers?

nateen easy 8 soft

nateen easy 8 soft

Easy 8 Soft is suitable for users with low or moderate level of incontinence. It is designed to be universal in sizing and offers absorbency protection of >1100 ml.

Who should use Nateen Easy-8 MAXI to replace adult diapers?

nateen easy 8 maxi

nateen easy 8 maxi

Easy 8 Soft is suitable for users with moderate or heavy level of incontinence. It is designed to be universal in sizing and offers absorbency protection of >2450 ml.


We at SeniorCare tested with >1100ml on SOFT and >2450ml on MAXI and it feels dry and comfortable touching it.

Try a pack of Nateen Easy-8 MAXI or a pack of Nateen Easy-8 SOFT now!


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