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Ensure NutriVigor

Ensure Nutrivigor Benefits Reviews -Losing Muscle mass?

Who should eat Ensure NutriVigor for Benefits? Reviews.

Did you know that middle aged adults will start losing their muscle mass?

Are you losing your strength? Finding it hard to lead an active lifestyles?

Most adults start losing their muscle masses when they aged from 35 s onwards. On average, adults tend to lose 24% of their muscle mass by the time they reach 70 years old.

Losing Muscle Mass

Losing Muscle Mass

The deterioration of muscle masses can lead to a dormant lifestyle, further degrading the quality of life. For a happy, comfortable life, one should take care to prevent muscle losses.

Exercising Regularly and Eating Right

Exercising regularly

Exercising regularly

To reduce this loss of muscle mass, one should exercise regularly, at least 3 times a week. It does not have to be strenuous exercise, daily walks and strolls will help to improve bones and muscle health.


A simple solution is to walk around your neighbourhood once a day, to get some fresh air and exercising your legs and arms. If it is rainy or unsuitable, please do use a pedal exerciser for your arms and legs.

Pedal Exerciser

Pedal Exerciser

Another complement to building and maintaining muscle mass is good nutrient intake. We can consume more healthy food with high calcium and protein, vitamins and minerals.

Ensure Life – Ensure NutriVigor

The Ensure Life is a well known range of nutrient to provide calories and proteins to seniors and patients to build up their health. Ensure NutriVigor goes a step further, it promises complete balanced nutrition to adults and seniors to counter muscle mass losses. It is scientifically designed to help support healthy muscle mass, body and weight.

Ensure NutriVigor has additional vitamins and minerals, such as Acti-HMB, extra proteins to help build muscles and strength that has worn away due to aging. Vitamin D and Calcium to maintain strong bones. These are on top of the 28 vitamins and minerals for daily nutrient already present in the well-known Ensure Life series, with FOS & Insulin for good bacteria in maintaining a healthy digestive system.


Ensure NutriVigor

Ensure NutriVigor

You can buy it online – Ensure NutriVigor 850g


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